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Urban Decay Brow Beater is a mechanical, retractable dual-ended brow pencil for filling and shaping brows while the spoolie end perfectly grooms and blends the formula. The micro-fine tipped pencil is self-sharpening and provides a smooth, even and precise application with long-lasting wear. The hydrating formula contains vitamin E, argan oil and coconut oil.

Available in four shades.


Urban Decay Brow Beater


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I purchased this as a slightly cheaper option when I was in need of a brow product, but wasn't able to afford my asual go-to.  I have to admit that I dindn't like this product at first - I found it a like to noticeable and overthetop because it wasn't easy to blend. It took a couple of weeks before I learned to apply it in a way that best suits me - and I love it! I need to go in with a lighter hand, and warm it up a bit beforehand by rubbing it on the back of my hand. I used to do brows last, but now I do them after foundation and before everything else. I light to angle the crayon slightly when applying so it blends better,and I always set it with powder after to tone down the starkness of the brow (I like a medium-natural look). I'm a neutral skin tone on the fairer side and I purchased neutral brown and it's the pefect shade - not too cool and not to warm - looks good in natural light and in artificial light.  Has good staying power when set with powder, doesn't move or smudge when sweating or swimming. Good product, would recommend (but not my favourite brow product). 
I LOVE the spoolie.. unfortunately that's where it ended for me! I had this tested on me to colour match in store, I guess the lighting made it look better, but in natural light and everywhere else I felt it leaned more towards a warm tone and I have cool ashy brows, even with brow mascara over it the underlying warmth was not a good look! I bought the shade Neutral Brown! This product was OK to apply, it's very thin but didn't snap at all, given I've used some thin ones lightly and they just snap or smudge down! I didn't feel the product lasted long at all and I was no means filling in all of my brows every day with the product!  If you can get your brows done with this and wear it for a day in all lighting and it works for you, awesome.. but it just fell short for me value and quality wise! I would not recommend as I didn't like it! On the plus side the amazing spoolie is still workable for other brow and lash products!
For a beauty-noob this is foolproof. The spoolie brush end means any faux-pas i make with the soft crayon end can easily be "beaten" away effortlessly! This product can be layered for a deeper after-5 look or can be lightly applied for a subtle look.