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Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

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Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is a setting spray that keeps makeup looking fresh for up to 16 hours. Developed in an exclusive partnership with Skindinävia, the setting spray sets and extends the wear of makeup and features temperature control technology that works to lower the temperature of your skin to keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and concealer in place—even in hot and humid conditions. Mist the spray onto skin to deliver a soft focus effect and just-applied finish that lasts all day.

Price above is for 118mL. Also available in 30mL.


Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray


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Worth the $

I have been using this product daily for over 5 years. It helps to set my make-up, minimise oilly patches on my forehead. It stops makeup from transferring to my clothing whilst getting dressed. It keeps my make-up on all day. After a 12 hour shift my make-up is still looking fresh. I don't have to touch my makeup up all day, and often go out after work with the same make-up on. Only a few sprays are needed even the small bottle lasts quite a while. The texture is great it doesn't feel sticky all and sets very quickly. I have no intentions of trying a different brand and would recommend this setting spray to everyone.

Best Setting Spray

This was my first setting spray purchase and I have never bought or used anything else! I use this at the end of my makeup routine, spraying in a X direction. My makeup has never budged while using this spray, even when I've taken a day nap with a full face of makeup on. This setting spray is a light mist that doesn't leave you feeling like there is something sitting on top of the skin. It dries super quick. The hype for this product is definitely worth it. I rave about it to everyone, and will continue to do so forever!

Worth the hype!

By far the best setting spray I have used, haven’t looked back since I started using it! Truly does help keep makeup in tact all night/day and holds well in weather. I was also impressed with how long one bottle lasted - using it with every application approximately 5 times a week it took me a solid 7-9 months to use up. Would highly recommend this product to anybody looking to splurge on a setting spray. Can be a bit pricey however haven’t found a drugstore setting spray that comes close to the all nighter.

