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Tom Ford Lip Color is a lipstick with specially treated colour pigments that are blended to deliver pure colour with just the right balance of luminosity. The formula is enriched with rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil to create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. 

Available in 30 shades.


Tom Ford Lip Color


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Not for $75

It's a good lipstick. It has beautiful packaging. It's suuuuuper luxurious. But $75? Really? The shade I have has at least 10 dupes out there at more affordable high end brands and the drugstore, in terms of both colour and finish. If you're wanting to treat yoself then heck yeah go for it, but if you want a pretty lipstick with nice packaging I suggest taking another look around because you'll get more for your money's worth at other brands.
Lipstick - that one secret weapon that can make a bad day better (Thank you Elizabeth Taylor for reminding us to "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."),can show world financial trends (Thank you Forbes for telling us that "Studies have found that as the economy tanks,sales of lipsticks can surge,as consumers look for a relatively affordable way to splurge ") and become a historic memory that lasts generations...just by being worn (Thank you Marilyn for making red lipstick and blonde hair a trademark that lives on even today).So how can one little item,with so much to live up to,be even vaguely improved upon...Tom Ford gave it a go. I went in again recently and got another shade in this variant of lippy from Tom (in the shade "Blush Nude"...a beyond beautiful,peach-y nude pink that works with a smokey eye like nothing else),that applies like a dream to the lips,is a very comfortable cream (but lasting...a good 3 hours of wear without being to precious about it).First off though,a bit about the aesthetics (OK,i am being completely superficial here,BUT..DAMN these babies are stunning). These deepest brown and gold encased beauties are some of the most coveted in the industry..they are ultra sexy in their packaging,weighty in their feel,noteworthy for the lipstick's embossing and downright lush in their entire persona.That's not even starting with the wearability (about 3 hourslike i mentioned previously) or the light vanilla scent that makes that wearability a lot harder (just try and not keep taking a lick) or the feel (like a creamy balm,just denser).Tom Ford has been on my radar previously for his scents,but now,with the most perfect colour selection, beautiful application and a long lasting finish,i had to forgo a Chinese take away for a couple of weeks to lavish upon myself one of these beauties (that first melt of colour onto my lips,the sheer luxe feel told me i had chosen well). Now,the only downside.This is not a matte lippy,so the shades are not as dense,nor as rich as you may expect,BUT that is in no way a reflection on the quality,rather the nature of a cream formula,so don't let that sway you.  A Tom Ford lipstick is one of the most luxurious beauty products that a woman can own...and something every girl should (yes,that $75 price tag is ouchey,BUT,save on those daily caffeine hits for just a week or two,et voila...a TF lippy is now yours (and a much more satisfying item to touch your lips). TIP:OK,this is a splurge,so look after it.In summer,as pretty as this is,keep it in the WILL cry if that investment becomes a melted (but stunning) mess in 40+ degree heat.
One of my fave, in colour, packaging and quality. My shade is Smoke Red. It might look bold, shimmery and dark, but is unexpectedly daily-friendly, very wearable and flattering. The finish is like the other TF's regular/original shades, creamy and quite glossy. The colour doesn’t go on 100% opaque, a tiny bit sheer, the shimmer also doesn't appear obviously but acts like some extra magic (like how Hourglass's Dim Light works), also, it's brighter on lips.It lasts a decent amount of time despite the finish and leaves behind a stain when faded.Also, is it just me? Or these TF lipsticks look reddish brown under white light?
A bit obsessed! Just recently have bought 3 new shades of Tom Ford lipsticks: wild ginger (fiery orange red to replace my all time fave Ginger Fawn, discontinued shade), sweet tempest (insanely gorgeous coral) and original sin (classic neutral red for any special occasion). The scent is so amazing (vanilla nutty sweet) and formula creamy and hydrating. It does contain butters, herbal extracts and oils, and hydration lasts all until I take the lipstick off. The colour pay off of all of them is intense and opaque and it lasts for hours (I do not eat when having lipsticks on). There is no bleeding or settling into lip lines. The finish is smooth and natural, not glossy or matte, but just right (like balmy lips with strong pop of colour). Yes, they are worth the price. By quality, weight and elegance...they beat any other brand on the market I have tried so far (and have tried hundreds).
Future of lipsticks meet Tom Ford's lip colour. This is awesome because it has this smooth app don creamy texture against my lips and I can feel it moisturising my lips and just nourishing it well while also bringing it a vibrant and beautiful colour. I always coincidentally buy lip sticks that pop open and manage to swear all over my stuff but this doesn't it stays out and locked until I want to open it. It's Brilliant for travelling and I can just take I think out when I need touch ups.
Creamy, beautiful and smooth - those are the words that spring to mind when I think about Tom Ford lip colour. From the sleek gold and black casing to the product inside, this little baby doesn't disappoint. The lip colour is rich, and stains (I have one of the dark shades) very nicely, which means that reapplication doesn't have to be an ongoing thing, and that light touch ups would do. Additionally, this is also very moisturising, which means that it doesn't dry out my lips excessively, which is important when you've got a dark lipstick on, as that would cling to dry patches and look very conspicuous! The lid shuts with a satisfying click, and it feels very secure, like it wouldn't pop open spontaneously in my hand bag and end up smearing (and wasting!) itself all over the contents of my bag.  The only downside I can see to this is the price tag, but honestly, I think people have to indulge themselves sometimes (treat yo' self!) and don't you think it's time to start with this?