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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation is a waterproof and transfer-resistant liquid foundation that provides a full coverage without the need for touch-ups. The oil-free formula works to keep the complexion shine-free, while the matte finish minimises the appearance of pores, leaving skin looking flawless and smooth.

Available in 22 shades.

"The foundation to have in your beauty kit when you want to come home from a long night looking as good as you did when you left."
Carli Alman
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation


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YSL All Hours Foundation

I recently received a number of one use samples of this foundation, I kept them in my cupboard to use when I was going out for dinner or somewhere where I wanted to have a nice coverage foundation on. After cleansing my face and applying my skin care and primer I applied this to my skin using a foundation brush and sponge to blend it in. A little goes a long way and I found you have time to blend it well before it dries. You can apply it once over your face for a nice medium coverage but you can also add more to make it a more full coverage. It didn’t go cakey or start to seperate like others have before it stayed nice and hydrated on my skin but with a matte finish. It lasted until I cleansed it off each time I’ve worn it feels like my skin can breathe while wearing it I also like that it has a SPF of 20+ to protect from sun in the daytime.

Perfect foundation

I received some samples sachets of this foundation and boy was I in for a shock. This definitely does what it says, it gives me such a flawless face complexion and lasts all day long. I dont think I've ever seen my face look thia great with foundation on before. My skin is quite sensitive to certain products but this foundation is perfect that I will need to get my hands on the actual bottle!
This foundation definitely deserves a 5 star rating. After using this foundation it’s skyrocketed up to one of my favourites. It does everything it promises. It gives you flawless, poreless and even toned skin. It lasts and lasts through out the day, all without shine and most of all without any caked on look. The shade I have is porcelain B10, I love that it’s a yellow based looking foundation and even though I got this foundation in a shade that’s a little too light it blends seamlessly and doesn’t make me look washed out due to it’s beautiful consistency. It has a very pleasant floral but subtle scent, that adds to its luxury feel on the skin. I love that it doesn’t irritate or make my skin break out in any way and that it doesn’t transfer to clothes or pillows if you choose to have a nap throughout the day. I can’t praise this foundation enough and I think it’s worth the price tag it comes with.  I would recommend this foundation to anyone that wants their skin to look flawless and natural and that loves a more matte look to their skin.
I have this in shade B20 and it is a perfect match on my pale, neutral undertone skin. For reference, I have dehydrated combination skin type and suffered from serious acne in my teens so I need to be careful with the products I use. The annoying combination of dehydrated skin and and oily t-zone is a pain to find a foundation that lasts all day without any problems.  This product has a matte but not flat finish. As a rule, having dryer skin doesn't really go hand in hand with a long lasting matte product but I received this as a prize in a competition and was keen to make it work. When combined with a good moisturiser and/or hydrating primer (the one it goes with works pretty well), this lasts all day on me without problems.  I can't give it 5 stars as it is a little too drying on me to use often as I have other products I can use without having to load up on the hydrating primers etc first. That being said, it is still a fantastic product. My younger sister who is a young teenager struggling with acne uses this more often than I do as it works well for her oilier skin and covers everything without looking cakey. (FYI she only wears it on weekends and for going out, not a school appropriate foundation as it is quite obvious you are wearing makeup with this one!) I would recommend this to anyone with a normal, oily or oily combination skin type looking for a medium - high coverage foundation that will last all day and even into the night.
Ever wanted that doll-like, porcelain skin? Well this foundation is the answer. Not too thick in consistency, this foundation provides about a medium coverage. Fortunately, it is definitely build-able and no matter how much you apply, it never looks or feels cakey. I would describe the finish as a semi-matte, which is perfect for oily/combo skin types however even though I'm more on the drier side, I find it never clings to dry areas or becomes flaky. Trust this to last all night long, especially when using a primer and setting spray. I've worn this clubbing and to events, and it photographs beautifully!. I feel like this is a perfect, reliable foundation for the nights where you KNOW you need to look absolutely flawless and not worry about touch-ups, but at that price point I'd probably go for something else if you're planning for every-day wear!
