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The Jojoba Company Probiotic Jojoba Milk Serum is a natural facial serum that softens and deeply hydrates the skin for a luminous complexion. It uses a blend of jojoba milk and powerful probiotic non-dairy yoghurt. The new milky formula - which provides a silky texture on the skin - is an ultra-lightweight and quick-absorbing emulsion proven to bring balance to the skin microbiome. Combined with vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E, the Probiotic Jojoba Milk Serum revitalises skin cells for the ultimate hydration boost - leaving skin softer, smoother, and healthier. Sitting within the Nourishing Range, the Jojoba Probiotic Milk Serum not only acts as a hydrating milky serum but also has brightening effects to improve skin tone and age spots.

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The Jojoba Company Probiotic Jojoba Milk Serum


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Smoothes and hydrates skin

This is an unusual serum with a milky liquify texture. I enjoyed using this, it’s really hydrating and sinks straight into my skin and leaves my skin looking and feeling really smooth and soft. It contains probiotics and vitamins which feed my skin, and for all the great benefits it gives it’s a great price. The packaging is pretty and the bottle feels substantial and luxurious. I love the slight rise smell, a bit like Turkish delight, very pretty. This serum has helped with redness around my nose and has brightened my skin, it doesn’t look as tired when I use the serum. It has a milky consistency and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. I love this serum and am going to buy it again
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Sweet probiotic emulsion serum

Great lightweight probiotic emulsion serum! After reviewing my skin with a dermatologist it was clear I needed to use a serum that helped restore my skins natural barrier. I had so much trouble finding a serum that could restore my skin from the damages of sun exposure and found using heavy active ingredients just made my skin have reverse effects in healing and anti ageing. Introducing ‘The Jojoba Company’s Probiotic Jojoba Milk’. I found this emulsion serum to be a treat for helping heal my skin. With probiotics and multiple beneficial vitamins this lightweight emulsion penetrates the skin, balancing and restoring the skins natural microbiomes. I found applying before moisturiser both morning and night helped soften the redness and irritation especially in the problems areas of my face - my cheeks and chin. It feels as though there is a protective layer on my face that leaves my skin feeling nourished and my complexion softened. It has a heavenly rose scent that leaves you feeling calmed and refreshed. The packaging is cute, and details all the great ingredients and properties this serum is packing! What’s also great is its Aussie made and owned - it also has a great price for all the benefits you receive in just one serum! The only draw back would be the lid popping off in your beauty bag but I haven’t had any mishaps yet. Fingers crossed. This emulsion serum has been great at restoring my skins barrier and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to replenish and restore their skins barrier - look no further, this is it!
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Rose scented moisture

I really enjoyed using the probiotic milk serum. My sensitive skin really responded well to it, and I have already repurchased. The serum comes in a really nice glass bottle with a pump, which I appreciated. The serum is scented with rose water, which I really enjoyed (smells like Turkish delight), and is a slightly thick liquidy texture, with a milky colour. Upon application it feels cool, and refreshing, and sinks right in, not leaving any residue or stickiness. I used it under my moisturiser, and they worked well together. While I don't struggle with redness, my skin is dry, and the long list of amazing natural moisturising ingredients definitely quenched my skin. It evened my skin tone noticeably, and seemed to improve my dark circles. Overall, I really loved using it, and my only complaint would be that the bottle was too small!
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Not bad for a basic serum

I received a complimentary bottle of Probiotic Jojoba Milk Serum to try and leave a review based on my experience. The bottle itself was a weighty ceramic material which made it feel quite luxurious compared to a plastic bottle. After removing my makeup with an oil cleanser and washed my face with a foaming cleanser, I applied the serum with my hands by placing 3-4 drops in my palm and patting it gently onto my skin. It was quite viscous and absorbed into my skin quickly and I applied my normal moisturiser over the top to lock it all in. I unfortunately didn't enjoy the smell of the serum, it had an initial scent of rosewater however there was a very chemically undertone. After using this serum for approximately four weeks my skin felt hydrated however I did not notice a huge difference in brightness or plumpness.
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Really quite surprised