Not worth the hype

It sets my make up but for some reason my concealer still moves after few hours. I think it works if more make up is put on, but I usually just put on concealers and it always gone at the end of the day. I also don't really like the smell of this product.
In love with this product. This is a must-have, especially for summer. A few light spritzes of this over the face after you've done your makeup and nothing is going to budge for at least 12 hours. I love a dewy look and this spray keeps that without getting any oil creep. I have the small size in my bag and the bigger size in my bathroom. This has never broken me puout, is easy to remove and doesn't dry my skin out at all. The best setting spray on the market.
This little baby has never failed me! Sweaty clubs, all day lunches and just days when you want to be matte and have your makeup stay put, this is your must have! Great value for the money as I aim for 3 good sprays each use, one on each side of the face and one good spray in the middle to cover my oily t zone as that all but undoes me if I forget to use this. Needs to be in everyone’s makeup bag!
Urban Decay was once a bit of an "insider" indie brand that saw only a few groups of people follow it...until a certain palette came out,and then it really hit the bigtime.That palette was followed by this brilliant product that promises to keep your work of art makeup staying put for up to 16 hours of hard slog.....but does it ? The Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is a light mist that you spray over the top of your makeup (be careful to do mascara last though,as this stuff will leave you with a less than pretty "black eye" look) to have it last through some pretty tough conditions (indoor heating / outdoor humidity / stressful career / bathroom steam ups etc) with a lovely,dewy but not shiny glow.This spray worked exactly as you would expect from a brand such as UD..... I wore it to work, and it kept my makeup (mineral powder foundation / cream blush / some exxy eye colours and lip colour) on through the day's eating, drinking and stress with not a budge all 12 hour shift,and whilst my makeup didn’t quite look as freshly applied at the end of the day as it did when i started,it was intact enough to be presentable,and it wasn’t smudged or smeared.Best of all,this is so easy to apply again during the day if need be,as there is a tiny travel size that is perfect to throw in your desk or locker for touchups.Once the spray dries down it’s smooth and non tacky,it feels light and comfortable,and truly sets you up for a day of "desk to dinner" makeup wear.Oh,and one more huge plus....if you want to test drive this in some serious heat and humidity (i am yet to give it a full test like that,but i am eager to see how this copes with mid - summer in Sydney or The Whitsundays),this setting spray actually COOLS your skin's temp so that you feel a lot less "melted" in the heat (and so does your makeup),so that in itself is worth the $50 for 120ml when you are in the midst of a summertime dinner date (and the fact that is made in conjunction with Skindinavia,a well known,brilliant skincare brand doesn't hurt either). Seriously,if you want your expensive cosmetics to last as long as you do (and have a little more "oomph in colour payoff") then this baby is for you...it is a must have for me now.
This is the be all and end all of setting spray.  I use this every single time I do my makeup and it honestly makes it last days. I have fallen asleep a few times still in makeup after a big night and this setting spray allows me to wake up looking FLAWLESS the next morning.  It comes in travel size too so if you are travelling it’s awesome. I have had the same bottle now for 2 years and I still have product in it. The price may seem a little high but it’s honestly worth it, I have tried so many other setting spray but this is the best! 
They hype is real and well deserved!  Product comes in 2 sizes, and I'd recommend you buy both at once because the 30ml travel size is great to keep in your handbag and is easily refillable.  I keep one in my bag and one on the bathroom vanity and love that the travel size spray is pretty decent and doesn't leave splatter droplets.   Yes you may pay a little more than other brands but I feel that I need less of this product, maybe 2-3 sprays at most to keep my makeup looking fresh even in the hot, humid summer months whereas other brands I use a good 4-5.  If the weather is hot and humid and I need my makeup to last all day I lightly spray before applying my foundation then apply after makeup is done and gently press the areas I need to set most (nose, forehead and chin) with a beauty blender and it seems to lock my makeup down but not change the finish at all.  Love, love, love this stuff!
This is my absolute go-to, must-have setting spray. I have not come across any other product that has been able to stand up to this baby. This stuff is the business! It doesn't irritate my eyes (contacts or no contacts), smells lovely, sets my makeup and always, without fail, has a fine mist that settles over my skin (no big fat droplets that will make a mess of my mug). I love the stuff. I don't love the price tag, but I love love love this spray. HG!
This is my go to setting spray, I can’t do my makeup for a night out or full day event without using this spray to lock it all into place. This product truely keeps my makeup in place all day and night, my fave makeup will not move or separate. The all nighter spray is fantastic, just have product!
This is the best setting spray I have used and definitely keeps makeup in place. While I never tend to wear makeup for the 16 hours that this spray claims to keep it in place for, I use this when I need my makeup to last all day, and also for all events that I attend. I have found that this setting spray definitely lives up to the hype - it sprays a fine mist that doesn't leave my face feeling wet, it sets into the skin really well and makes my makeup look even better after I spray it and it has always kept it in place for as long as I have needed without creasing or settling into any fine lines.  The product lasts quite a long time, and I will definitely continue to repurchase this again and again, cannot recommend it highly enough.
