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Tom Ford Eye Shadow Brush

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Tom Ford Eye Shadow Brush is a makeup brush for creating a softer, all-over eye effect, made with natural hair. It picks up colour with ease and glides it effortlessly onto the skin. 


Tom Ford Eye Shadow Brush


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I already know what most of you are thinking, why is this so expensive!??!?!. I can assure you Tom Ford rarely lets me down and I love their products. You definitely get quality when you buy their products.  This brush feels so soft and smooth against my eyes and applys product evenly without leaving behind those annoying hairs. I've been slowly collecting their brushes to create the justice league of brushes and I love it so far. If you want something that will last a long time while making sure your makeup is applied flawlessly then I'd go for this. But I will say that when I first got the brush it was a little stiff but it will loosen up. How I use this brush is just by applying the product on my brush then pressing gently against my eye and then sweeping across until I reach the desired look. Always check what the tool is made out of because it may not mesh well with everyone's skin but the brush is made from natural hair and I find that it's great for my skin. Ps- don't wash the brush instead just get a tissues and wipe it or if you really want just get a semi damp towel/cloth and wipe it.