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Synergie Skin Skin Brightening Kit

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Synergie Skin Skin Brightening Kit is a glowing kit to address the appearance of uneven skin tone, pigmentation and enhance skin clarity and luminosity. Containing three essential topical vitamins, a gentle pH balanced cleanser, a skin brightening peptide serum and a daily broad-spectrum UV protective moisturiser. Feel luminous and radiant in your skin. Includes: UltraCleanse – cleansing gel concentrate (30ml), EnLighten – skin brightening serum (10ml), SupremaC+ – essential vitamin C serum (10ml), Ultimate A – essential vitamin A serum (10ml), Vitamin B – essential niacinamide serum (10ml) and ÜberZinc – moisturiser with 21% zinc oxide (10ml).


Synergie Skin Skin Brightening Kit


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