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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Manifesto EDP

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Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto EDP is a sensual feminine floral fragrance. It features green notes, a bouquet of jasmine and a bold combination of wood, vanilla, and tonka beans.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 30mL and 90mL.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Manifesto EDP


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Manifesto was an instant love. I am not shure why I omitted this fragrance while it was released. I only discoverd it a few months ago. It is such a powerful and feminine scent. It is from the oriental floral group, the focus in on vanilla and floral notes. Jasmine is standing out for me, I can also smell some currants and green notes. The base becomes sweet and powdery. The hourglass shaped bottle is great with the Purple "belt" in the middle. The perfume is extremely long lasting and the sillage is amazing too. It might be suited more for winter than summer, in my opinion. Although I am sure it will smell divine any summer night. The scent is very sexy and sultry. If you like Dior's Addict and Emporio Armani's woody She, you should like Manifesto.
YSL Manifesto Perfume has beautiful glass bottle with purple and golden colour design. I do not have words to explain how much I like it. It has floral and woody smell which is very famine. A small amount goes long way, I do not need to keep spraying many time. It has unbelievable lasting ability and I feel that it last for ever on your clothes until you wash them. I always got complement when I use this perfume. I really really love it and will surely repurchase it. I highly recommend it for everyone.
YSL Manifesto is a soft, fresh, sweet, and alluring scent that oozes a charming sex appeal for a woman. Although a little strong at first sprayed it does softens over time and after using a couple of times a happy medium is easy to find. As it is quite an expensive fragrance I tend to use it more for going out and special occasions rather than everyday wear.  Although I would recommend it there are other fragrances which I would suggest first.
I love this, it smells beautiful and its an essential part of my beauty routine everyday I would love to recommend this to anyone it's worth the money and as I said the smells are amazing !!
This fragrance is a must-have for all women who are seeking that wonderful sexy feel. This fragrance bottle speaks beauty, glamour and style all in one.  I also love how this product comes in different sizes, as one size doesn't always fit the bill for everyone.