This foundation is incredible for me. I have combination/oily skin, and have never found a foundation that doesn't end up breaking up. This is truly matte, medium to full coverage, and lasts a solid 12 hours with no touch ups! It doesn't feel heavy or cakey. I apply with a damp beauty blender and set it with a light dusting of translucent powder. The warm shades are also wonderful and don't lean orange! I had no trouble with oxidization. Highly recommend.
Usually high coverage foundations does not work well on my dry skin because it gets patchy on my skin. But this foundation works very well on my skin type. It lasted  12 hours for me and does not dry out around my eye areas or around my nose. It gives my skin a very nice natural finish. Highly recommend!
I love YSL in general and I love the packaging, sleek black fonts with gold embossed YSL logo, frosted glass and a pump is classy and convenient to use. I love the shade range, they have anything from light to dark skin tones and even for cool/warm/neutral undertones. The texture is light, liquidy and one pump is sufficient for my entire face to give me sufficient coverage for my skin to look glowing and flawless but still remain light. Two pumps if I want more coverage and it layers on easily. It does cling to some dry patches so moisturising your skin is very important but it dries down nicely to a matte/satin finish and stays the same throughout the day. My skin feels like I did not wear any makeup and it stays on the skin so I do not need to worry about accidentally rubbing off my foundation when I touch my face. An amazing foundation well worth the price, the only thing I wish is that it does not contain any alcohol. Nevertheless, it did not break my sensitive skin out and looks great. I will definitely continue using it and repurchase again in the future!
I absolutely adored this foundation, such a beautiful finish. This is super easy to use for a great finish, simply smoothon, it glides on beautifully, I like to use a beauty blender sponge, it has a lovely silky satin finish and feels light to wear. This won't go cakey and lasts really well all day without turning oily. My tip is to use a good primer and then a finishing powder on top for a true professional finish. Yves saint laurent is such a luxe high end product and this foundation delivers a flawless hydrating finish. I love this is oil free so no nasty oil slick and I love the luxe packaging it feels like such a treat which it is. It comes in 12 beautiful shades so is easy to colour match to skin and gives a radiant healthy looking glow I love and it even smells divine. I have often received compliments when wearing this, I absolutely love this and highly recommend it.
It's not everyday that I get to spoil myself with something high end but I wanted to splurge on makeup for my birthday and decided to buy the Yves Saint Laurent All Hours foundation.  I tend to have a mix of both drugstore and high end brands and although with some products higher price doesn't always mean better quality but I found that with foundation it can definitely make a HUGE difference.  With the YSL foundation I was able to see it right away. Although I really love this foundation I reserve it for special occasions because the quality of the product is amazing and I would hate to use it up so quickly on just an everyday basis!   First and foremost, I just loved the luxurious packaging! It came in the beautiful, gold coloured boxed with the YSL logo on it.  It came in a beautiful glass, square bottle with a pump to easily dispense the foundation.  The texture and consistency of the foundation was a creamy liquid that wasn't too thick yet not too runny.  It was right in between which meant it was thick enough to get medium/full coverage while covering up imperfections (redness, pigmentation, scars, acne...etc) while also remaining true to its liquid form so it could easily be spread without feeling heavy on the skin or looking caked on.  I applied the foundation all over my face and then added another light layer of foundation for areas that needed more coverage like my cheeks and chin.  What I noticed right away was how easy it blended onto my skin.  The colour matched perfectly and it did not leave any streak marks behind.  As someone with large pores on her cheeks and nose, I was worried that it would make them more noticeable but instead they were practically unnoticeable.  I wasn't even wearing a primer underneath and it managed to make my skin look SOOO good like it was airbrushed!  Even with the full coverage it felt lightweight on my skin meaning that my skin could still breathe and it wouldn't clog my pores.  My skin can also get oily very quickly throughout the day but being that it was oil free my makeup managed to stay on well without looking shiny.  It was described as being a matte foundation but I found that it wasn't really matte per se.  It was more of an in-between, a bit of matte with a bit of sheen, which I thought was even better.  In most cases matte foundation can creep into fine lines and wrinkles and if you have mature skin it can be a huge problem, making them more noticeable.  However, because this wasn't a true matte foundation, it had the best of both worlds.  It kept your skin from looking oily and yet it gave your skin a bit of healthy shine without compromising the overall look.  The longevity of the foundation was great and setting it with a bit of loose powder made it last even longer.  It was everything that I could ever want in a foundation: great coverage, long lasting, no oiliness/shine, lightweight and easy to blend.  Overall, the quality was superb and stood apart from all the other foundations I have tried.  With foundation literally being the "foundation" of your whole makeup look, I think it's important to go for something that will make your skin look flawless.  If your foundation doesn't look good then the rest of your makeup will fail to impress.  With that being said, invest in a long wear, full coverage foundation like this and you'll see that the quality is second to none!
