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Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Body Moisturizer

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Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Body Moisturizer is a rich body cream that is scented with Tom Ford’s Jasmin Rouge fragrance. It nourishes and moisturises skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.


Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Body Moisturizer


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Tom Ford jasmine rouge body moisturiser is simply divine. I am a huge fan of Tom Ford fragrances and I received this moisturiser as a gift with Tom Ford fragrance, so special. Jasmine is one of my favourite scents along with vanilla and rose so I really loved this cream. The texture is rich and luxurious and sinks into skin straight away with no greasy feeling. It feels light to wear and, of course, smells amazing. I love to layer fragrances for staying power so used with jasmine perfume this cream makes scent last and gives super smooth, moisturised, hydrated skin. It is expensive so it makes a nice treat and I don’t use a lot each time and use it for more special occasions. The packaging is luxe as you would expect from Tom Ford. Just gorgeous. I highly recommend this body cream.
I normally stick to drug store moisturisers because I get through one bottle in about a month so it's quite expensive but I couldn't help myself from buying this from my favourite brand. As soon as i put it on my skin I was in heaven. It was so creamy and soft against my skin and it smelt unbelievably good, like I walked onto a tropical island. Of course it's pricey but if you use it a little at a time you will be fine. I love using this when I'm travelling because it makes me feel so fresh and it's a perfect combination of a cream and perfume in one. Very feminine and bold so if you want something that makes your skin feel fresh, smooth and healthy. Go for this. Love you Tom Ford x
Fragrance to me is super powerful, and a beauty category all of its own, and there is nothing better than completing your entire beauty look with a spray or two of your favourite or signature perfume and having that beautiful scent linger all day long, and invoke your memory or emotions. If you want your perfume to last even longer and better, then it makes sense to layer your perfume with the matching body wash and moisturiser. I recently discovered and fell in love with Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge perfume, and had to go back literally the next day to buy the matching body moisturiser. Jasmine is my most favourite scent ever, closely followed by vanilla, and Tom Ford jasmin rouge really gives justice to the proper scent of jasmine flowers. It is rich, heady, floral and decadent, it is so feminine and girly and one of the most beautiful  perfumes  I've ever smelled and used, and the body moisturiser is the same, rich, floral and heavenly, and so moisturising and creamy, and seems to make the perfume last longer and better when I use them layered together. After showering, and while my skin is still damp, I thoroughly massage a decent amount into each arm, leg, and the rest of my body. It absorbs nice and quickly, yet it deeply moisturises and softens my skin, and adds a lovely gloss and sheen to my skin. I then dress, do my skin care and makeup and add a spray of the jasmin rouge perfume to complete my beauty look. Sure, it's a little pricey at $100, but you need to use so little each time and it's so beautiful in scent and texture, that it's worth every penny and you will never look back from that first whiff of rich jasmine flower. Beauty doesn't end with perfume and matching body wash and moisturiser,  it is just the final stage of your entire beauty look and one that lasts well into the day and night, and the power that scent gives you in the memories and emotions it invokes in every single person, is my favourite and signature part of beauty. Confidence, power, and emotion, truly beautiful in every single way.