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The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Australian Jojoba

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The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Australian Jojoba is an antioxidant rich moisturiser that naturally hydrates and soothes skin. The quickly-absorbed wax ester has an oil-like consistency and is able to penetrate deep into the skin. It contains vitamins A, D and E, as well as omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids to nourish and protect dry skin. Suitable for face and body. 


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, gluten and dairy, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainably sourced ingredients, made in Australia.


The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Australian Jojoba


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This is my go-to face product! When I can't be bothered doing a full routine, one pump hydrates, moisturisers and leaves such a healthy glow! Its great as a bath oil or as an all over body moisturiser - my partner even uses it as a beard oil!

The Best Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is my go to multi purchase product. I use a few drops in my moisturiser when my skin needs extra hydration. I apply it to my cuticles to keep them from peeling or flaking. I apply it to my eye brows and lashes to keep them healthy and glossy. I apply to to any burns, nicks or cuts to sooth and heal. I apply to my husbands knuckles when they crack from long runs in the winter. I pop a few drips into my bath to amp up the moisturising factor. There isn't much Jojoba Oil can't do and the Jojoba Company Jojoba Oil is my far the most elegant I have found. I have tried some cheaper Jojoba Oils that smell funny and don't feel as nice so I always come back to The Jojoba Company.

Jojoba hydration oil

I like this product, it’s noticeably hydrating without leaving an oily residue! I use it as a serum before moisturising and it aids in absorption better than just using moisturiser.
Jojoba oil is one of the main oils which is always thrown around as being good for skin, specifically, acne prone and combination/oily skin - like mine!  When I first heard about this, I immediately sought out The Jojoba Company in my local health store. It's in the name and I completely trusted that their product would be the highest quality I could use.  I wasn't wrong.  This product comes in a gorgeous, weighty and recyclable (important!) bottle and surrounding packaging. It has a pump dispenser with a small cap which means there is pretty much no chance of accidental spillage. You are able to control the amount of product that comes out very well and once pump was more than enough for my face and neck.  I found this to hydrate and soften my skin wonderfully and it never seemed to cause any extra breakouts or irritation ot my existing ones. Being a fickle person, I quickly moved on to other products but used this product up on my body and my nails.  I heard from nail techs that this oil is one of the few that can penetrate the cuticle and really moisturise those nails and the nail beds. I can definitely say I noticed a lot less peeling and breakage to my nails after doing this! PROS - great for moisturising all skin types - multipurpose oil  - doesn't cause breakouts or irritation (for me!)  - a little goes a long way so this will last a while CONS - a little pricey, you can find cheaper but I think the quality is here
A long time favourite and one I return to again and again.  The smell is not overpowering like some oils and the texture and consistency is perfect for a flawless application without any oily residue on the skin.  I prefer to use this at night after cleansing and toning.  Skin feels so smooth and hydrated in the morning.  Magic in a bottle!
One of the nicest body oils I've used. I primarily use this as a facial oil, someone told me that Jojoba oil is the closest match to our natural oils and so it's very effective for our skincare routine.  The oil is more like a 'dry' oil where it sinks in to the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue. It makes my skin nice and glowy and adds a great level of extra hydration. I apply this to my face as the last step. The packaging is nice and simple, it has a great pump which allows for mess free application. The pump also comes with a cap which I like as added assurance that I won't have any spills.
This is one of my favourite oils on the market. And especially like the small version bottle, which I can take anywhere with me. I not only use this on my face, but also on my scalp, it's meant to help hair growth and it definitely seems to be working.  This is a beauty must have, a great all rounder. 
I use this Jojoba serum under my night moisturiser and it makes a huge difference in my skin appearance. A little goes a long way and spreads evenly. It nourishes and moisturises, leaving my skin ready to face the next day. A beautiful product that is worth investing in for your complexion. Love it!
This is one of my top skincare item! My sister and I started using it 5 years ago. I use it after cleansing my face at night. I also use it for my little boy especially during winter time. Sometimes I apply it on my wrinkles before make-up. It keeps my skin smooth and moist all night. Please try it!
I love using tgis Jojoba product. It feels so light on but naturally nourishes my skin. You only need a small amount and it absorbs very well into the skin. I always apply straight after a shower and find it absorbs quicker this way. I've used it on small scars and some parts of my face. It's definitely made a positive difference. I highly recommend this oil for someone looking for a high quality product to deeply nourish their skin. Awesome results.   
THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET! Absorbs in an instant, non greasy, and the hydration that it provides for your skin is sensational. Been using it for about 2 plus yrs now as recommended by my beauty therapist and it had changed my skin so much! Love it!!
Facial oils are my favourite beauty product as they are pure and rich in nutrients and fatty acids.  The Jojoba Company is a well trusted Australian brand which motivated me to try this oil. I liked the small pump clear packaging which l can take with me anywhere and manage how much l use as when time is permitting l often lavish my face throughout the day as a hydrating concentrated boost. My skin adores this oil. I apply it to my face and neck. lt absorbs quickly into my dry skin. It felt healing, nourishing and protecting.nit improved my complexion and skin tone. This product is a 'winner winner".  very mild and l could apply 
I'm an oil girl. Wasn't always, but now that I'm older and my skin has gone from combination sensitive to just plain old and sensitive, I have learnt to be wise grasshoppers. Yes I've gone a bit natural, a bit hippy, a bit no thanks to chemicals and synthetic ingredients. That's where this jojoba oil comes in (at last). Jojoba oil isn't just natural, it has an oil profile close to our natural sebum ( the good stuff our skin naturally produces to keep our skin supple). The Jojoba Company has bottled this pure, light and so perfectly absorbed oil in a way where it's non scented goodness can get to work even around the eye area. Gorgeous under makeup and even over makeup as a subtle gloss and illuminator I'm really impressed with this product and others in the range. A winner. Five stars.
Hands down, the one product if I go to a deserted island I will take! This has changed my skin. I have oily combo acne prone skin, I use this oil at night. It has helped SO MUCH to balance and regulate the oils on my skin. It’s makes my skin look and feel so plump and juicy. Don’t hesitate! Try it!!
This oil is a life saver. It’s hard to believe but it doesn’t feel oily, it has a beautiful texture that just leaves skin plump and glowing. I use it on my face a few times a week, especially in winter. But I also use it on my hands, feet, knees and elbows when they start getting dry.
Liquid Gold for my exhausted and parched skin.  This product has become my damage control oil, an amazing find and there's just so much to love about it. My mature skin drinks in the oil, its an Australian product, contains no nasties and just drenches my skin with goodness. I have been unwell and it really showed on my face, I looked drained, tired and my skin looked gray and sad the Jojoba oil on application gave immediate soothing nourishment to my dehydrated skin, I looked softer, smoother and healthier and it just felt so good. I loved the hint of a scent, so natural and you just knew it was making a difference. A wonderful Aussie product at a great price you need only a few drops to get full coverage and it can be used all over your body or anywhere that needs intensive care.
I think this Australian Jojoba was probably the first oil-like product I used as a nightly face moisturiser. I had never considered doing that before, assuming that it would just be too greasy rather than moisturising. I soon found out how wrong I was! I found that it soothed and nourished my skin without any bad effects and I grew to love my golden nightly oil treatment, and how supple my skin felt the next day. At first I was a bit heavy-handed when applying and developed a few spots, which was unusual for me. Once I realised that less is more with facial oils, I never looked back. Australian Jojoba, a wax ester with an oil-like consistency, has quite a thick texture but spreads and absorbs quite quickly. I use only a few drops which I blend and pat into the skin. Any more than this is hard to absorb, and left my skin feeling “coated” until I adjusted the amount. The little yellow box that Australian Jojoba comes in, with its unusual flower like opening, is cute and the compact bottle has an easy to use pump applicator that can dispense drop by drop, so you can effortlessly regulate the amount. Jojoba does wonders for my dry skin, leaving it supple and smooth, and although the bottle is only 30 mls it lasted me for ages. You would think that such a nourishing and vitamin-enriched oil would be expensive, but this is a very affordable price, another reason it deserves 5 stars. After my initial “education” by Australian Jojoba I have since gone on to use oils regularly in my skincare, but often return to this one as a great Australian-owned and natural product. Pros. All natural and cruelty-free Almost fragrance-free A little goes a long way! Cons. Need to use with a light hand.
Absolutely obsessed with Jojoba oil because it is super comfortable on my skin without feeling oily or greasy. I have extreme dry skin and normally my night skincare routine consist of 4 to 5 skincare products in order to keep my skin moisturised and hydrated. But on the lazy nights, I would apply toner and this jojoba oil on my skin before bed and it my skin looks so plumped and radiant the next morning. During winter, I would mix 2 drops of the jojoba oil in my night cream then apply on my skin for extra hydration.
Jojoba oil. Is one of those oils. Because it’s strange to say( I do find myself saying Jojoba as it’s spelt then pronouncing it H-ohoba as it should be that it can be misunderstood. That is if you have been under a rock. Jojoba is an amazing oil. I love to use 100% Jojoba on my body.  Full of vitamins and omega which is superb for skin. Particularly my heels and elbows, which are extra dry and require extra t.l.c. This Australian product is a winner. Everyone should have jojoba in their bathroom cabinets. 
This is my first Jojoba oil that I used for serum and when my skin feel dehydrated during winter. This is like a liquid gold for my skin, it caress and smooth my skin nicely. I love the packaging and the price is comparable to other brands. It's worth it to try especially if you have dry skin or need extra boost.