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Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette is an eyeshadow palette with rose-hued shades. Featuring the patented Urban Decay Pigment Infusion System™, the velvety formula glides across the lid without grabbing, pulling or creasing and can be blended and layered as desired to deliver a seamless eye makeup look. Also included in the palette is a dual-ended eyeshadow/blending brush, large mirror and Eyeshadow Primer Potion sampler.


Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette


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I love this palette although I find it to be a little too sheer. This has a wonderful array of mattes and shimmers that all blend together nicely. Most of the colours need a lot of building up as the pigmentation isn’t the best. The brush that it comes with is good but it is the same as the other Naked palettes.
This was my first UD purchase so I guess I decided to go big or go home! I now have three Naked palettes, and this one is tied in the number one spot with Smoky. A gorgeous blend of matte and shimmery nudes and pinks, this palette is the perfect way to transition from day to night. I found this palette also gives me a different way to do a smoky eye without looking too dark. The shadows are gorgeous, even my very pale girlfriend has converted to using the same palette (at my wedding)! It's a winner.
I love urban decay eyeshadows. They are fantastic and this palette is no different. Each colour is so pigmented. I love the rosey pink tones in this palette. Great choice of colours for any occasion. Use these for everyday looks but can also build to make it a bit more dramatic
This palette has a strong rose gold theme. The shadows are lovely. Bold but very wearable.  I love the formula of urban decay eyeshadows. They are creamy and easy to blend. They are very pigmented and don't look chalky when applied.  I love the packaging and the included eyeshadow brush is a great bonus!
This palette was made for a very specific person: One who LOVES pink. As an adult woman who loves "grown-up" pink, I find the 12 shades of rose in this palette completely irresistible. My favourite aspect of the Naked3 is the concept of rosy neutrals: In spite of the obvious pinkness, the colours are all sophisticated and not the least bit juvenile. There's a good mix of mattes, satins and shimmers, all of which are highly pigmented and buttery, with the exception of the two shimmery colours. I did initially worry that the colour scheme might be too cool for my medium skin tone, but I needn't have worried. Even with my brown eyes, the colours are so flattering - whether I'm after a soft, subtle look or a feminine smokey look. Here's a brief rundown of all the colours: Strange - Matte. Beige with pink undertones. Not the best highlight shade, a tad chalky. Dust - Shimmer. Glittery pale peachy-pink. So much fallout. Applies somewhat sheer. Burnout - Satin. Pinky-peach. Limit - Matte. Dusty rose. Buzz - Satin. Mauvey-rose with silver micro-glitter. Trick - Shimmer. Pinky-copper with identical micro-glitter. Another tricky one with the fallout. Really gorgeous colour, though. Nooner - Matte. Pinky-brown. Makes for a pretty blush, too. Liar - Satin. Rosy mauve. Love this so much. Factory - Satin. Warm brown. Mugshot - Satin. Metallic taupe. Looks more pink under certain lights. Darkside - Satin. Deep mauve-taupe-charcoal. I love how multi-dimensional this is. Blackheart - Matte with glitter. Deep chocolate or dark burgundy- almost black - base with rosy-red sparkles. STUNNING! This is such a unique, beautiful shade, perfect for smokey looks. The sturdy packaging is pretty, but not as luxe as the Naked1 or Smokey palettes. It also includes a end-to-end mirror and a dual-ended brush that's actually pretty good, the flat end being better than the blending end. Pros: The most beautiful pinks All the colours complement each other Rich pigments Long-wearing Cons: Terrible fallout with the shimmer shades Limited range of looks that can be achieved The Naked3 is romance in a palette, pure and simple. If words like pretty, delicate and feminine appeal to you, then this palette definitely will sweep you off your feet.
The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is by far my favourite eyeshadow palette. With a wide range of mattes, glitters and Metallics, I think is both convenient, glamorous and all you need to create many unique looks. I maximise the glitter by using the Mario Badescu Rosewater spray. Works amazingly!
This Palette is my ultimate go-to. I recently went on a 5 week holiday and it was all I needed to achieve various night and day friendly looks. I have super pale skin and the colours pop beautifully without looking too dark. I have problems sometimes with neutral colours being too yellow, but Naked3 is perfect with its soft rosy undertones. My go to on a day when I can't be bothered is the shade "Nooner", a soft pink toned brown, I just smudge it into my crease and go. I especially love the brush that comes with the palette, it's great for blending and also pressing pigment onto the eyelid. I will often use the brush with other eye-shadow palettes that I have. The shades blend beautifully with one another, it's such a versatile palette. Honestly cannot recommend it enough, I would happily buy another if anything were to happen to mine.
