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Tom Ford Noir EDP

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Tom Ford Noir EDP is a sensual oriental men’s fragrance. It features a smooth and luminous spice bouquet blended with masculine florals and enveloped in warm and creamy leather, resins, amber and vanilla.

Price above is for 100mL. Also available in 50mL.


Tom Ford Noir EDP


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This comes in a rectangle shaped black glass bottle with a white striped lid. It has a classic look and feel to it - looks great on a vanity and in the bedroom. This fragrance is unisex which I love. When I first tried this in store, I found it to be overpowering because it was nothing I had every tried before. The sales lady told me to walk around and see how I liked it In half an hour. It smelt totally different and was so beautiful. It changes depending on your skin's temperature. I know this because my partner sprayed it too and ours ended up smelling differently. I felt warm and I liked how the fragrance developed on me. My partner's still remained quite overpowering - for my nose anyway! This will last you all day! I recommend this to those looking for something different but give it time to transform into it's true scent. Pros -unisex -nice bottle -long lasting Cons -expensive -only available at selected retailers -never on sale
My dad has been visiting me lately and he uses this cologne. OMG! This is just so good I could easily wear it myself ( ok, I am wearing it right now). I do own Tom Ford Noir for women and I adore it, but male version is fabulous too. Spicy? Yes, it's actually as sharp as a razor. Oriental, definitely. Noir is perfectly balanced between sweet and bitter. I love leather fragrances and Tom Ford Noir does not disappoint in that matter. I swear I can smell herbs too. The room smells amazing for hours after my dad sprayed Noir. The cologne, as always with Tom Ford, is very potent and long lasting. True, it might be too niche for the lovers of "classic" colognes like Chanel Bleu or Dior Farenheit, but I'm sure there will be men loving it, and if not men... girls will.