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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick is a lipstick range featuring 100 shades, including everything from bright pinks and reds to deep blues and purples. The lipsticks come in a variety of finishes including mega matte, comfort matte, cream, metallised, sheer and sheer shimmer.

Available in 100 shades.


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick


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Urban Decay is one of those brands which I feel does get hyped up quite a bit, however the majority of the products from them which I have tried have lived up to that hype. I absolutely adore my Vice lipstick in shade '1993', which is one of the comfort mattes. I've actually only tried the comfort mattes so far, however, so I will definitely have a look through the massive 100 available shades next time I'm visiting Mecca to try a metallized, sheer, or cream formula too. The 'comfort matte' formula is exactly that - a very comfortable, pigmented matte stick lipstick. It goes on smoothly and is pigmented so you only need one or two coats for full coverage. It stands up to wear quite well for a traditional lipstick (as compared to liquid lipsticks), however as with most lipsticks, does need a touch-up after meals/several drinks.
Vice has it all - an incredible range of colours from bold reds to deep purples, six different finishes, beautiful formula, and to top it all off, a cruelty-free policy. With over 100 shades to choose from, it can be overwhelming, but for me, the standout formula is definitely the Comfort Matte. Like the name suggests, it is a matte that feels comfortable on the lips - neither drying nor heavy. There's a good range of shades under this formula, and they apply so smoothly, there's no tugging necessary. It does budge, however, and reapplication after eating or drinking is needed.  The packaging is great. It clicks shut and remains securely shut when being carried around in a bag.
I've tried almost all the finishes in these lipsticks, and found the comfort mattes to be the best. My least favourite were the sheers and sheer shimmers - didn't last on the lips at all. Comfort mattes last the longest and feel extremely comfortable on the lips, despite being very matte. Hugs the lips perfectly and don't shrivel them up or settle into lip lines. Super opaque and pigmented, definitely packs a punch. Not the biggest fan of the feel and look of the packaging.Overall great high-end lipsticks.
I purchased one of these Urban Decay lipsticks in one of the lip kits they have been selling. I really liked the colour, it was bright and very pigmented. Speaking of colours, the colour range of the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks is amazing. If you are looking for a very particular or unique colour I would suggest the Vice lipsticks. The only major issue I had with the Vice lipstick was that it made my lips feel really dry. I find that MAC lipsticks are much more creamy than the Vice lipsticks but I would still repurchase especially if I needed a particular colour.
with 100 glorious shades this is like the candy store of lipsticks, so much temptation. I adore this urban decay vice lipstick, with so many colours and finishes to choose from there is so much choice, matt, shimmer, gloss, nudes, brights, cream, there is something to suit everyone which I love. The price point of only $28 means you can afford to get a few, great as there is so much choice and the decision is hard. These lipsticks are super creamy and hydrating, even the matt which is a bonus as some matt lipsticks are so drying. These lipsticks also last for ages without touchups, they have the quality of a more high end lipstick. They even look expensive like a more high end brand in their sleek, stylish metal container. Absolutely love these lipsticks and I highly recommend them for any lipstick junkie,an absolute MUST.
I was as excited as anyone else to try the new Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks last year when they brought them out to replace the Revolution lipstick range and also relieved that they had kept the same formula. The Vice lipsticks are especially creamy and full of hydrating ingredients, such as jojoba and avocado oils, as well as illipe butter. Better still they now come in six different finishes ranging from sheer to cream to intense matte, 100 luscious colours and are still quite a reasonable price at $28 ($17 US). The packaging also changed to the chic two-tone gunmetal-and-gold trim barrel, with the name and initials imprinted, that makes the product look much more expensive than it is. I appreciate the way the colour appears on the bottom of the barrel, making it easier to locate - they must be aware that people will buy several!  Although the mattes are beautiful, I feel more comfortable with creams, which are closest to the original formula, and tried Naked first, a deepish rose with a creamy consistency that glides easily across the lips and provides intense pigmentation in one swipe. I loved it, I find this finish the most versatile and not as drying as a matte. It was very long-lasting - about 5 hours wear. More recently I tried the Sheer Obsessed and and it has a lot more colour than you would expect from a sheer, in fact it is semi-opaque. Obsessed is a luscious light but bright pink. It applies smoothly without any patchiness and feels moisturising on the lips. It doesn't last particularly long, as expected, only about 3 hours but wears down nicely and naturally. Just like the cream formula, I find the Sheer versatile so it can be worn to work, as well as for an occasion. What finish will I try out next? I'm really going to enjoy getting to them all!  
When Urban Decay brings out a new ANYTHING,it makes for some serious waves in the beauty biz (case in point:internet meltdown when a new Naked palette comes out),so when the Vice lipstick range was given to us...you bet i tried it. So,i thought i would try something outside my comfort zone,and i got "Big Bang" (ONE of something like 100 shades.I dare you to pick up just one)...a metallised bright fuchsia that is going to be summertime perfect,and a lot more forgiving than you may expect.It is loaded with pigment.... just one swipe provides an unbelievable payoff of color. And every shade (OK,so i got another 3...Oblivion -a matte gray-taupe,Amulet,A metallic  brick rose and Bittersweet,a matte,bright pink-purple), applies smoothly (draglessly),hugs lips,stays colour true for a good 4 hours and feels amazing. Urban Decay’s proprietary Pigment Infusion System gives the formula a super-creamy texture and rich colour payoff (and as i mentioned..the colour payoff is HUUUGE The shade "Big Bang" has to be seen to be believed). This creamy formula is loaded with nourishing ingredients...jojoba, avocado and babassu oils nourish and soften lips,Illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture,PLUS vitamin C and E provide a hit of antioxidants. The case is just gorgeous...silver and gunmetal,and embossed with the UD name,so it is beautiful to pull out for the (few) touchups it will need.Plus,it's a pricepoint ($28) that means you can pick up one every payday without the guilt (and start a lipstick Vice of your own). TIP:With so many shades to choose from,do as i did,and get out of your comfort zone...all the buzz around "peach" anything right now may just inspire you to be super brave and try "Tilt","Wildfire" or even "Crash".