I’m also a bit worried using any type of oil product on my face because I typically have an oily skin type and the wrong type of product, can make it so much worse and break me out. Thankfully this product didn’t do that for me. I started using it just as the cold weather hit and my face needed extra assistance and this certainly helped it. I used it only at night and I found I woke up in the morning with softer, more hydrated feeling skin. The few times I tried using it in the morning though, I found that it sat on my skin funny and made me more oily during the day so the trick was using it at night to let it soak in. Overall, I might purchase again one day, but I imagine it would take quite a while to use it up as you only need a very small amount. It also has a really pleasant smell that disappears rather quickly. Packaging feels heavy, feels more high end for the price tag. Overall, I have certain oils that I use for different reasons, and this oil has made it to my countertop for those days where I need a little extra which says a lot because I don’t often stray from my usual products.
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Moisture layer

I am currently on accurate for my skin and I am very sceptical about what I use on my face as it can be very easily irritated. I used to have very oily and red skin but now it is sensitive and dry. My first impression of this serum that it was nice and thin, it was a little bit sticky but not as sticky as some other serums I have tried. It smoothed over my face nicely, i felt like it always sunk into my skin better when applied to a damp face. I felt as thought this product didn’t fully sink into my skin but more so put a moisture layer on my face which I didn’t enjoy. I ended up using this serum on my body as well for some extra hydration. I liked that the smell wasn’t too strong but it also smelt really cheap. I would recommend this serum to someone with dry sensitive skin, someone who may suffer with redness.
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Lightweight and Hydrating!

Lovely, Lightweight, smooth feeling on the face I have always been a bit a bit hesitant to try out new skincare products as I am a creature of habit and only like to use what works for me and will repeat that purchase for years to come…but I have heard many good reviews on this and wanted to see for myself. I have found the Milk serum has really helped hydrate my skin have a long day of wearing make up 5-6 days a week. It has helped restore the dryness in my face that there once was and it has also made my face feel a lot smoother and lighter! Highly recommend! Thanks Maddie
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Liked it but didn’t love it

As a lover of top quality jojoba oil as a moisturiser, I was super excited to try this serum. After using it for a few weeks, my opinion is mixed. I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to. I’d certainly feels lovely going on but for me, using it immediately post-cleansing, it felt like it sat on top of my skin rather than sinking in. It took away some skin redness which I loved and definitely improved the texture of my skin, but for me personally that effect wasn’t long-lasting. I would consider buying again but only if on mega sale! For reference, I am 40 and have combination skin that in winter gets very dry.
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Lovely lightweight hydrating serum

This serum is a really nice addition to my routine. It's really lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving you feeling nourished and hydrated. It feels calming and like it'd be suited for sensitive skin, though it does have some light fragrance if that's an issue for you. Because it absorbs so quickly, I prefer to use it in the morning prior to sunscreen and makeup application, and leave my more heavy duty serums to the evening. It comes in a compact bottle with a pump that works well - two pumps is perfect for me.
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This is such an amazing product! My skin absorbs it really quickly and it doesn't feel tacky when it dries! I can easily put makeup over it without the fear of it rolling off like some serums. It doesn't have a strong fragrance which is great. As the name suggests, it has a milky consistency and the packaging is beautiful! I noticed a visible improvement in the hydration of my skin after using this product, which is amazing as I have very dry skin especially during the winter months. I couldn't recommend this product enough and I will keep using it because I'm obsessed of the improvement to my skin from using this product!
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Silky Serum

This was a really lovely product, silky and smooth and easy to apply with a cotton pad or clean fingers. Clean, sweat floral scent that I really liked. My skin is prone to dryness and redness and after two weeks of use I found that my skin was more plump looking and definitely more hydrated. My make up also went on easier and almost had a more lasting effect. Product directions say that this serum could be applied over make up however I didn't try this. I would be interested to try the other products in the range based on the quality of this serum.
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Jojoba Serum