I could not wait to get my hands on this beauty, I even had my sister pick it up in the UK so I could try it ASAP. This is marketed as a full coverage, long wear foundation and I would have to agree, however it is much more of a buildable coverage which is much easier to work with in comparison to some of my other full coverage foundations. This is also NOT a matte finish, finally brands are catching on that matte isn't always better. I love a satin finish but with oily skin I need the long wear and this provides the goods. My one issue is with the colour, I picked up the lightest shade and on first glance it is perfect but the foundation does dry down darker then first application, this is not oxidisation but is a little dark for my pale skin. Overall I am incredibly impressed with this foundation. I have received more compliments about my skin when wearing this foundation then any other foundation I have tried.
I've got a sample of this foundation at the counter and tested it out for 3 days. I have combination to oily skin and this foundation looks great on my skin.  This foundation is very liquidy. It goes on very smooth and easy to blend. I found this foundation gives me s semi matte finish which I really like because I like to have a little bit of glow on my skin. The coverage is medium but you can totally build it up to full coverage. On the first day, I tested it out for a good 8 hours and didn't use any powder. At the end of the day I just got a little bit oily around my nose (I always have this problem with other foundations anyway) while other part remains the same even though I sweat a lot that day. On the second day, I set it with a powder and I'm amazed, it looked like I just applied it, perfectly fine, no oil, no oxidation whatsoever. I would recommend this foundation for people with oily skin. If you have dry skin, make sure to prep your skin properly and use a hydrating primer underneath.  Overall, I think this is a great foundation, high coverage but very light weight, doesn't look cakey on the face, and the lasting power is amazing. The only cons i could think of is maybe the price tag but to be honest it's what you would expect from YSL. So it definitely worth a try if your looking for a new matte long lasting foundation.
The foundation is fantastic. It is very long lasting, it also has a great finish. I barely looks like I'm wearing make-up. I recently went skiing and received terrible wind burn - my entire face was red. This foundation successfully covered it, and lasted through the whole work day. Its expensive, but it works!
I put this product to the test for an all-day function, and I was very happy with the results. The coverage that ‘All Hours’ provides is full (without appearing cakey) and no touchups were required throughout the day. I was particularly happy with how the size of my pores appeared smaller, as I’ve always been self conscious about that.  That’s win for me, and I would definitely recommend! 
This foundation is creamy, and good for oilier skin. I have combination skin and it applied best to the parts of my face which are oilest. On my dry parts it did go a bit flakey, but to be honest, most foundations do! The coverage was very good - medium coverage. The foundation itself was a little dark for me, but I made it work by blending and a lighter powder. It was very long wearing and lasted the 12 hours I wear makeup for on a regular work day. It was a satin matte finish. It applied better with a beauty blender than a brush for me. The bottle looks like the luxury product that it is known to be. The pump was excellent and allowed for precise amounts of product to be dispensed.
