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Synergie Skin DermaCalm is a calming, anti-redness moisturiser for sensitive and inflamed skin. The moisturiser contains acetyl tetrapeptide 40 to decrease the appearance of facial redness and fine blood vessels while also protecting against UV-induced cell damage and inflammation. Other key ingredients include acetyl hexapeptide 49 to help minimise the itching and heat associated with inflamed skin, hydrolyzed algin to rebuild the epidermis via stem cell activation, antioxidant-rich squalene to reduce the appearance of dry, stressed skin, and sea buckthorn oil – which is rich in vitamins A, C, E and K – to accelerate skin rejuvenation and healing. 


Synergie Skin DermaCalm


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A Miracle Product!

I hadn't heard much about this brand until recently, when a friend let me borrow some of her products. I have pretty severe redness that comes and goes depending on what my skin decides it wants to look like that day. Since using this moisturiser, I've noticed a much more even complexion. The redness has definitely improved, and my skin looks clearer than before. Overall my skin feels much better too. It feels soft and hydrated, and any dry patches I once had are gone. I use this vary sparingly because it is quite expensive, but a little goes a long way. I'm not sure what magical ingredients are in this moisturiser, but I honestly think I've just found a miracle product!