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Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush

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Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush is a makeup brush for applying cream foundation, made with natural hair. The brush flawlessly blends creamy textures onto skin with a seamless look and delivers the right amount of product where needed.  


Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush


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I have used many foundation brushes and I have to say Tom Ford’s cream foundation brush is worth the investment. It is extremely soft on skin, blends out the foundation evenly without lines or streaks. I use it everyday for over a year now and it remains in a very good condition with no fallouts.
I bought this brush on an impulse. It is a good brush, but i am not too sure it is worth the splurge and other foundation brush which is cheaper will probably achieve the same result as well. I generally like to apply liquid foundation with my fingers and i only use this brush to blend it out in the end. I do like the end result when i use it this way. One thing different about this brush is that the bristles are made of natural hair and we usually associate natural hair brushes with powder makeup. Instead, this brush is meant to be used for cream type foundation. I do think the natural hair picks up too much liquid foundation creating wastage.
The Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush is absolutely amazing! I've been using this brush for a while now and can certainly say it's my favourite brush for cream/liquid products. As it is with all Tom Ford brushes, the fibres are incredibly soft due to the high quality natural fibres it's packed with. I've never experienced any shedding with this brush, and every application applies so seamlessly with no streaks or lines it's unbelievable! The soft, rounded head means it's perfect for buffing and blending foundation for all over application.  I also use this brush to buff out my Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate on the hollows of the cheek, along the temple and subtlety around the hairline for a soft and undetectable contour.
Tom Ford Cream foundation brush is DIVINE!  I had this brush for over a year and I wash it regularly after use. It does not shed even a tiny one hair! Beautiful  snow white, super soft, very thickly packed bristles are just enjoyment to use. Yup, still it is white and still did not lose any fibers! I use this brush for my liquid foundations, highlighter (yup!), can be used even for blush (I do not use it, but my sister does). I did use it with Bobby Brown stick (creamy) foundation too. It is multipurpose brush, so worth the money!  When I use it with my liquid foundations, it leaves no streaks. It does not soak up heaps of foundation at all. I place tiny amount on back of my hand, then pick some with the brush and apply, or just dot foundation in tiny dots on my face, then use the brush. Also at times I apply foundation with fingers, then to have beautiful flawless finish I buff with this gorgeous Tom Ford brush.  To compare with any other brush? I can not. As only this one works for me, as no other could! Soft, thickly packed, natural fibers, amazing quality design, long lasting....Tom Ford brush must have!