Swisspers® Makeup Pads

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Swisspers® Makeup Pads are 100% pure cotton, triple combed to create a soft, plump pad with a unique ‘stitching’ around the edge of the pad to hold them together even when very wet. Perfect for very liquid cleansers like micellar water.


Swisspers® Makeup Pads


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Soft and gentle on the skin

I use these regularly for makeup removal and nail polish removal - they are gentle and soft, and do the job nicely. They are absorbent enough to hold the cleanser or nail polish remover, but not so absorbent that they suck up all the liquid! I only need 2 or 3 to effectively remove nail polish from all my nails, so a pack can go a long way. These are the only makeup pads my daughter and I will use. The design of the packaging is really handy also, with ties that can be tightened to keep dust or dirt away from the pads.

Large cotton pads

These Swisspers Makeup Pads are nice and large - perfect for heavy makeup removal. I can usually get away with using just 2 of these to remove a dull face of makeup. They hold micellar water well and are so soft and gentle on my skin. They aren't scratchy like the cheaper ones. I love that the edges of these are stitched close so that you don't get any cotton sticking to your face. These are also great for soaking in nail polish remover and then removing nail polish. 1 pad is enough to remove any polish from all 10 fingernails or toenails. I definitely recommend these because they are great quality.

Large and In Charge

The cotton from the swisspers cotton makeup pads is the softest and most gentle on my skin I believe this is because they are made from 100% cotton. I use them to remove makeup from my eye, to cleanse my eyes and face with Micellar water they are also the only wipes I’ll use to remove nail polish and the perfectly stitched edges keep the pad shut no matter how wet it gets letting no cotton fibers escape. I have really liked using the larger ones for when I remove nail polish as i use less I use them with these and it is also the perfect makeup remover made to use when I have heavier makeup on. I always have these and my cupboard and will only recommend Swisspers to family and friends.