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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Pur Couture

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Pur Couture is a lipstick with medium to full coverage and a radiant, satin finish. The lipstick uses Coloreveal technology to provide a stay-true colour, and contains natural extracts for long-lasting moisture. Contains SPF 15 sun protection.

Available in 27 shades.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Pur Couture


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Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick - 1966 - Rouge Libre

This lipstick is a red/orange lipstick lovers bestfriend! I love this because it’s in between both but is more deeper red. Beautiful wind up gold squared lipstick case with classic black YSL logo protecting the lipstick. The lipstick has a sweet scent, it effortlessly coats my lips with a medium build of lipstick but can easily glide back over for a full solid finish. The lipstick finishes in satin, it gives my lips a boost of hydration as if I’ve applied a nourishing lip treatment. The lipstick colour and moisture lasts on my lips for the duration of wear. I am quite a messy eater and drinker and it lasts well on my during eating and drinking and only need a little touch up. I love my YSL lippies and highly recommend them.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick

The YSL Rouge Pur Couture looks as luxurious as it sounds. Coming in a selection of reds, fuchsia and orange these lipsticks contain natural extracts to nourish, whilst the coloreveal technology ensures saturation of colour. SPF of 15+ is also part of the formula. The bullet lipsticks are packaged in a beautiful gold case. The fragrance is a soft pleasant floral that doesn't add flavour. I have the shade Le Rouge, which is an orange toned red and is a flattering shade with my olive light/medium skin. The creamy lipstick formula makes for an easy and smooth application. Pigmented colour is deposited on the lips and this shade has a slightly glossy finish. For a lipstick that is not transfer proof, it has decent lasting power. The YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick does not disappoint. It comes at a luxurious price, but the formula is just as beautiful as the packaging. Colour, comfort and longevity!
With a combination of gorgeous packaging plus a range of pigmented colours, the YSL rouge couture lipstick will definitely exceed your expectations.  It comes in a gorgeous, gold coloured tube that looks so elegant and rich. I had this in the classic red colour which is a colour that never goes out of style.  The lipstick applied so beautifully.  It was so smooth and creamy and it had a satin finish which wasn't too shiny yet not matte.  The formula was great as it didn't dry out my lips which can be a drawback with some lipsticks.  What I also really liked was that it had SPF! Most of us tend to forget that our lips need SPF as well so it's important to keep it protected.  However many lip products don't contain SPF and I was very pleased that YSL did! It's not a lipstick I normally wear during the day but on special occasions or formal events I like to wear this lipstick as it completes my whole makeup look. The colour lasts for the majority of the day and I don't have any issues with the colour bleeding or fading.
Product Description: The must-have for the perfect matte lip look. Rich, creamy formula is infused with a velvet complex for a luxuriously smooth application, and jojoba oil for long lasting comfort. Intense color pigments for a vibrant touch of color that lasts. Formulated with Velvet Complex, a combination of spherical powders and silk oil, Rouge Pur Couture The Mats gives the lips a perfect matte finish, a sensual sheen and a 6-hour color hold that never faces or smudges. Application: Apply lipstick from the center of the lips and work towards the corners of the mouth. To improve lipstick wear, apply Touche Éclat to the lip contour. My Experience with YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick No. 204 Rouge Scandal: Ever since YSL introduced the “Mats” range in their line-up, it has totally changed the definition of matte in the beauty industry. They made us realize that in addition to being beautiful, mattes can also be so very comfortable. Today, I will be reviewing the shade 204 “Rouge Scandal,” the most Scandalous Red Matte lipstick they have. Packaging:  Gorgeous, Luxury, Glorified!! A beautiful golden case, on which the YSL logo is etched; it does carry some weight around. The shade name is written at the bottom of the case and the prominent edged bullet is present inside. Shade:  One of the best reds present in the market today; the mixture of colors in this lipstick is so gorgeous; I find myself at a loss of words. It is a beautiful blood red – deep, dark, cold, very cold. Pigmentation:  Hundred percent pigmentation in one swipe; you have to go real carefully with this one; handle it with care, lest it may bite!! Yes literally, reds are one of the most difficult shades to apply; and this one is the same. A small mistake; and it may totally ruin your otherwise flawless makeup. Texture:  A smooth, velvety texture with a matte finish.  