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Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Brush

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Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Brush is a makeup brush for sculpting and contouring the face, made with synthetic hair. The brush helps highlight or shade the face to achieve symmetry without creating streaks or unnatural lines. 


Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Brush


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This brush is a very specific tool that may not be for everyone, although whether your a novice or seasoned makeup enthusiast, this brush is suitable for anyone. Specifically using this brush to accompany the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate palette, I use one side of the brush for seamlessly applying the cream illuminator to the nose, cheekbones and cupids bow, and then turn the brush over to applying the cream Shade onto the hollow of the cheeks, around the temple and lightly around the forehead if required. Depending on your skill level this brush can be used to blend out the product, but I would personally suggest using the Tom Ford cream foundation brush to do this, to achieve flawless blending.