Tom Ford

Tom Ford Black Orchid Hydrating Emulsion

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Black Orchid Hydrating Emulsion is a luxurious hydrating treatment that is scented with Tom Ford’s Black Orchid fragrance. It leaves skin smooth, soft and beautifully scented.


Tom Ford Black Orchid Hydrating Emulsion


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I was very lucky to be gifted a set of Black Orchid perfume and the body lotion. What a lovely pair it is! If we want to give Black Orchid scent full power, then we can layer the perfume on top of the body lotion. The secnt will be with us until we decide to shower. If we want to wear Black Orchid but we do not want to kill everyone around us with this fragrance we can opt for the body lotion alone. Since the scent is very powerful, the body lotion will be enough for the fragrance to be detectable. Black Orchid body lotion has got such a fancy and posh look to it. The mere fact that we get a black tube with the golden letters on it makes it already look expensive. The formula is lovely and creamy. it is beige in colour. I guess white would signify it is pure, it would be strange if it was black, so the beige indicates its richness. I love how quickly it absorbs into the skin giving it the right amount of hydration and one of the most beautiful scents on the face of the planet. It will make a perfect gift for a Black Orchid fan. Worth trying if you find the original Black Orchid perfume too strong, but you still like the scent. It is subtle and delicate.
Beautiful fragrance with bonus hydration!  I love wearing my fragrance in a subtle but all over way, so I opted to try Tom Ford fragrance in the form of this hydrating emulsion (which is a fancy way of saying "body lotion").  The Black Orchid fragrance is just gorgeous!  It's a beautiful, creamy, sweet (but not too sweet) floral scent that's very feminine but also very sophisticated.  If you're someone who moisturises regularly so your skin is well hydrated and you're really just looking for a more mellow way to wear fragrance, like I like to do, this is the perfect choice.