Urban Decay is famous for this style of eyeshadow palette and no.3 does not disappoint! They are lovely and pigmented and have a wide range of finishes including matte, glitter and metallic. This palette is probably my favorite from the range as I have pink undertones that complement the palette however anyone and everyone should buy this!!!
AH-mazing doesn't even begin to cover how great this 12 shade palette is! Urban Decay makes some of the most pigmented eyeshadows I've ever seen on the market, and this is no exception! Much like it's predecessors, this palette is made up of a mix of matte, shimmer and glitter shades, all placed neatly into a metal tin that has a mirror in the lid.  These eyeshadows swatch onto the skin without any effort and these are incredibly easy to blend. The mix of colours in this is perfect for someone who is looking for a rose gold look on the lids, and this is brilliant for brightening the eyes, while still having enough mattes for the crease. While this may be pricey for people who aren't sure about the quality of the set, I can honestly say that this is well worth the money.  For someone like me, which is an NC 30, this palette is amazing! Create a myriad of looks with this baby - I get tons of use out of it!
Just when we all thought being Naked was as good as it was ever going to get,Urban Decay comes along with a bunch of roses...a dozen in fact,just to make us swoon with anticipation once again. Rose gold is having a SERIOUS moment right now,but UD had that down pat WAAAAY before all this hoopla,and to this day,despite the plethora of dupes,they have never really had a fight on their hands in respect to AMAZING colours (have you even seen "Blackheart" ? talk about a smokey eye like never before,what with it's deep,blue - hued blackness,flecked with reddened glitter accents ) that wear like a dream and blend seamlessly. First things first though,the journey to Naked begins with viewing the body,and this palette's bod is both sexy modern (rose gold,tactile metal tin with beautifully fonted,gold letters that simply begs to be touched ) yet strangely innocent (anyone remember those pencil tins from childhood ? It is exactly as if they have grabbed that look from our youth) .Then we notice the addition of not one,but FOUR travel sized sachets of various Urban Decay Primer Potions (for whatever role you will play...demure romantic by using the neutral version, to all out vixen with the shimmery version),to the ultimate climax...a pro quality,double ended brush.But we shouldn't be so shallow and focus on the outside alone. Inside is a collection of 12 of the most stunning roses you will ever see..each as different as you would expect of Urban Decay,yet all wearable,whatever your fetish (and all able to stand up to whatever your day brings as you are,with a silky,durable texture that melts onto the skin,thanks to every shade featuring it's (as mentioned on it's website) "Pigment Infusion System™, a proprietary blend of ingredients that gives each shade its velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability"..this had my artwork lasting an incredible 13 hrs many times during our love affair...without budging OR fading . Yes, the palette is neutral and does suit all skin tones, but where as the Naked palette had plenty of shades to make blue/grey eyes pop, the second Naked looked wonderful on brown eyes this time around green and hazel toned eyes are in for a treat. All the mauve based shades will really allow green/hazel eyes to dazzle.Oddly, I would say that Naked 3 is the most neutral of all three palettes.... it has an equal distribution of both cool and warm toned eyeshadows,so for that reason alone I would recommend it over the other two as your first Naked purchase if you have yet to dip your toe into such waters.And whilst i can't say that some of these shades aren't a little "high maintenance" (honestly,fallout happens - especially the more shimmery hued ones, and blending can take a little longer to happen with some textures),the payoff is more than worth the effort. Lastly,the price....yep,getting Naked with this baby will cost you more than many other wannabes (just over $80),but a dozen perfect roses was never going to come at a bargain price....plus, how can you compare such perfection,longwear and amazing colours to a cheaper alternative ? TIP:With such an array of shades,all of varying textures,you may find that one or two need extra attention to detail (yep,the aforementioned "Blackheart" is one of the "high maintenance"  offerings ,but worth it). Apply your eyemakeup first,THEN apply your other products after...it gives you the chance to clean up any fallout without ruining the rest of your visage.
