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Thursday Plantation Macadamia Daily Body Oil

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Thursday Plantation Macadamia Daily Body Oil is an intensely hydrating body oil. It is enriched with macadamia oil, which is a rich source of essential fatty acids that help to nourish and replenish dry skin. The formula contains no parabens, petrolatum, mineral oils, silicones, animal-derived ingredients or artificial colours or fragrances. 


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants and cruelty free.


Thursday Plantation Macadamia Daily Body Oil


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Silky smooth skin

Super hydrating and non greasy it absorbs well into my skin and it hasn't caused any irritation. I use it most mornings and it has improved the appearance of my skin and made it alot smoother. Smell isn't too strong or overpowering. Very affordable and good quality product.
Very simple softening oil comes in plastic pump bottle. Love the juice in it, but prefer glass packaging. Formula is super simple:Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E). Subtly scented with natural lavender, macadamia oil gives that softness and silkiness to the skin. Also beautiful glow. To ease absorption and not to feel greasy apply on damp/wet skin straight after shower. On wet skin the oil spreads way easier and less is needed. Plus this "locks" moisture in and does not leave greasy streaks and uneven distribution. Love cocoon of the oil after shaving and at home IPL, in the evenings....going to sleep with beautiful relaxing lavender scented super smooth and silky skin.
I adored this thursday plantation macadamia body oil. Infused with macadamia oil its super nourishing and hydrating and an awesome product to apply straight from the shower as it sinks straight in leaving no oiliness and leaves skin really soft and smooth and moisturised. its great value for money as a little goes a long way and its an all natural product, which is important when its going all over my body. Its great for really dry areas like elbows, legs and heels. It smells beautiful, with a subtle lavender hint and the handy pump bottle is easy to use. I could find no flaws with this product and would recommend it.
The Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Body Oil certainly lives up to its name! This is one of the thicker body oils i have used and i find it best to use in the cooler months at night. It has a lovely consistency that applies easily to the skin. It does take a couple of minutes to absorb, but the result in wonderfully soft, hydrated skin. It has a delicate, sweet scent and i love the plastic pump packaging. Highly recommend, especially for those with dry skin.
Comes in a plastic sturdy 125 ml bottle with a lockable pump lid. It's Australian made & has a 12 month useable date. The oil smells very strongly of lavender oil- it's quite a lingering & heavy fragrance. Only ingredients are macadamia oil, lavender oil, vitamin e oil & linalool which I like as it is simple & not overly complicated. I find the oil is quite runny in nature but applies to the skin easily & is spreadable. One pump is enough for each section of my body.  The oil takes a long while to sink into the skin but once it does skin is left quite soft. I do find that some of the residue of this product is left on the skin- not all of it is absorbed. For this reason & the fragrance - lavender oil it's best to use at night. Especially after a shower. I have normal to slightly dry skin on my body & I do find this oil gives it a slight change. With continued use my skin has been quite hydrated & not with rough dry patches. Oil feels quite soothing & my skin looks really moistuirsed. Although not all of the oil absorbs I feel that this product gives my skin just enough moisture. The next day my skin does feel quite smooth & hydrated. This oil was a nice buy for me but I just found the lavender oil too strong for me to buy again. It's too overpowering and unnecessary. The packaging, container & skin softening result was decent enough as well as the price.
Fantastic Thursday Plantation oil at first it didn't seem like it was going to absorb into my skin a little goes a long way.  I found the scent really nice not overpowering. My skin improved since having extremely dry  skin especially after  long overseas flights and i have used other oils previously this is by far my favourite. I would totally recommend this oil.
Very light and easy to use a little goes a long way Great for mature skin and used at night the lavender fragrance is most relaxing leaves skin feeling soft and smooth I often get dry itchy legs and this oil stopped that instantly Would recommend this product to all age groups
I really like this oil. It absorbs very easily and doesn't leave an oily residue. I think it even helped my 'summer sandals' heels! I also like the fact that it is an all natural product - no nasties hiding. I thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who has dry to very dry skin I will definitely be purchasing again when my trial bottle has finished
