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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mon Paris EDP

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mon Paris EDP is a modern and daring floral scent with fruity top notes of red berries and pear balanced by creamy white musks and patchouli.  


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mon Paris EDP


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Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris

I recently received a trial sized spray vial of the Yves Saint Laurant Mon Paris. It's not a perfume I was familiar with, but I'm always happy to try a different fragrance. The perfume has notes of bergamot, raspberry, strawberry and pear. Middle notes of peony, jasmine, datura and patchouli. Musk grounds this perfume. Upon first spritz I am welcomed with a burst of tangy juicy berries blended beautifully with the jasmine notes. It's on drydown that I detect the rich patchouli and musk, which gives the fragrance some depth and longevity. I adore this perfume. It's sweet, but I find that there is enough depth to prevent it from becoming cloyingly so. The fragrance is fun and flirty and I can imagine walking barefoot in cool grass on a warm afternoon with cocktail in hand. If you're young or young at heart then Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris is for you!

Sour sweet

Soapy floral (white flowers and peony) opening and mid, sour (citrus notes) and sweet (berries) all trough. Very strong at first (half hourish). Zingy sharp opening of berry soapy flower mix. Then settles down quite fast (after 3 hours cant detect it) and after 6 hours I can not detect any of it when placing my nose where I have sprayed directly. Not a very long lasting scent . Fun it is and playful. Bit generic for me personally. And very synthetic. Which is fine. Just base is not well made, perhaps that is why longevity is bad. Projects at first well, then it is gone.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mon Paris EDP

I received a mini size bottle of the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Mon Paris EDP and also a travel/purse size as a gift. This is usually my type of perfume as it is floral sweet it is the most beautiful soft musk paired with intense patchouli and so appealing to my nose and senses. The box the perfume comes in is pink gold and black, so pretty and feminine the perfume comes in a beautiful glass bottle that shows cases the beautiful pink perfume and wrapped around the lid is a elegant loose black bow tie with a gold clasp. * Top Notes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Bergamot essence, Calone. * Middle Notes: Pear flesh, Orange flower absolute, Jasmin Sambac absolute, White Peony, Datura Olfactory Family: White Chypre. * Base Notes: White Chypre, Chypre / Patchouli.

Gorgeous floral, so sophisticated

Love love love this fragrance. I can’t speak highly enough of it. I received it as a lovely gift and have been wearing it ever since. It has become my favourite perfume. It’s feminine and floral with musky notes and patchouli, so pretty. It’s perfect for day or night and the bottle with black bow is so pretty, perfect for putting on display. This is a seriously gorgeous perfume I highly recommend buying, it will always be in my collection. If you haven’t tried this I recommend you do, it’s sophisticated and divine Just beautiful.

A must have

I don’t even know where to start with describing this amazing fragrance. It’s sweet and feminine with musk and patchouli, fruity and all around delicious. Usually I find the sweet fruity fragrances more suitable for younger people but as someone in their late 30’s I very much love and wear Mon Paris. YSL have somehow found the balance making it appropriate for all ages. As with all other YSL perfumes it’s quite strong so use sparingly.
Sweet fruity floral. My kind of scent when I want to be cheeky and playful. Can be strong and  overpowering so go light with it, to discover  sweet and juicy berry tones and everything sweet afterwards. Lasts on clothing for day or two. On my skin for the day, 5-6 hours. It is more suited I think to younger girls, but I still love it at my mid ages as I do love sweet fruity things. It is one of those happy scents that just bring joy and playfulness.
I lovvveee this perfume!! Not only does it look gorgeous on your beauty stand with its little bow  but it has nice floral scents but is not too girly , it is strong. It stays on for ages too! I feel like this is an ageless perfume from young to old.
This is such a beautiful perfume! It is light and fresh with a nice floral scent. The floral part of the perfume is not too overpowering and is lovely for day time no matter what the season. I often get compliments when I wear this perfume! The bottle is also so beautiful!
This is a soft and fruity feminine fragrance which has a slight hint of floral notes. I think that's what I love about this classic scent. I wear this anytime I want to wear a fragrance that says Wow! It only use 2-3 sprays and that's enough to last the entire day for me. This fragrance comes in a beautiful heavy glass bottle with a little bow on it. It looks pretty and would make a great gift for women of all ages. It's a fresh and feminine fragrance without being overpowering or heavy. Perfect for all year round.
My absolute favourite perfume, sexy, sophisticated and oh-so-feminine!  Comes in a lovely faceted heavy bottle with a cute little bow decal.  I love how this lasts on my skin, it always mutes down to a sweet, soft floral by day end and I get many compliments when wearing this one, more so than any other perfume I own (and that is very many!).  Gorgeous fragrance for all ages, definitely a winner in my perfume wardrobe.  I love to spray it on the back of my neck so my hair covers it and when my hair moves I get a waft of that gorgeous scent.
I first fell in love with this fragrance when I sprayed it at the department store while shopping and then I had to purchase myself a bottle!  I thought the bottle was so cute and I loved the black ribbon in the front.  It reminded me a lot of the shirt that I had at home.  The liquid was a pretty pink colour and the fragrance was so captivating and feminine.  It was sweet and fruity but had some floral notes to it as well which helped balance out the fragrance.  It's a scent that can be worn by both young and old women and it's a great fragrance to wear all year round.  It is an Eau De Parfum which means it's more concentrated and it lasts a lot longer than toilette.  I remember spraying the perfume and a couple of hours later I had a lady ask me what I was wearing.  I was surprised she could still smell the fragrance but nevertheless it had great staying power.