Urban Decay is one of the most highly regarded makeup brands in the world, and with products like this it is easy to see why.  Every product I have used has been of the highest quality and the brand is against animal testing, so I am more than happy to throw my support behind them!   This Naked3 eye shadow palette is the third in the Naked series, and comes in a rose gold rectangular tin that protects the product well.  I have had a few little knocks and drops but so far no eye shadow damage has occurred.  The tin comes with a large rectangular mirror inside which is perfect for applying makeup, and a dual-ended synthetic brush that is ideal for applying and blending each eye shadow.   The Naked3 is best described as a palette of rose-hued neutrals, and features 12 full sized, never before seen eye shadow colours.  There is a combination of matte, metallic, and satin colours, each tone complimenting the next.  In real life the colours look similar to those in the photo above, but a brief description of each colour would be:   -      STRANGE: matte, pale pink; -      DUST: metallic, pale pink; -      BURNOUT: satin, peach; -      LIMIT: matte, dusty rose; -      BUZZ: metallic, rose; -      TRICK: metallic, copper; -      NOONER: matte, mauve; -      LIAR: metallic, mauve; -      FACTORY: satin, deep taupe; -      MUGSHOT: metallic, deep taupe; -      DARKSIDE: satin, chocolate brown; -      BLACKHEART: satin, black.   The original Naked palette included warm neutrals, Naked2 was taupe neutrals, and this Naked3 is a rose-hued neutrals.  After purchasing all three I would lean towards this palette being my favourite, as I find the colours ‘prettier’, and perfect for the current rose gold makeup trend.   I honesty cannot fault the overall performance of the eye shadows.  The colours are super pigmented, similar to the Lorac eye shadows, and this pigment transfers easily on to the skin.  The longevity of the colour can be slightly improved with an eye shadow primer (I recommend the UD primer potion), but it really isn’t necessary.  The shadows don’t grab, pull, or crease, and blend so so easily.   I’ve had this palette for six months and have barely made a dent using it most weekends.  At $84 it is a little pricey, but definitely worth it for the quality and colour range.  I have tried other (high end) palettes but always find myself coming back to the Naked palettes.   If you like to include rose-hued colours into your makeup than this is definitely the palette for you.  I have olive undertones and love the colours on me, but I also use this on my cooler toned friends and it suits them beautifully too!  From what I can see this palette is very versatile for all skin colours.   I purchased this from a Mecca Maxima store in Australia, but you can pick it online as well. PROS: cute convenient packaging, beautiful colour range, matte/metallic/shimmer colours, high quality (blendable, buildable, long-lasting, crease-free), rose-hued neutrals suitable for all skin types, perfect for both day/night looks. CONS: pricey. NB: I wear Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation in Tawny (3W1) during the summer seasons and Ivory Beige 3N1 during winter.  Regardless of the time of year the tones in this palette suit my skin beautifully.
I have used all the Nude palettes....and this one is the best !!!! It has versatile colours for everday use, and darker tones with long lasting pigments. Great value as it lasts for a long time.
Best out of all of the Naked palettes. It comes with the perfect shades for a base colour and many to add a bit of a smoky. It has beautiful packaging making it feel elegant and expensive. Love this product so much xxx
I bought the Naked 3 palette after many months debating whether or not it was worth forking out over $80 for eyeshadow, and I thank the makeup gods every day that I chose to purchase it. The packaging is a shiny pink and has a nice texture to it which makes it look professional and edgy. It's a fairly decent size which makes it a little inconvenient for travelling, but it contains twelve shades so it is understandable why it would be so large. Urban Decay also provides a double-sided brush which is perfect for applying and blending the shadows; it's much better quality than the little spongy applicators that come with drugstore palettes.The actual eyeshadows are highly pigmented with beautiful colour payoff that lasts for the majority of the day--but even longer with a primer. The shades are a stunning range of glittery and matte pinks that look beautiful with any eye colour.  Pros: beautiful colours, high quality packaging with a mirror, nice brush applicator, long lasting, great quality, little fall out, easy to blend. Cons: slightly bulky packaging. I am obsessed with these gorgeous eyeshadows!
I adore this beautiful rose gold pallet!  It's so versatile, the lighter shades at one end are perfect for day to day office looks, and it's so easy to use the other end to glam it up at night!
I have to wear makeup everyday for my job. Naked 3 has been my all time favourite and go to palette for ages! It stays on all day and doesn't budge, the colour/pigment itself is bright and bold (I dont need an eyegloss underneathe) and theres so many colours to choose from that you can mix and match and it all goes together! Best of all it feels light on my eyes and when i need to take it off it comes off easily which I love. Highly recommend ❤
LOVE LOVE LOVE this pallet.  It was my first pallet I ever bought starting up trying makeup and I couldn't have picked a better pallet to start of with. Shades are on point! The pigment is so strong and blendable which makes it easy to get an easy natural look and the few dark colours toward the end of the pallet can create a dark smokey sultry look. You have a few neutral mattes and a few glitter pigments to play around with that do not flake what so ever.  I honestly cannot rave about this product anymore, urban decay you have done it again, another thoughtfully made pallet. 
I purchased this palette because I already had a nude eyeshadow palette and was looking for more pinkish tones. I was not disappointed when I tried out this palette. There is a great range of matte, metallic and glitter shadows which allow you to make many interesting combinations. Some of the shadows can be a little light and require a bit of extra application (makes it easier if you use eyeshadow primer too). If you are looking for an eyeshadow palette with pink and blush natural tones this is the palette for you!