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Synergie Skin Airbrush

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Synergie Skin Airbrush is a luxuriously soft, flat top brush that polishes product into the skin, giving the complexion an ‘airbrushed’ finish. Perfect for pairing with the BB Flawless Mineral Foundation. Synergie’s synthetic bristle brushes have been specially designed and chosen to work in conjunction with Synergie Minerals® makeup. All brushes are made with premium synthetic fibres and are 100 per cent vegan and cruelty-free.


Synergie Skin Airbrush


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Gives a flawless professional makeup finish

This brush gives a gorgeous flawless airbrushes finish, perfect for mineral foundation. The bristles are really high quality, soft, yet firm enough to pick up and distribute just enough product. The flat top is well designed to blend in product and I also love it for bronzer and blusher as it gives a nice professional finish. The handle is comfortable to hold and well designed and the airbrush is a luxe high quality product. I love this brush, another great synergies product that I can’t do without. Amazing