TRESemmé Hair Styling Spray Thermal Protection

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TRESemmé Hair Styling Spray Thermal Protection guards against heat and friction. It stands up to straighteners and curling tongs and leaves hair shiny and enviably soft. It is heat activated to guard against harsh styling damage. TRESemmé understands how great hair gives you the confidence to walk taller every day.


TRESemmé Hair Styling Spray Thermal Protection


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This is my staple heat protectant spray. Love the bottle, easy to spray and it sprays in a fine mist, not making my hair overly wet with product. This product also helps with frizz and smoothens my hair , also reduces knots in my hair. I have found that this spray is effective as it has not been damaging my hair. I have been routinely blowdrying my hair currently and my hair has been healthy. Love that it is not strongly fragrance . Also love the fact that it does not weigh down my thin hair. It also does not leave a greasy layer on my hair .
Helps tame the frizz that usually comes with styling my hair with heat! It does leave it a little bit greasy, but that could just be styling my hair in general. Excellent, well-priced heat protector that I would recommend if you are looking for something to protect your hair but don't want to break the bank.
I really like this product as it comes in a nice looking spray bottle and I like the look of the dark red nozzle! I love the smell of this product and I only use it very sparingly as a little bit goes a long way. Do not, I repeat do NOT spray this in the roots of your hair as it will leave your hair looking and feeling very oily and dirty. I always only spray it onto my towel dried hair from bottom to the mid lengths of my hair then rub it into all the strands of my hair. I only put up to 6-7 squirts of spray and just rub it all into my hair. But avoid getting it on the scalp. Big no no.
I have been using this product for years and it never fails me! It protects my hair before I use a hair dryer or heating tools, without a heavy or sticky feel to the hair. The mist is very light weight when you spray it to your hair. The scent is lovely and not over powering.  My hair is always silky and smooth after I use this product, and I also feel that the integrity of my hair is maintained even while applying heat. I find it keeps the fly aways at bay and the static. Highly recommend!
I love this heat protectant. It makes such a huge difference in the health of my hair! My hair is better now, but it used to be strangely static-y, sticking out at the ends, when freshly shampooed. I had to sleep on it to make it look normal, it was so weird. Back then, this was revolutionary to me as it took away that static look. These days, although my hair has calmed down, I still rely on this when I use heat styling tools. I love that it doesn't leave hair sticky as it protects it. For everyday purposes, this heat protectant does a more than adequate job of maintaining any styling I subject my hair to. The bottle is ergonomically designed and it's easy to re-spray as I'm drying my hair if I feel like I've missed a spot. It's such good value, too.
I was blown away bur this heat tamer. And the part I loved most - the scent. It smelled so good, all my colleagues kept on asking if I had just come from the hairdressers. Of course it also did an amazing job protecting my hair from heat damage, but I just can't get past the amazing scent! One product that I will keep on buying forever.
I've been using this product for years now and find it such great value. The spray bottle is easy to use and does a nice even spray with fine mist. I use it on wet and dry hair and you wouldn't know it's on, doesn't weigh your hair down or make it oily. The smell is pleasant and fairly neutral. I've been using another thermal protection spray to compare and I can't really tell the difference and the other one is more expensive.
I love tresemme products and this heat protective spray is awesome. The handy spray bottle is so easy to use. I just spray over damp hair paying particular attention to the ends and style as normal. It has great heat protection properties, I always blow dry and then straighten my hair so I really need the protection. This product is quite lightweight and will not weigh my hair down or leave it sticky or oily. It makes styling easier as it helps detangle and controls frizz beautifully. My hair has less static and frizz after using this and the scent is really pleasant. This is great value for money as I dont need to use a lot and it lasts for ages. I love that my hair feels stronger and healthier after using this product for a while, meaning the heat protection properties really work. Love this product and highly recommend it.
This product is definitely bang for your buck! Anytime I straighten my hair I have to put this on because I know it will protect my hair! It does have a noticeable scent but i like it. Would definitely recommend to a friend/family member. Pros: Value for money  Cons: None
I honestly wouldn’t purchase another heat protectant because this one does the trick. I blow dry my hair almost every day (I know it’s bad,don’t judge me) and I’m pretty anxious about what damage is being done, but despite my heat styling addiction I have found no brittleness or extra split ends whilst I’m using this product. And I am not exaggerating when I say I am heat styling my hair every day. I’ve got the hair dryer on its hottest setting,using it till my scalp hurts on top of washing it every day; all the things I probably shouldn’t be doing; and yet my hair dresser compliments the health of my hair every time I go in. Honestly, this product is a warrior and it is saving your hair from certain damage. You can be pretty liberal with this product.I’ll admit I’m probably going a little overboard on the spritzing, but this in no way effects my styling process. It doesn’t have an awful tacky when wet or scrunchy feeling when dry, but it is actually really light and I can run my brush through as I’m blow drying without the product causing my hair stick to itself and creating a bunch of knots. And unlike other products that leave your hair feeling weighed down after you’ve finished styling, this one feels like you haven’t used any product at all and leaves your hair feeling silky and smooth. On top of all of this, this product helps maintain all the work I put into styling and keeps my hair neat tidy all day long. If you are using this product, you do need to blow dry your hair after application before you do any other styling. Even if you lightly spritz your hair, you won’t be able to go straight into using any sort of hair iron because the style won’t stick. But if it’s dry, this product will help your hair stay in shape and stay healthy. Plus it’s $8!! Why would you buy anything else?