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray promises to keep your makeup fresh and flawless for up to 16 hours. I don’t think I have ever worn my makeup that long but I always use this on occasions when I need my makeup to last and I definitely notice its lasting power compared to any other setting spray I’ve tried in the past. I’ll say that it stays on for good 10-12 hours. The impressive thing is the fine mist it sprays at the right pressure and there is no recoil after spraying. I am really impressed with this setting spray as it feels weightless when sprayed onto the face, dries down faster and has such a smooth flawless finish. I love that it doesn’t leave my face looking shiny or feeling wet and my makeup stays intact for longer. This makeup setting spray will always have a place in my makeup bag and you can also throw a travel size one in your handbag.  I highly recommend giving this amazing setting spray a try – it’s so worth it!!
One of the best setting sprays out there! It sprays such a light, fine mist which I really like. It also dries on the skin very quickly, which I think is an important factor for a good setting spray. I struggle with keeping my makeup on all day, as I have oily skin. I find that my nose in particular becomes quite oily, and makeup slides right off, especially on hot days. This setting spray does wonders! It makes my makeup last much longer in my skin, and it keeps my makeup looking fresh. I would definitely recommend!
One of the best setting sprays I've used. Mists on you face evenly. Leaves your face feeling refreshed. Literally keeps makeup on all night! Even in a sweaty nightclub it held up really well. I think it comes in a mini size too so you can throw it in your hand bag.
I have tried plenty of setting sprays ranging from matte finish to oil control and can happily say I have found my holy grail setting spray. While it is on the more expensive side, I believe it's worth the splurge and it lasts quite a while. The mist is super fine and covers a full face with 2-3 pumps. Does not smudge your makeup or leave your face feeling soaking wet like most setting sprays do. The smell is not overpowering and with sensitive skin I do not feel any irritation. I have worn a full face of make set with the spray to full day+night festivals and sweaty concerts and stressful mascara wearing crying days and come home looking fresh and fabulous! The bottle is super sturdy and has two caps to avoid damaging the spray button. I have re-purchased this product 4-5 times now and recommend it to almost everyone. The only con I can come up with would be the price, but again it is an investment as it combines longevity of all of your make up products.
I have been very loyal to my Mac Prep and Prime spray but decided to give this one a go to be used in conjunction. I absolutely love it !! I apply my Mac prep and prime before makeup to hydrate the skin and after powder to make the look dewy before giving a generous spray with the urban decay afterwards to set it all in place. My makeup looked flawless and I did not have to touch up once ! The smell is not strong and it does not feel sticky on the face - in fact you can’t feel it at all! The nozzle is also great as it allows an even spray. I typically spray in an x and t formation to get an even result. I highly recommend this - so good for the price !
An absolute essential in my makeup routine. The product keeps my makeup on and looking fabulous all night (and I tend to boogy a fair bit on a night out). It doesn’t smell bad, or make my poppin’ highlighter fade. It doesn’t agitate my sensitive skin and it has a great spraying range. The only negative is that if I spray it on after applying my mascara it causes my mascara to run on my eyelids. All in all a great product that I will continue to recommed to all my friends and continue to buy when I have run out.
Absolutely recommend. The product does not have an overly chemical-y scent that I notice with other brands, and has great even distribution with application. Sets my makeup impeccably and ensures it stays super glam all night. I love how it doesn’t make the skin appear oily, but instead provides a really lovely glow-like texture back to the skin.   PROS:  - Sets makeup and allows it to last throughout the day/night  - Brings back a bit of natural-like glow to the skin after powdering the face  - Great distribution when sprayed  CONS:  - Haven’t discovered any as of yet, I suppose when I notice I’m almost out of it  
I've been struggling to find the perfect setting spray for the longest time! Luckily I was able to find Urban Decay's all nighter setting spray- my makeup game has not been the same since I begun using it! As a girl born in the freezing winters and chilly summers of the UK moving to Australia was a shock to my way of using/ applying makeup. I would never have any issues with sweating makeup off when it wouldn't go above 16 degrees on a good day but in a place where the temperature rises to 35 continually I started to sweat like a pig! The urban decay all nighter setting spray has ensured that I no longer have a face of drenched sweat and patchy makeup after a long day of aussie heat! It acts like an invisible shield over my makeup! The packaging is durable and looks urban and cool (no wonder the brand is urban decay) it makes my makeup look fresh and like it was just recently applied all throughout the day (and night).  The application instructions recommend 2 to 4 sprays in a “X” or “T” formation when using it and that is just enough to cover your faces surface with the light misting. The bottle lasts forever! I believe I've had mine for around 5 months now and its still going strong! Opposed to other setting sprays that run out in about two- three months of use.  PROS - Does the job so well, delivers exactly what the product promises you! - Packaging is completely travel proof and if you drop it you don't need to worry about it gaining any leaks! -Makes makeup look glowy NOT oily  -Lasts forever! CONS - So far I've encountered none! I would 100% recommend