Ive never been disappointed by Urban Decay they have set the standard with their lipsticks and palettes. The packaging and product containers are just gorgeous and when I spend money I like to feel special and spoilt and I love pretty and tactile products. I adore the Vice Lipstick Sheer Rapture, what a fabulous colour, sexy and sheer it looks fresh and although sheer has great pigmentation. I feel that its almost a treatment for my lips so moisturising and stays put not running into the fine lines. There are so many colours to choose from over a hundred -  WOW thats almost a lipstick a week for the next 2 years!!!
This unique quality lipstick has an inspiring modern design, offering a massive range of 100 influencing shades. Not only do the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks offer amazing colours with ultimate pigment pop, but one of this products key sellers is the of appeal is their irresistible packaging. As for the lipsticks themselves, there is one to suit every individual's needs. The formula is excellent, applying smoothly and evenly without tugging where I can obtain full colour coverage in a single swipe. The finish is breathtaking, never not drying so I don't need to layer a lip balm underneath. And as for performance, the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks wear remarkably well with an even layer of colour and a formula that lasts .me throughout the day. I highly recommend these smashing lipsticks, they are certainly worth checking out.
I was off to a wedding last weekend, wearing a black dress, on a rainy grey day, so I wanted to go for a lipstick with a pop of colour. I selected Firebird from a sample pack I got through Mecca and I was absolutely blown away. Firebird is a bright pink with a blue/purple shimmer that is the most perfect bright pink I have ever seen. If this came in a nail polish colour as well, I would be the happiest girl alive. It is a cream formula so it felt great on my lips, and lasted well throughout the evening, through eating, drinking and dancing. Even though the colour is super bright, it was easy to apply. I put on one coat, blotted, and then applied another coat before lightly dusting with translucent powder. This helped it to last and also stopped me from worrying about it transferring of smearing. I only retouched once during the evening and it looked great. When it started to wear away during the meal, it left a nice stain so my partner kept telling me it was perfect, even though most of the product was gone. It also didn't do that weird thing where you get a grimy line on the inside of your lip. That is a big pro for me, as it seems to happen with a lot of lipsticks. Although there are more colours to try on the sample card, I went right out and bought the full size if Firebird as it is such a great colour, and formula, and also very affordable at $28. The packaging is cool, something a bit different from the standard black. I absolutely love this lippy and I am sure I will end up with more, although right now I am so in love with Firebird that I am wearing it almost every day.
I own Ravenswood (a Rosey mauve) and Naked (a pinky nude), both in the cream formula. These are incredibly comfortable on the lips and the wear time is good for a creamy lipstick. I'll be honest and say that I am no spring chicken, but these do not enhance any of those fine lines on my lips. The traditional bullet shaped lipstick is housed in a glossy gun metal grey case, with a gold rim around the bottom. To me the colours slightly jar, but that's just my personal taste. The casing is lightweight plastic, but still sturdy. Considering the quality of these lipstick the $28 price tag represents great value. With 6 different formulas and 100 shades, these are well worth a look! Highly recommend.
Love love love this urban decay vice lipsticks! I have 4 different shades now and my collection is growing. Stays for most the the day and pigment is incrediable. Not streaky and ultra smooh
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick is a new product, it is available in 100 shades and they are a true competitor of MAC lippies with the friction of price. I own the shade Menance in matte comfort, it is bright pink colour. I bought online at Mecca's website because UD is not available in Canberra. I saw the swatches online and decided to buy it. But when it arrives, the shade was way darker than my expectation. Still I love it and keep it for special occasions, as being too bright, I can not use it everyday.  Urban Decay Vice Lipstick comes in a sleek metal packing which looks pretty. There is 3.4 gram product inside which is more than MAC lipstick. The lipstick is almost fragrance free which is great for sensitive lips. It is highly pigmented, only one swipe is enough to show intense colour.  The formula is matte but creamy and glides smoothly on my lips. It is full coverage lipstick and one swipe covers my lips perfectly.  It is truly a comfortable matte and does not accentuate dry areas on my lips This lipstick lasts for a long time on my lips, it does transfer a little bit, but still stays for more than 7 hours with eating and drinking. Upon disappearing, it leaves a pretty pigmented stain on my lips. Even at the end of the day, I need to remove it with make up remover. Overall, I love Urban Decay Vice lipstick, this is one of the best lipsticks I have ever tried. I highly recommend it for those who are looking for a long lasting lipstick. The only dislike is its availability, you can only buy it on selected Mecca store.
These are amazing lipsticks, if you haven't tried them you need to race out and get some now. For only $28 they are an absolute bargain, they're easily as good as high end lipsticks that cost over $50. With a range of finishes and 100 shades to select from there is something for everything. My favourite formula is Creamy Matte. It's matte and long lasting without being drying or making my lips feel and look drier than the Sahara. I get opaque coverage with one layer and it lasts at least six hours even when I've been eating or drinking. My favourite shade is Backtalk, it's the perfect everyday colour for pale skinned, cool toned people. The Sheer formula is amazing too, it gives a nice wash of colour and feels like a lip balm. I often use the sheer ones in place of lip balm. They also look great layered over matte lipstick. So what are you waiting for, run out and get some now!