This is a really nice foundation if you're looking for super matte high coverage! I have quite oily skin and didn't use a primer and it didn't last on my t-zone for the entire day but with a pore filling primer it was fine! A little bit goes a long way too which is great, especially considering the price point. It's matte but not too cakey. I also quite liked it mixed with something a bit more luminous like it cosmetics cc cream, urban decay naked skin, or with a luminous primer underneath. Definitely a great option for a night out or event!
YSL all hours Foundation is a Fantastic long lasting quality product, the foundation blended easily and smoothly on my face providing a full coverage without appearing caked on or heavy. The pump action bottle allowed me to control the amount of product used, although it is an expensive foundation it would last longer as only a small amount is needed. The foundation stayed looking fresh after being set with light powder for the duration of my day. Highly recommended. I Loved this foundation
This foundation is described as matte, but I found it had more of a satin finish, which I quite liked because it wasn't shiny or flat. It's also has very customisable coverage -- you can sheer it out or build it up to nearly full coverage (it isn't going to completely cover a large breakout for example). I usually don't like fragrance in my makeup, but this had a really nice light fresh scent that I didn't mind at all. I think if you have very, very oily skin you will need to set this, but this wore pretty well on my combo skin on its own. I really like how light this feels on the skin too, as most foundations aimed at oiler skin types tend to be quite heavy. The packaging is great, very sleek (although it is glass, so probably not terribly travel frienfly) and it has a pump which is fantastic! Overall, I really enjoyed this foundation.
Overall, I really enjoy using the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation, using YSL makes me feel luxurious, high fashion and pampered, the packaging is spot on it feels like a less elegant style to the usual YSL products therefore I felt the price point would be a little lower, however this is a very superficially important aspect. I love that it is in a pump dispenser this is my personal favourite when it comes to foundation... however I feel the glass packaging is very heavy and not that practical if needing to travel with the foundation. I do love that it has an SPF of 20 and it doesn't make it greasy or heavy at all. the overall coverage is very nice and the colouring was on point for my yellow based skin tone. the finish of the product is great and gives a dewy finish without being shiny or oily, the matt finish of the product I believe is to probably help the product have longer "wearablity" and durability during the course of the day.. I have to say this would be the only aspect of the foundation I didn't find sold me and would be the only thing that would hold me back from purchasing in the future, which is a shame as its the main selling point of the YSL foundation being "24H Long Wear"... in my personal experience however I found that the product did crease on my eyelids and cause the lines on my forehead to have further lines too, which aged me... I also had a runny nose and even just a small touch to my nose of the tissue completely wiped the foundation off my nose and left a patch in my make up... unfortunately I feel maybe this is the sort of foundation that needs to be used within the whole range, including the matching primer and finishing powder? another feature of the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation that I did love is its "URBAN-PROTECT SKIN" feature which helps protect your skin by enriching it with a skincare complex and also a UV filter which makes it an "active" Foundation to protect the skin against external aggressions leaving the skin to look fresh and smooth. Overall loved the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation its a beautiful product just wish that its "long wear" and full coverage claim held up more with daily wear.
YSL All Hours strikes the perfect balance between full coverage to hide my blemishes, without leaving my skin feeling too heavy or mask-like. It is a great product for day or night.   The liquid foundation is smooth to apply and easy to blend. Over several days, I tried different methods of applying, and found it worked well with either a beauty blender or a foundation brush. I found one pump was enough to cover my entire face for a natural look, due to the relative thickness of the product. However, it is also easy to build several layers without looking ‘cakey’ if you want even more coverage. The matte finish was perfect for my oily-combination skin. It lasted all day, without needing touch-ups, and didn’t become shiny or greasy.   The most important thing was that it worked well with my sensitive skin. Even though it is a full-coverage long-lasting product, it didn’t cause any irritation or breakouts.    The packaging is luxurious from the time you open the product. It comes in a shiny gold box, and the foundation itself comes in an elegant glass pump bottle. I love the striking finish of the black lines across the sides, a very elegant touch!   The price is quite steep, but it is definitely worth it for the high quality of the product. I would definitely recommend it for those with sensitive, oily-combination skin.