Tom Ford

Tom Ford Black Orchid EDT

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Black Orchid EDT is a seductive and tempting spicy woody fragrance. It features notes of black truffle, ylang ylang, bergamot, blackcurrant, black orchid, black iris, black plum, lotus wood, coconut, cinnamon, balsam and vanilla.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 30mL and 100mL.


Tom Ford Black Orchid EDT


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my son received this tom ford fragrance as a gift and it is a really lovely masculine scent. its very spicy and exotic, with notes of vanilla, blackcurrant, coconut and cinnamon, the black orchid scent is not overpowering and this is a great scent for night as its is quite sexy. The matt black bottle with black rope at the neck looks so stylish and luxe and the quality of the fragrance is high, it lasts and lasts. This makes a great gift, a gorgeous fragrance I highly recommend
-  As a fan of original Black Orchid by Tom Ford  I couldn’t go pass the new EDT version without buying it. The bottle looks exactly like the Black Orchid EDP but the tiny  rope around the neck of the bottle is black instead of gold. The finish on the bottle is more matte too. The very scent seems very similar to the original but at the same time very different.The notes are bit different too, so it is not just the “weaker” version of EDP but a different scent whatsoever. One can notice that there seem to be less alcohol and truffles, while the flowery accents are more put forward. The scent is more milky. I seem to smell cucumber notes at the very first “sniff” but it might be just me. Black Orchid EDT is less naughty but still sexy and mysterious. The perfume is extremely long lasting, a little bit lighter so can be worn throughout the summer day without giving us a headache. Tom Ford Black Orchid makes me feel sensual and strong at the same time, I would recommend this perfume to all who like exotic, oriental and long lasting scent and who  are not afraid of smelling great and a bit of masculine too. To me Black Orchid EDP and EDT are close to my ideal signature scent. Highly luxurious, impressive and outstanding.