The Jojoba Company Probiotic Jojoba Milk Serum is a lightweight serum that has really helped my skin. I have been using a different serum morning and night and I think this one has been better for me than my current products. I like the look and feel of the serum and the smell as well is lovely. I believe it has softened my skin and improved my complexion. I always look for products with active ingredients and with so many key ingredients in this serum than my regular serum, I feel I might be adding this product into my normal routine. I recently had comments from friends about how clear and dewy my skin has been looking. The only difference is this serum! I think the price for the product is also on point. I will be buying this product again!
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Great instant skin treat

This serum is a nice product as an instant feel good pick-me-up. It’s a silky smooth serum, instantly absorbed. Smells pleasant but very mild fragrance. In terms of effects, I really didn’t notice any long term benefits. I’ve used it religiously twice a day and haven’t noticed any change in my skin really. It does make skin feel soft and moisturised and is definitely one of those products I’d reach for just for that. In terms of its claims of reducing redness, I cannot say this worked for me. It also proclaimed to be great over makeup. I reluctantly tried and can confirm I do not recommend using it over make up! I love the instant softness this product gives, and it would be great as a skin prep before make up for a special occasion- like a pre mask even. But for long term skin improvement I can’t say I’d recommend it.
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Makes my skin feel so hydrated and soft

Love love love The Jojoba Company Probiotic Jojoba Milk Serum. Super hydrating and made my skin feel silky and smooth. Even hours after applying I didn’t dry out like I usually would during the cold winter days. It’s great to layer under makeup and doesn’t make my skin feel oily or slimy like some other serums have done in the past. It’s really reasonably priced and feels so refreshing to put on especially after a shower. Will definitely be purchasing again and telling all my friends about this amazing product - it’s one not to be missed!
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Not too effective moisturizer

It was my first time using a serum and my expectations were not too high. I believe that the simple the better so, I keep my skin moisturizing skin to the minimum: using the least products with the most benefit. The first thing I noticed was the pearly-like colour of the bottle, with a pale-rose cap that goes really well together. I really love that the bottle feels always nice and cold, keeping the serum permanently cold. No peel off labels and the few prints are printed in the bottle. It all gives it a really elegant and sober appearance. The milk serum is smooth with a clear milky-like appearance but waterier. It feels cool and runs smoothly on your skin. The fragrance is soft and subtle with a beautiful rose note. However, after a little while, the fragrance fades into a withered-flowers-like scent, not much appealing anymore. I used it as per instructions, applying it before my usual moisturizing routine. I did notice my skin was a bit smoother, softer and more hydrated, but I did not notice a great difference. I enjoy how it feels on my skin, though, because it has a nice and refreshing effect on my face. Other than that, it did not have any visible results. The recommended dosage seems not enough to cover your full face. Once you applied the serum to your skin, the product is absorbed very quickly, which is, on one hand, good because you can then apply your usual moisturizer straight away; but, on the other hand, it gives you not enough time to apply evenly on your face. I am quite sceptical when it comes to trying new skin products that promise rapid results. In fact, I could not say that I did see any immediate results. It feels very similar to when you leave use simple water and let it dry up on your skin. Though it is fair to say I do not have any redness to get rid of or very dry skin, so could not comment on that. It might be that for some skin types it requires more time for results to be seen so, I am quite happy to keep using it. I enjoy the freshness and initial scent of the serum. My grandmother used to use rose water in her skin routine and this serum smells very alike. It is probably just a coincidence, but because I believe in the goodness of its properties, I am very interested in seeing what the long-term effects of this product could be. I am not convinced of the benefits it will have when applied on top of my make-up since I am not sure how the powder on my make-up will turn out after being combined with a watery solution. But I will give it a go. I have been using this product for about two weeks now, seeing consistent results every time I use it. Nevertheless, and although I would keep using it, I cannot say I would recommend it to someone else since I cannot really vouch for its results.
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Moisturising, Mild and Milky serum