I've been using this since high school and I haven't really found the need to look for another product. I apply this either lightly or liberally to my hair depending on whether I'm doing fast passes with my hair straighteners or am going to be using my curling tong which works at a higher temperature.  Because of this heat protectant I have never experienced severe damage to my hair even with regular heat styling.
I remember first buying this product years ago, I was currently going through the hair phase of Platinum blonde on top, darkest black underneath-all straightened within an inch of its life (ah, memories.) My hair was brittle and the exact case of 'straw-like.' I was recommended by friends to go and purchase a heat protective spray to at least start protecting my hair from further damage. I clearly remember choosing the Tresemme thermal creations spray because the packaging reminded me of a fire hydrant and I thought 'ah how fitting' haha. From the first time I used this spray I was hooked, it smelled lovely, my hair felt softer and I had less fly-aways during the day. I love how the spray can be used for curling or straightening your hair so you don't need to buy different products. Years (and thankfully hairstyles) later, I am still using this heat protector.  I love spraying it through my hair before styling knowing that my hair will be protected from heat and also keeps the lovely scent during the day. I give the Tresemme heat protective spray full marks and would definitely recommend !
A hair saviour! This product saves your hair! A light mist and brush through before you blow dry or straighten your hair seals your cuticles and adds a protective layer to your hair shaft. It also results in decreased frizzyness. Inexpensive, one bottle lasts for months. Talk about value for money! It's easy and quick to use and does what it sets out to do. The scent is clean and fresh and a little goes a long way! Just be wary of travelling with this in your bag- I would make sure the lid is shut completely and put it in a zip lock bag; this product can leak if it is on its side or upside down. But that's it's only con. Go out and buy it :) 
If you are applying heat to your hair, you need this in your life. To be honest I don't really know how much it helps in keeping my hair damage free but I use a hair straightener twice a week, and I always use this heat spray before I start straightening. So far so good. My hair is still damaged from the heat, but this seems to help. My hair doesn't look damaged neither feels damaged only if you would look closely you will see the dry and frizzy parts. I think using this spray helps my hair stay in a pretty good condition. One bottle usually last me for 3-4 months, and its super inexpensive for such a great product. Also, it comes with this classic Tresemme scent, a clean and refreshing fragrance. The only thing I dislike about this product is the packaging, the nozzle comes apart all the time! It is easily comes back together, but its such a pain to get it back together every time. It also makes it not very travel friendly and I would keep it out from your suitcase, I'm talking from previous experience. Other then that, it's a great product and I highly encourage you to go and check it out!
This lives true to its name, it is a heat tamer and protector. It sprays a fine mist directly into my hair and allows me to style my hair while it protects it and keeps it soft. It has a very light citrus fragrance which isn't overwhelming or too strong. I use this everyday as part of my hair styling routine and it doesn't weigh down my hair or make it look or feel greasy. I recommend this heat treatment to keep hair healthy and manageable for daily use and styling.
This was the first heat spray that I ever used. It is quite light on your hair and doesn't leave it feeling 'scrunchy'. I don't feel it does much in the way of frizz as mine was usually a touch more frizzy after using this than it would be without it. I am sure it is useful in protecting hair but I didn't notice a difference.
I often blow dry my hair and started using this as a recommendation. My hair is thick and curly. I think this was okay value for the price.It had a lovely scent. It did provide a bit of heat protection but probably not enough for my hair. It still left the ends feeling a little dry and undernourished. It is a nice spray as it doesn't feel thick on application and doesn't turn your hair into an oil slick either but maybe it was just not suited to my particular hair type. I would recommend it to people with perhaps thinner, straighter hair. Just wasn't a 10/10 on my hair.
This is a must have for anyone that uses heat products on their hair! I personally bleach my hair which makes it weak and susceptible to damage, but spraying a couple sprits on every section of my hair before using my straightener means my hair is safely protected and less prone to breakage! The cons however is that the smell isn't necessarily too pleasant, and the product itself has a slight sticky feeling to it when you apply it to your hair, but luckily both the scent and the tacky feeling on the hair disappear once you've straightened, curled or blow dried your hair! It can also make your hair feel slightly wet if you spray too much on it so use this spray sparingly. I'm on my third bottle of it now because it's such great value and lasts ages!
This is a really great heat protectant. Smells pleasant, pretty cheap, really well designed pump AND does what it says it does. What is not to love here? Go buy it!
A great product to prepare and protect hair from heat styling tools. This has a strong but enjoyable smell works well to maintain healthy hair. Great pricepoint