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Tom Ford Champaca Absolute

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Tom Ford Champaca Absolute is an intricate and mysterious floral oriental fragrance. It features a precious, white flower heart that has been given intriguing dimension through layers of Tokaji wine, cognac, vanilla bean, amber and sandalwood.


Tom Ford Champaca Absolute


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This one perplexes me.  When I think of Tom Ford fragrances, I think big, bold powerhouses.  But this one is so light.  I feel like I've smelled it before, but I can't remember where.  I read a review on one website and it referenced this as a wedding day fragrance, which is very appropriate.  This is a lovely, clean, white scent.  Beautiful for a warm day.  But in terms of longevity, this one is quite weak compared to other Tom Fords. But do I NEED it?  Of course I do.
Tom Ford can do no wrong. I love his private collection of unisex fragrances and own most of his collection. I love this floral oriental fragrance. It has top notes of cognac, greenweed and bergamot, and settles into middle and base notes of champaca, orchid, violet, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. In terms of silage, Tom Ford is the best. He reawakened the faltering perfume industry, and is known for his high concentration of perfume oils and high quality ingredients. The price of these perfumes are expensive, but a bottle will last you forever. Simple, elegant, essential.