Tom Ford

Tom Ford Cheek Brush

RRP $125.00


Tom Ford Cheek Brush is a makeup brush for applying colour to cheeks, made with natural hair. It helps achieve a concise and effortless blush application by layering colour to the desired intensity or sheering it down to transparency. 


Tom Ford Cheek Brush


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I would never spend this much for a brush in my lifetime but I wanted a few really good quality brushes for my makeup because I use makeup every day and I want to treat my skin well. I love using this because it actually is an effortless application. I just dab the brush in my selected blush colour gently ( I don't need to scrape it against the powder) and just apply it to my face and the brush feels soft and I like the texture against my skin. The one thing that annoys me about brushes is the hair that is left on your face but this doesn't leave a trace of anything other than some professionally applied cheek colour. If you want a brush that lasts and will serve you well just buy this ........and don't look at the price tag ;).