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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté La Laque Couture

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté La Laque Couture is a fast drying nail polish with a shiny finish. The long-lasting colour creates an elegant finish on nails and features a chip resistant formula.

Available in 21 shades.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté La Laque Couture


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The beautiful colour got my attention so I bought one home to try. As expected YSL nail polishes never disappoint me, the brush was easy to use without creating a mess. The colour sat nicely on my nails, dries fairly quickly and one coat is all I needed. Absolutely no cons about this product.
This is a stunning high end polish that has gorgeous pigmentation and sine. I was lucky to be given this polish for a friend who adores YSL products and as a polish it is quite addictive, the colour is gorgeous and it's so easy to apply, the wide brush delivers colour in one clean sweep, no streaks or bubbles in sight. It comes in 21 beautiful colours and I just wish I could have them all, so pretty. The container itself is so classy and luxe. This polish will last an entire week without chipping, it smells great and the shimmer it delivers is so pretty. This polish dries really fast and gives a truly professional elegant finish, I absolutely adore it and highly recommend it
It is undeniably an aesthetic and beautiful bottle of nail polish i've ever seen and had to buy it for the brand and the beauty of the colour. It doesn't have a strong scent when applied which i like compared to other brands. The bottle design is sleek and beautiful and i have to say a big reason why i bought it in the first place.  When i first applied the nail polish it was quite thin but had a really nice colour to it a baby pink which didn't stand out to much but was a subtle hint of colour, great for a manicured and clean look. Like other reviews i agree that you need to apply more than one coat for a longer result. It does have a fast drying time which i appreciate and love. Which is great when you need to apply another coat for a longer lasting finish. I love the glistening and shiny nail polish effect it had which provided a subtly yet elegant touch. I did that it didn't chip in the first few days but after some washing and general hand use it does eventually chip by mid week. i do recommend a top coat for a more chip resistant finish.  After using the product for a few months i had perfected the right formula to provide the best result for using the YSL nail polish. I used a base coat, 2 coats of the YSL nail polish and a top coat. As the bottle only holds a very small amount of polish i tried to use only one coat to be able to use for longer however i felt that it didn't provide the best result. Therefore i felt that i could only get a limited supply from the nail polish bottle. The brush is quite delicate and find much finer than other brands great for getting in the sides of the nail and for possible touch ups.  Pros definitely has to be the bottle itself which is aesthically pleasing especially if you have the whole set. It has a quick drying time great for rushes and ability to do two coats in a matter of minutes. The colour is also very beautiful and subtle colours give it a relaxing feel. Has a shiny glistening effect on the nail.  Cons it doesn't really last too long on the nail and does start to chip through everyday use. The price is a bit hefty for such a small amount. Overall i wouldn't specifically recommend this product for everyday use and would only buy it as a treat or gift to someone for the brand name and the beauty of the bottle. Generic nail polish brands definitely have to upper hand in regards to value for quality. and money With the cost of this bottle i could of bought 4 nail polishes which worked better than the YSL. I cannot express the beauty of colour especially if you have the set it works beautifully. 
This polish makes me feel like a mermaid! I love the shimmer element to lift the colour! ... I covered with a "gel" top coat and t made the colour last all week! Perfecto!
While at a YSL counter the other day I also tried out their latest nail polishes. I was looking into buying a high-end nail polish to see how they compared to drugstore brands (and also as a little cheeky treat to myself). I must say I was rather dissappointed. Positively, the colour range is stunning-there is 21 shades and they are all perfect for all year round. However I feel the formula was just rather lacking, I painted my nails (only one coat though mind you so it may last better if you did more than one) and it went on opaque which was good. However after only 2 days it was already starting to chip. It was beautiful for two days though- very nice and shiny without even a top coat however wasn't that impressed with the wear time for it's hefty price. Still beautiful packaging, would be wonderful for display purposes but I still prefer the formula of my drugstore brands like Sally Hansen or Essie...