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Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice EDP is a playful, musky fragrance. Sexy, yet comforting, the floriental scent is balanced between the warmth of hot pink pepper and the elegance of a floral bouquet of violet, ylang ylang and black rose that has a naughty feminism that enlivens the senses.

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Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice EDP


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I got this as a gift and I loved the look of the bottle. it defitnatly had the magical potion vibe in terms of the looks but the smell was not what I liked. it is a strong whiff of musky. It's very heavy on the nose. It reminds me of those old ladies from the Pin Up era. This is not for anyone who likes something light and refreshing...this is the in your face can't breath scent.
I received this perfume as a gift several years ago and at first I wasn't sure if I would like it.  I was not familiar with the brand at all and I did not know what type of fragrance it was.   I thought the bottle was quite interesting and I wasn't sure what the name "Naughty Alice" meant.  When I sprayed the perfume I was actually quite impressed by how nice the fragrance was! It was a powdery, floral, musky scent and quite feminine.  It wasn't as crazy and out there as I had expected which exceeded my expectations.  Some of the main notes are violet, black rose and ylang-ylang.  Each note was balanced by the other and one wasn't stronger than the other.  I liked to use it as an everyday scent but even though it was an EDP I found that it didn't last that long which was disappointing but I still liked to wear it.
Vivienne Westwood....the answer to the question, "If Alexander McQueen (RIP) had a female equivalent,who would she be ? ".Yep,both are / were Brittish,both are/ were designers that took  fashion to a grungy level and made it cool,and both were / are a little naughty (i had high hopes that Vivienne's designs would translate to her fragrances....perhaps at almost 80,she has dialed down her Sex Pistols punkness and gone all "Nanna-esque" ) In Vivienne's mind,the beloved character "Alice" in the story of "Alice in Wonderland" had the potential to be a little naughty herself...and this fragrance offering was her interpretation of what "Naughty Alice" would be like. Firstly,the packaging (as it is a must mention) is a lot more "pretty" than naughty...heavy looking cut glass,gold  / ball shaped lid with black lettering and the signature VW orb - like logo.The real clincher is the inclusion of a dainty little gold bracelet with a "certain jewellery brand shade of blue" heart charm embossed with the same orb style logo on it.Delicately wrapped around the neck of the bottle,this wearable inclusion sets the fragrance apart from most in the packaging is a cute addition to this fragrance,and it really does hint at the more "nice than naughty" juice inside. So,about that scent...Naughty Alice is sexy (in an unassuming type of way..not "in your face" at all) and musky, yet comforting like a hug. It starts off with top notes of Black Rose,continues on to a heart of Ylang Ylang,and finishes with base notes of carnal violet.I also got some rather powdery notes in there...the violet would have helped that,so as far as being "naughty",i didn't feel it (it is described as a floriental fragrance, and whilst the Ylang Ylang and musk MAY be the oriental offerings in here,it really is lost somewhere down the rabbit hole that is the violet and powdery notes). OK,so Alice is more "didn't say thank you at the tea party" to the Chesire cat naughty than "Let's have a puff of that Hookah pipe" bad,but what of the longevity of this ? Well,dear reader,it will see you through a good 4-5 hours,but it is very soft to begin with and wears down to a more at home at aforementioned tea party than a hot night out. So all in all,i actually DO quite like this (although only enough to have bought the 30ml size...if i were to spend $95 or thereabouts on a scent,i want something a lot more "me"),and wear it to work at times,but would recommend it as a fragrance to give to an older teen as a gift than a woman looking for a signature scent (a woman can play many roles in her day to day life,but i think a time comes when that woman is more "let's re-enact that scene from 50 shades" kind of naughty than "let's play hopscotch on the driveway and mark out the pattern with chalk,even though we were told NO" disobedient...this perfume is absolutely the later. TIP:This may be a "good girl" floriental scent,BUT you can "Naughty " it up.Mix with a touch of patchouli and / or leather based fragrance to add a "bad girl" sexiness to it (and make it truly a bespoke scent)
Absolutely love the bottle and it's promise of fun and adventure. Having always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland I wondered what was in store for me. I must say I adored this when I smelt it in the store, more so then when I got it home. It's not by any means a delicate fragrance. It is quite heavy, so if you're after something light it's probably not for you. It's heavy on the floral and not as young and girly as one would expect from the packaging. I keep this one for occasions when I don't mind a heavier fragrance, and honestly, I love having it on my shelf. I'd recommend this one to those that love a perfume with lasting power and enjoy a heady floral.
The only thing I ever knew about Vivienne Westwood was her clothing designs.  They were always a bit out there and unconventional. Her perfume bottle wasn't as outlandish as her designs but was rather quite simple.  Even the cheeky name Naughty Alice gave me the impression it would be daring and out of the ordinary.  However, never judge a perfume by it's bottle.  I underestimated how great it would smell.  I would describe it as being powdery and floral which matched the chemistry of my skin very well.  I smelled vanilla every time I would spray it but the odd part was that vanilla wasn't even one of the notes in the fragrance.  It might have been the Ylang-Ylang which is a bit on the sweet side.  I would've never picked this up in a million years, as I tend to be stuck in my ways and stick with what I know, but I'm glad I decided to venture out.  Going out of your comfort zone can definitely surprise you!
Will make you feel like you fell down a rabbit hole, into the magical world of Dame Viv. There's a lot to adore - from the so-sweet iconic charm to the too-pretty fragrance that hints at fun times.