Swisspers® Cotton Makeup Pads

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Swisspers® Cotton Makeup Pads are cotton pads ideal for the removal and application of make-up, lotions, nail polish and cleansers. Made from premium 100 per cent cotton, they are highly absorbent, hygienic and feature a unique ‘stitching’ around the edge of the pad to hold them together even when very wet. They are perfect for very liquid cleansers like micellar water.


Swisspers® Cotton Makeup Pads


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Great for makeup removal

These are a staple in my makeup cupboard. They are excellent quality - they are soft enough not to irritate my sensitive skin, but 'sturdy' - they don't break apart or leave bits of fluff on my face like other removers makeup pads I have tried. I use these with makeup up remover or micellar water to remove makeup or sunscreen. On my eyes, I like to soak the pad in eye makeup remover and hold it against my eye for a few seconds so the makeup comes off easily without having to rub the delicate eye area. It is sturdy enough that you can use both sides of the pad. I highly recommend this product as a high quality, economical makeup remover pad.

Good quality

As a daily make up user I absolutely love these Swisspers® Cotton Makeup Pads. I have used other make up pads in the past but I always have to use a few because the quality is not good. With these I only have to use two to remove my make up. It’s super soft against my skin and does a great job. It doesn’t leave pieces of wool on my face like some other pads used to. It helps remove my make up effectively. Highly recommend this Swisspers® Cotton Makeup Pads. It’s affordable and the quality is really good.


I always have Swisspers makeup pads in my bathroom. They are a quality cotton pad and don't leave behind any annoying fluff on my lashes when I'm removing my eye makeup. The pads are super absorbent and a good size for lots of beauty related emergency's. I always seem to need to tidy up my make up with eyeshadow smudges. I also like using them to remove my nail polish, putting antiseptic on cuts and bruises and they are great sprayed with water and popped over your eyes when they need TLC. I stock up on this beauty essential when ever they are on sale.

Handy wipes

I love these cotton makeup pads, I use them for so many things. They are so cheap and there are heaps in a pack so they are excellent value for money. I love swishers, these are so soft and don’t irritate skin yet they are high quality and hold quite a bit of liquid without falling apart. I love to use these with micellar water or a good cleanser for removing makeup, they are simple and easy to use. They are also great with nail polish remover to remove nail polish quick and easy with no mess. I would buy these again and highly recommend them

Highest Quality Makeup Pads

I have used the Swisspers® Cotton Makeup Pads cotton pads for years, I have tried many other brands that are slightly cheaper but nothing compares and I always come back to Swisspers. The cotton from the swisspers cotton makeup pads is the softest and most gentle on my skin I believe this is because they are made from 100% cotton. I use them with makeup remover to remove makeup from my eye, to cleanse my eyes and face with Micellar water they are also the only wipes I’ll use to remove nail polish and the perfectly stitched edges keep the pad shut no matter how wet it gets letting no cotton fibers escape. I always have these and my cupboard and will only recommend Swisspers to family and friends.

Quality soft cotton pads

Swisspers cotton pads are the best quality cotton pads. I always buy these because they don't break (come apart) or leave fluffies behind when using them. I use these to remove nail polish with nail polished remover and I also use them with micellar water on my face too. They hold quite a bit of liquid without letting the liquid drip through the other side. They can be saturated and still stay together. I find them to be very gentle and soft. Not scratchy at all. They are wonderful. Better than home brands.