This is an economical oil. It is thick compared to others I have used, as does not have a chemical feel. It absorbs easily and keeps the skin hydrated. I also use it as a night moisturiser as I have dryish skin. The smell is gorgeous too and lingers for ages.
The Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Body Oil was so beautiful to use on my body each morning. Felt very luxurious and absorbed into my skin quite quickly which is what you need in the mornings with no time to waste! I used it every day and it lasted quite a while. Great feeling for dry skin in this cold weather! Definite recommendation for anyone looking to purchase a great body oil; nourishing and very effective!
This is such a quality product, I live using this at night time to rejuvenate my skin over night. It has a very pleasant fragrance and my skin felt supple and soft after I used it. I have very dry skin and this was a lasting moisturiser to my skin without feeling like I was lathering oil. I would recommend this for anybody else with dry skin.
I was happy to receive this oil to review. When I first opened the package, I was very impressed with the packaging – it comes in a hard plastic bottle with a pump button, which was protected by a half cap which stopped the pump from being depressed in transit. This would be a great feature for travel, but the 125ml size of the bottle is not really travel-friendly,especially for international trips.   When I saw that it was infused with Lavender Oil I was a little worried as I hate the smell of lavender, but to my surprise I don’t mind the scent; to me it actually smells subtly of lemon, rather than lavender.   The oil spreads easily and was readily absorbed. It left my skin soft and smooth, without the dry spots I typically get during the cooler weather.   Overall, I quite liked this product, and would probably buy it again.
I really wanted to love this product as I suffer from really dry skin in Winter (sometimes all year round), but my skin just didn't love it. I found that it didn't really absorb as much as I would have liked and it had a really strong lavender fragrance. It was great to use at night after a shower or even before so the water didn't dry my skin out too much. I also gave my mum a chance to try it and she really liked it and it seemed to absorb into her skin better than mine. She also liked the fragrance.
I was happy to review  "Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Body Oil".    When I received the package I thought a bit of oil had leaked out so I just smeared it over my hands. On day 2 I realised the bottle had a crack at the bottom as I had oil spill on my dresser. After transferring the oil to a different bottle I must say I was happy with the result.  It was not too oily, absorbed well into the skin and left my skin feeling supple and well hydrated.  I would be happy to recommend the oil but be careful with the bottle. 
This oil is amazing. Since having a baby my skin dried out so much and is worse in winter but this oil is just lush and you can feel the difference. The smell of the product is no overpowering and leaves your skin soft and supple . I would definitely recommend this oil for dry skin or anyone who wants more moisture in their skin!
I have extremely dry skin and this thick textured oil feels amazing on the skin, the pump is easy to use even with wet hands after your shower. the oil absorbs really quick leaving your skin super hydrated for hours, my skin feels really soft and has helped me get rid of that dry itchy feeling.  I would recommed it for sure. The light scent is not overwhelming at all.  Really impressed with this product. 
Unfortunately this is not a product for me.  Although it applies to the skin well and feels silky, it stays on top of my skin and doesn’t absorb at all.  It actually left residue on my clothes and silk bedding. My husband also tried the oil and he experienced the same lack of absorbtion.  It does have a subtle and pleasant scent . I wouldn’t purchase or recommend this.
I fond this Thursday plantation oil very easy to apply.  It lasts a very long time, as a little product goes a long way. It was easy and very quick to absorb. I have dry, sensitive skin and I found that my skin was better hydrated and felt smooth after every use. After two weeks of regular, daily use my dry patches were gone. I will definitely buy more of this oil when it runs out. It is a perfect, winter moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin. I also love the fact that all the ingredients are natural and nourishing. I would definitely recommend this product to people with dry, sensitive skin.
I love this product it's so versatile! I use a small amount in my hair and as a serum at night on my face and especially at night after a shower on the rest of me! It's so nourishing and leaves my skin silky smooth and glowing.   The pump action bottle makes for easy use, no messy spills or to much product in your hands.  i just purchased my 2nd bottle this is my go to product now.
Absolutely loved this oil , my skin is really dry in winter and this oil just felt so luxurious and velvety . The lavender scent was really subtle and even thou the oil leaves a residue my skin drank it up and it was gone very quickly leaving my skin soft and supple . I would definitely recommend this oil for dry skin and I will purchase more for myself .