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TONI&GUY Bamboo Brush Collection - Detangling Comb is a hair comb with 100 per cent less plastic than similar combs. The comb is designed for making it convenient when detangling and styling, combing through conditioning treatments and gently untangling knots with ease. For use on wet or dry hair. 100 per cent biodegradable, 100 per cent recyclable, vegan friendly, cruelty-free and made from sustainable bamboo. Exclusive to Woolworths.


TONI&GUY Bamboo Detangling Comb


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Wooden detangling Comb

I do have some wooden combs in different sizes and shapes and this one was a cute addition to my collection and I would say I am in love with this one too. It is made from bamboo and it is biodegradable and vegan friendly. This comb unlike my other wooden combs has a coat of varnish and also white coat/paint on few teeth of the comb. I have used it a few times now on my dry and wet hair and also while styling. It detangles hair my hair without any breakage or tugging and removes knots gently.

Love this bamboo comb!

Love the design and teeth on this bamboo comb. Very affordable, and a great alternative to plastic combs. Sleek and easy to carry in your handbag.
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Slim, light and handy to carry around.

Got this last year at the bazaar beauty event. Then my hair was damaged more than usual and combing with this comb was not that smooth. Have: tailbone long hair, super fine texture, lightened parts (bayalaged/highlighted). Since I did not cut it for a long time, from below chest length down, comb would get stuck. I left it in my cupboard. Then used recently again. Wearing only a clutch sized bag, means not much space for my hair brush in there. So I can easy slip in this comb with all my other essentials (keys, phone, lippy, compact, card/coin/cash holder). Fits everywhere like a dream. Love the light wood material, that is smooth and does not rip my hair. So...I treated my hair with some salon haircare, Olaplex and had a usual DIY trim. Comb works like a dream. Goes everywhere with me.

Cute comb for my handbag

I carry around this comb in my makeup/touchup kit in my handbag. It is small enough to fit my cosmetics case. I have long hair and sometimes my hair gets knots especially on windy days. I have found this comb perfect for de-tangling my hair. It is sturdy and very good quality, will not break on you trust me as my hair gets really knotty and frizzy this comb handles all that without a fuss. I always use it at work to touch up my hair and make it look decent especially after my lunch time walks or before meetings. I love the hard bristles , because it kind of gives the scalp a massage while combing which stimulates hair growth.
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Lovely design; average comb

I didn't mind this comb but it was not particularly spectacular either. I love the sleek design, smooth finish, sturdiness and size and the best thing about it is that it's made of 100% sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable bamboo. I wasn't wowed by it's functionality, however. Sure, it works as good as any other comb but it's addition of wider teeth space didn't make any difference to the ease of detangling knots like it claims. My hair is not particularly knotty or thick but it is long. I tried it on both wet and dry hair and didn't find it helped to eliminate any tugging or tearing, it seemed to create bigger messes of my knots once through the mid-lengths of my hair. I had to help it along by using the fingers to break up the knots after they gathered AFTER combing. I found it was easier to use on dry hair than wet hair but didn't evenly distribute or comb through my wet hair with treatments. Overall a pretty but average comb.
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I absolutely love this comb. It's sleek and looks stylish. AND it is very sturdy. I found it extremely useful for detangling either with wet or dry hair. The sturdiness means its great even for really thick hair. It separates the hair and untangles really easily.
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Perfect detangler!

I have shorter hair and my hair is always super fine and gets tangled super easily, which this detangler is perfect for solving my woes with. I use this comb when getting out of the shower and have been using it when I am blow drying my hair too. It works super well for parting my hair too. I would definitely recommend this brush for those who have fine hair that gets tangled as it does the absolute trick. Pros Easy to use De-tangles my fine hair Bamboo so it should last long Good quality It's not plastic
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Cute little comb, works well

This is a cute looking 100% sustainable bamboo comb that is vegan friendly and cruelty free! I use it in the shower to detangle and comb through conditioner and also as a wet stying comb. It does the job nicely, doesn’t pull my hair and the teeth are wide enough for my fine curly/wavy long hair. It’s nothing amazing but it’s a nice looking comb that does a good job of detangling my hair.
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Toni & Guy Bamboo Detangling comb

Prior to using this comb I had been solely using a detangling brush for over ten years. I avoid metal & plastic combs because I find they get caught up in my waist length, thick hair and it can become quite painful. This one was much more pleasant to use, it helped loosen the knots much more gently, less pulling and tearing, less damage to the ends and lengths. It has two different width spacings; the white is for thinner, smaller hair. Brown is for longer, thicker hair. Definitely the best comb I have tried so far
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Easy to untangling knots.

This is the first time i use wooden comb on my hair.Most of the time plastic combs makes my long hair damage and get lot of hair falls.But i have never experienced any kind of issue by using this wooden comb. This has wider bristles, which move easily and smoothly through the hair while giving good massage on the scalp.Easy and gentle when untangling knots on my hair. This is lightweight and perfect for travelling.Also this is 100% natural comb not likely to cause any allergies or skin conditions.
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Bamboo Bliss

I really like this comb and love how it slides through my hair, wet and dry. I have always used a comb on my hair, but never had one with wide teeth like this one and wish I had tried years ago, it would have prevented a lot of pain. My hair is medium thickness and it does a great job. It's lovely and light and a bargain for $10.
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Easy to use!

The Toni&Guy bamboo detangling comb is sos easy to use, it really makes hair detangling easy. I can use this in the shower, post shower and on dry hair without the tugging and pulling hair. It also makes it easy to style with, which helps to tame down my frizzy and unruly hair type.
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Made of bamboo!

I don't normally use a comb when brushing my hair but I have been really impressed with this! I love that it's made of bamboo and no plastic which means it's great for the environment, it can be recycled and its biodegradable. My hair is thick and I found that the comb was easy to use with my hair, it didn't get stuck or caught and it helped to detangle any knots. I use it right after my shower but I have also used it on dry hair and no matter if your hair is wet or dry it glides through your strands easily. It's incredibly lightweight and can be used for all hair types.
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Sustainable bamboo brush

This brush is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and is a sustainable option. I think the brush looks really nice and has a lovely minimalist design. This brush can be used on wet and dry hair. When using it on dry hair, I really like that it doesn't cause any frizz or flyaways. That's my biggest complaint with other brushes, however this makes my hair look really smooth and straight. This brush also doesn't pull on your hair, so I have noticed less hair falling out. As the teeth on the brush are quite wide, it's gentle and doesn't catch on knots as easily. I really like the feeling this leaves me with. It's such a perfect size and would be great for travel.
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Ecological and handsome

This is an ecologically sound, very inexpensively priced, and nice looking comb that goes through thick, curly hair. I use mine for distributing conditioner and hair treatments and it works really well, not pulling my sensitive hair or hurting when I work through a tangle. I really like the way it looks too with its clean lines and nice combination of white and natural colours, and it's very lightweight. I also think this would make a great stocking stuffer (yes, already thinking about that...). I'm glad there is a product on the market that doesn't use plastic and was very pleased with the natural, paper packaging as well.

Must have

Love this! Makes detangling my hair so much easier!

Environmentally friendly

This comb is very lightweight and is a good size to handle. It is a wide-tooth comb that works well to detangle hair. I love the fact that it's plastic free and therefore better for the environment.