Really satisfied with this serum! I love the fact that it's all natural, organic and vegan and Proudly Australian owned! Initially I was sceptical about trying a probiotic non-dairy yogurt infused serum with the Jojoba milk. However, it turned out to be pleasant experience. The serum is light,runny and water based consistency. Has a bit of a mild powdery fragrance. I was a bit put off by it's smell though, but overall does a good job in moisturising the skin. Doesn't clog your pores nor does it make your skin oily. Breathable mild serum. Left my skin feeling silky and soft.
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Lovely product, fragrance not for me

I’ve only recently added serums to my night time routine so am new to them and still exploring what works for me. I was excited to have the opportunity to trial the Jojoba Probiotic Milk Serum as I really like this company. The box it comes in is very cute with a flower type lid, which gives you insight that the product is luxe. The bottle follows on without disappointment with a matte finish and quality design. Love the packaging. To make things better, it’s cruelty free, Australian owned and made, vegan friendly and made from natural and sustainable products - lots of ticks! The serum is quite light and milky, as you would expect from the name! After cleansing I would do two pumps then rub between my hands and then pat onto my face. It was very easy to apply, glided on smoothly and dried quickly. I do feel like my skin is a little bit brighter/plumper though I wouldn’t say it’s drastic, only early days though. Unfortunately the fragrance just does not work for me. It reminds me of chlorine/bleach mixed with slightly off milk. As much as I would love to keep using this product as part of my routine, I can’t stomach the smell. My recommendation is to give it a sniff test, and if you like it, then you have yourself a lovely product worth trying!
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My New favourite

My new favourite morning and night product. I’m not usually a routine kind of girl, but since I got this to trial, I wanted to give it my all. At first glance I loved the packaging, so sleek and such a cute bottle. As per the name I was expecting a milky product and it was. It literally just glides onto my skin and just makes it feel so good. And the smell well, To be Honest I didn’t really enjoy it to begin with, but now, it’s like my body knows it’s almost bedtime and I’ve adjusted to the smell which I don’t mind anymore. And as for my skin, I’ve really noticed a difference. My skin feels softer and just overall smooth. Before using the product I was breaking out a-bit and I feel like this has settled it all down for me. Also, a little goes a long way, only need a pump or two and it’s enough for my whole face and neck area for the excess. I Love it and would highly recommend. Loved this trial. Thank you
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Extra layer of moisture!!

This product is beautiful! I was a huge fan of The Jojoba Company’s products already and was keen to try this lovely addition! I used it morning and night and it gave me an extra layer of amazing moisture and made my skin super soft! Lovely under my makeup and after being in this cold weather, really helps keep the dryness away! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to incorporate some extra moisture in your routine and make your skin feel amazingly soft and hydrated! Really well priced and you don’t need much at all for each application!
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Silky, hydrating milk

This probiotic milk serum, is lovely and lightweight in texture, it has a silky, soft texture with a light, rose fragrance. The scent is soft, yet luxurious. This serum is designed to add glow to the skin and help balance redness which I’ve found tends to creep in as the weather cools. It adds an extra element of hydration to help protect against the winter elements and I’ve noticed a positive difference in regards to toning down redness. This versatile serum can also be used over makeup and I’ve done this numerous times to add a dewy, glow to my makeup look. Simply pat a light amount over the top of your base. It’s packed full of vitamins such as B3 and Vitamin c and also contains hyaluronic acid to lock moisture in The ingredients are of natural origin, vegan friendly and it’s all Australian made and owned with recyclable packaging. Overall, I’ve found the Probiotic Jojoba Milk to be a beneficial addition to my winter skincare regime and will definitely use long term