It’s a joy to apply this on your lips, goes very smooth without tugs and pulls; when you know the end result is going to be matte. Lip preparation is necessary. Although it is not as drying as some other mattes, in fact, I may even call it a moisturizing matte. Still, a Matte is a Matte is a Matte!! It will accentuate your dry lips after some time, to a certain degree. Staying Power:  It lasts, yes sir, it does! It lasts well beyond the 6 hours claimed by the brand; and then leaves a beautiful stain behind. In fact you get quite a decent life span out of this lipstick. Pros of YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick No. 204 Rouge Scandal:Comfortable, velvety, matte.Love the fragrance.Luxurious packaging.Bold, dark, blood red.One hundred per cent pigmentation in one swipe.Lasts 6-8 hours, leaving behind a deep stain.No bleeding or feathering.Goes on very smoothly on the lips.Cons of YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick No. 204 Rouge  Rating: 5/5 Would I Recommend YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick No. 204 Rouge Scandal? Yes, definitely. Just keep in mind a few rules for achieving an elegant makeup look for red lipsticks. A matte red lipstick is quite preferable over a sheer and shiny one and of course, if you are less comfortable, you may start out with the sheer ones as well. Keep your makeup neutral, natural, and flawless. Give most attention to your red lipstick application. 
I honestly love these lipsticks. The matte formulas are literally to die for, it lasts all night even after drinking a few cocktails! (BONUS). The creamier formulas don't last as long as the mattes but they are so beautiful and hydrating on the lips. These lipsticks have the trademark ysl smell to them but this disappears when on the lips. My favourite part of these lipsticks is the range of colours, they are all absolutely stunning from nudes to brights! I would definitely recommend the splurge on this product!
The creator of exceptional lip products this lipstick from YSL is simply stunning. Smooth, rich and highly pigmented colour in the signature lux gold packaging, it also wears comfortably during the day. I’ve found the formula to be hydrating and the finish is one with a beautiful soft shine. It is quite long wearing, doesn’t dry out lips or fade and the colour range is phenomenal with some gorgeous unique shades. My personal favourites are 02 and 17.
I love lipstick. I am a little lipstick mad. This was one of my splurge purchases and I don't regret it at all. I purchased this product in Le Rouge and it is beautiful. Application is easy and smooth on the lips and it is very true to colour. You don't need to re-coat as coverage is wonderful. It doesn't bleed after hours of wear like some lipsticks do. I also find I don't have to re-apply until the evening if I use during the day or not at all if just for a dinner or shorter evening out. I highly recommend this product for people looking for a nice sheen, colour stay lipstick and don't mind the splurge,
Rouge Pur Couture is a classic lipstick from YSL in the most elegant and luxurious packaging ever. It’s gold, it’s heavy and it screams expensive. I’ve got it in 01 which is the most incredible shade of classic red ( blue toned, won’t make your teeth look yellow). What I adore about this lipstick is its scent. This is how an expensive lipstick should smell. It’s addictive. It does linger on the lips for a while so those who don’t like fragrant lipsticks won’t be happy.  I love it ( Estee Lauder Modern Muse La Rouge smells in a similar way) The colour payoff is incredible. This is such a pigmented lipstick. One sweep and your lips are covered with the opaque red. It glides on effortlessly, but I do recommend a lip liner with this one. The lips look nourished and healthy. There is a slight shine to them too. The lipstick feels hydrating and very comfortable on the lips. It might not be the most long lasting lipstick on the planet, but the colour last up to a couple of hours and when it disappears from the lips it does it evenly. Plus it gives our lips a good stain too that looks pretty.
This lipstick is so beautiful, I have it sitting out on the dresser so that I can look at it! This lipstick is simply divine! Let's just have a chat about the casing to begin with. The casing is shiny and gold, and has a seriously luxe feel to it, with YSL etched on one side. This also quite solid, but on the downside, it can attract a lot of fingerprints, not least because you'll feel the need to touch it all the time! This glides onto the lips easily, and is incredibly creamy and moisturising. It also has a lot of staying power, despite the fact that it has a satin finish, and as such, you don't have to touch up your lipstick too often - great for those of us who are constantly eating! If you're looking to treat yourself to something that's a little expensive, and worth your while, then this is the right one for you!
The luxe look of this lipstick alone would be enough to tempt me to indulge! I have been buying YSL lipsticks for a few years now though, simply because they seem to really have a formula that works. This particular lipstick is great for everyday use. It's goes on smoothl and stays put even through the morning coffee commute, and has a nice, even finish for colour and sheen. It doesn't bleed like some lippies, and it doesn't dry my lips out at the end of the day either.  I love that  it has an SPF too; so important in Qld.  I do find that it goes a bit soft; I'd recommend keeping it in the fridge in summer and don't leave it in the car! I use it with a lipliner and brush if I'm going out for the evening just to give it a great finish.
I love this lipstick! The best thing is it stays put all day and has a beautiful glossy look, which keeps my lips feeling hydrated and smooth. I only reapply after lunch, and then my lips are good to go for the rest of the day!