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Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush is a makeup brush for buffing pigment into the skin to blur the appearance of fine lines and imperfections and create a flawless, airbrushed look. Made with high-quality synthetic bristles, the professional-quality complexion brush picks up liquid, cream or powder pigment with ease and deposits it on the skin without streaking or caking. The dome-shaped head can be maneuvered to fit the contours of the face.


Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush


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I have been using this brush to apply my foundation for quite some time and I'm always satisfied with it. I find it really easy to blend my foundation into my skin and it does not leave foundation lines. It makes it really simple to apply foundation quickly and flawlessly. It truly lives to its name as a blurring brush. I would definitely recommend this brush to others when it comes to applying foundation.
All professional makeup artists will tell you that their brushes are the most crucial part of their kit. As a professional, I have many high-end cosmetics in my professional kit. However, I know that I can still do a gorgeous makeup on any day even if all I am given is drugstore cosmetics, as long as I can still have access to all my precious brushes in my tool belt. And this brush, is the true stand out of all my brushes. The synthetic bristles of this Urban Decay Optical Blurring brush are soft and densely packed. It feels heavenly to use on skin, including around the delicate eye areas. The handle of the brush is made of metal, making it very durable.  I have had mine for over 3 years and it is still going strong - with no cracks in the handle, and not a single bristle has fallen out. Initially, I bought this brush to use in conjunction with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup.  No surprises there, the brush makes the foundation extremely easy to apply, with the result absolutely flawless.  Not long after, I discovered that this versatile brush can also be used for cream foundation, powder foundation (including mineral foundation), loose powder (to set liquid or cream foundation), as well as applying cream and powder blush, contour, and overall highlight. It has the capability of blending product effortlessly no matter what the product formulation is; and making it look smoother, sit better and last longer.  For $41, it is very reasonably priced, considering the quality of the brush, the results it can deliver and its overall longevity. Because the bristles are densely packed, it takes quite a bit of effort to clean and also a fairly long time to dry. I use isopropyl alcohol (or rubbing alcohol which is easily accessible from supermarkets) for a quick cleanse whenever necessary as the alcohol will dry in no time. For a thorough cleanse with a proper brush cleanser, I would need plan the timing so that I can allow at least 2 nights for the brush to dry properly.
I have come across few makeup brushes as good as this one. I recently bought this brush and haven't used any other. Urban Decay has this magic touch and they seem to be able to create perfect products that blend makeup wether it's foundations of the mineral types of liquid to perfection. The brush is a perfect size for all face types and is able to blend a natural makeup look to a red carpet look. What I also love about Urban Decay products is that they are reasonably priced but are great quality. I would definitely recommend it!
There are few makeup brushes that have reached holy-grail status for me, and the Urban Decay Optical Blurring brush in one of them. Here’s why: I bought this brush while on holiday on America 6 years ago, and after almost daily use and regular cleaning, it has only just started to show signs of wear. The brush is densely packed with soft, synthetic bristles which finish in a slightly tapered end that is the perfect size for the face. It is brilliant at applying all types of liquid and cream foundations and blend sand buffs the product seamlessly onto the skin, resulting in a streak-free,air-brushed finish. The brush is approx. 14.5 cms long, has metal casing and ferrule, and is comfortable to hold and manoeuvre. Given the quality and longevity of this brush, I also think the price ($41) is more than reasonable. While it’s not super cheap, it’s also not as expensive as other similar makeup brushes on the market. This brush is great value for money and you will not be disappointed in this product. I can’t recommend it highly enough!
Urban Decay, in the world of beauty, you are a Cara Delevingne among a sea of Kim Kardashians. Your products are different, edgy even, but once we use you and get to know you, I find that your colours, range and formulations are ideal, they work and pretty soon I just can't live without you, don't ever leave me Urban Decay. Not only is your makeup brilliant, but your tools and brushes too. Achieving great makeup is only made possible with the right brushes. After all, any artist needs only the best brushes to create beautiful art work. This good karma optical blurring brush is aptly named, as it not only buffs all makeup in perfectly, whether it's foundation, powder, bronzer or blusher, but it blurs your skin just so that you are giving the illusion of perfect, glowing and flawless skin. A magic wand it sure is. After starting with the perfect canvas to apply makeup to, with a double cleanse, exfoliation, serum, moisturiser and primer, I then applied a dab of YSL ink teinte fusion foundation to my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and buffed and blended to absolute flawless perfection with this optical blurring brush. I added Bobbi Brown nectar shimmer brick to my cheeks, buffed and blended once again, then a good mist of Urban Decay makeup setting mist, another good review for another day, and did one final flourish with this magic wand of a brush, and my makeup was complete. I don't use the term magic wand lightly at all. It really is the best way to describe this gorgeous brush. Every flick and swirl and flourish with this brush not only buffs makeup perfectly into the skin, it also gives the appearance of fresh, flawless, glowing and model perfect skin. It's like photoshop for your face. It's effortless, affordable and most importantly, like any good brush will, it makes your makeup look better, last longer, and you use less too. Urban Decay, I just don't know how you keep on coming out with these brilliant makeup products and brushes, but don't ever stop. All you fellow beauty and makeup enthusiasts out there, you need to try products like this from brands like this, because it's brand like this and these products that make you proud, confident and feeling the true power of beauty. It's the days that I try products like that that make me truly happy and proud to be a makeup, skin care and beauty loving girl.