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Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau De Parfum

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Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum is a warm and sparkling fragrance that features notes of tuberose petals, black orchid, headspace, spider lily accord, vanilla, chestnut, cream accord and patchouli.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 30mL and 100mL.


Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau De Parfum


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Intense, sexy

Intense! This juice stays on the skin and clothing it seems forever. Less is more for sure when applying this perfume. Solar, dense, complex, creamy, warm...tuberose notes dominate, creamy vanilla, burned nutty accords, and lots of other things melting into one strong cloud of bright, warm, sunny, creamy deliciousness. Quite sexy , great for summer night out.
I'm usually into clean, linen, powdery fragrances and I hate flowery, overpowering, mainstream fragrances. Tom Ford Orchid Soleil could be classified as a darker, sweeter version of my fresh, clean fragrances BUT CAN BE WORN any time of the day.  I initially wasn't impressed on the first spray as I got that grandma's closet vibe but a few more seconds after, the magic happens. It has this very lovely, addictive, non alcoholic, creamy and dreamy fragrance. I'm hooked. It's definitely not your typical overpowering teenage sweet scent but a rather more complex and sophisticated fragrance, very typical of TF fragrances.  I want it to smell on me all the time that even though it's more on the expensive side, I sometimes spray it on me before I sleep. It's one of the best fragrances ever! Makes me want to discover more TF fragrances.
Words can't describe how much I love this perfume! It has a moderate silage and lasts an eternity on my skin (even after a hot and sweaty day!). It smells like a summer dream - a delicious floral mimosa with notes of cypress and tuberose. Super exotic, glamorous and sexy! The price point is on the more expensive side but I wouldn't expect anything less from Tom Ford. It definitely can be a bit overwhelming when you first spray it on, but give it a few minutes to settle and you'll be left with the most divine scent. Wearing this makes me feel so on top of the world, like I've finally made it in life as a rich housewife! The packaging is also to die for! The sleek ribbed rose-gold bottle meets yellow-gold contrasts for one of the most glam perfume bottles you'll ever lay your eyes on. This bottle is definitely the STAND OUT piece on my vanity!
Beauty is a many layered thing, and consists of everything from body care, hair care, skin care, and what I think is the most beautiful and powerful category of all, perfume. Perfume and fragrance is powerful to me because it instantly invokes memories, feelings and emotions that are completely unique and personal to each person. One spritz, from any different perfume, is enough to change your entire mood, look or day. I am the proud owner of what I call my perfume army, different coloured, glass bottle soldiers, lined up in a neat row, waiting to change my look, mood or style every day. I have everything you can think of, floral, oriental, spicy, woody and musky, from a variety of different brands, like Lancome, YSL, or my favourite, Tom Ford, of which I own the Jasmin fragrance, and now this orchid soleil fragrance sitting prettily next to it. Fragrance is my favourite step in my daily beauty routine, I love smelling beautifully floral, oriental or fresh and citrusy all day and night long, and the happy feeling I get each time I spritz myself or see my perfume soldiers on my bathroom vanity. This Tom Ford orchid soleil, at $135, may not be the cheapest I've ever purchased, but it is up there as one of the best I've used in a long time, and since you need so little each time, it goes a long way and is value for money in quantity, quality and size and how long it lingers on your skin. The bottle is the usual beautiful style that I expect from anything Tom Ford, and the scent really delivers in terms of being truly floral and feminine. Notes such as vanilla and patchouli and black orchid really layer together and build up into a fragrance that is sweet, floral, oriental and very girly and beautiful. It works for any occasion, any makeup look and in a matter of minutes, with just a couple of sprays on my wrists and other pulse points, I am overwhelmed with a feeling of confidence, femininity and power that only a truly beautiful fragrance will give you. Beauty has many layers, steps and categories, each one unique and powerful in its own way, and perfume is my favourite one of all. This beautiful Tom Ford orchid soleil is a great example of how only true beauty will give you the total and complete feelings of confidence, femininity, and happiness and the power that comes from that, it's enough to change your whole look, feeling and mood.
This really is a true night fragrance (however I wear it whenever I damn well please) it has a casual sexy feel about it. I tried it out one day and had so many people commenting on it. it wasn't overpowering, but was strong enough that I could enjoy the fragrance myself. My fiancé is obsessed with it.
I am a total perfume junkie and friends and family know this so I was delighted to receive this perfume as a lovely gift. i had never tried this and usually stick a lot to feminine florals. This is so exotic, spicy and sexy. I loved it, a gorgeous scent that I save for night time, the notes of orchid, patchouli and vanilla shine through, vanilla being one of my favourite scents. This is so divine and the exotic, unusual bottle is so gorgeous. I highly recommend this perfume for a gorgeous treat or exotic gift