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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain is a lip stain that combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the long wear of a stain. The lightweight texture melts onto lips to deliver intense glossy colour with long-lasting shine. Free from parabens and phthalates.

Available in 37 shades.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain


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The colour and applicator are amazing!

I have this lipstick in 3 shades and I LOVE THEM! The red is a gorgeous metallic red, and I have a deep plum with gold metallic undertones. They are a beautiful matte colour, and last very well! I was initially apprehensive about the applicator but it’s so easy to use. The angle brush helps with lining the lips, and the flat end makes for quick and easy application of the rest. The smell and texture is perfect and I love the gold metal lid. The price point is moderate to high, but worth it for a quality product. Very happy with the product!
I first purchased one of these stains about a year ago on an impulse buy - naughty - but Ive never ever looked back. The Glossy Stain comes in a beautiful gold top with the YSL logo on the top. It clicks out and then your left with a lovely end tip to stain and cover your lips. (A doe-foot application which helps with perfect application). I love this as I can apply to my lips and cupids bow preciscely! The size of the container is perfect to keep in your handbag and carry around. Plus on the side of the container you can see the colour and see how much is left in the product, so you know before opening which one your using! The lip stain applies smoothly and easily over your lips- applying inside the lines and never looking dry or cracking into lines or dry bits! The best way in which I would descirbe this product is in between a long wearing lipstick and a lip gloss- yes a lip stain, but it really stains your lips. The colour initally applies very vibrant - I would call it a medium colouring which can feel slightly sticky but then it gradually fades into a satin almost matte finish. However, it still looks super shinny and fades during wear over the day leaving your lips with a tint. The pigmentation of this product is unlike no other- it lasts through food, kissing, and day to day activities. Untill at the end of the day Im still left with a slight tint to my lips. The glossy stain wont dry your lips out which I was worried about- the product is a long wearing stain but unlike others Ive tried there is nothing to fear about drying and feathering lips. However if you have extrememely dry lips Id probably put gloss on or a balm first and let it dry before applying this product. In terms of removing the product - I dont have any problems- it comes off with soap and water or a good make up removal product. The only negative to this product I have found is the smell- like a few other reviewers, Im not a fan, its very strong, it does fade but I dont like it. Its really heavily perfumed and it doesnt really need that to be honest. Overall this is my favourite lip product ever- its expensive but its pretty, lives up to its claims, and lasts forever! I now have three- I think its perfect for middle 20s to late 30s as it is pretty and shinny but still long lasting without lookng like your 16
The formula of YSL lipsticks and lip glosses are top quality but this glossy stain is faultless. It has a lightweight texture which dries onto my lip without giving my lips cracks and most important the gloss is non-sticky. The colour is very pigmented and does last for the whole day. 10/10.
I am such a fan of this formula! I love that it has a glossy finish and almost leaves a lovely hydrating/nourishing film on the lips. The film almost is like a barrier to protect the lips from drying out but is not sticky at the same time! I had the shade 105 and it’s a lovely almost coral pink which is probably my favourite shade for the lips. Not long after applying it stains the lips so even when the gloss rubs off during the day your lips are still tinted. I first decided to try this formula after trying the L’Oréal Caresse lip stains and it almost the same, except they are now discontinued so I tried the YSL version instead. It’s quite expensive and I don’t think I’m going to go out and buy every colour but I would definitely consider buying more in the future. I just love the feel of it on my lips- I hate anything drying so these are a win for me.
I got this as my birthday present and I have the color 49 Fuchsia Filtre. The color is a gorgeous, vivid fuchsia pink that instantly brightens up the complexion. I love the texture of it because it feels light on the lips and gives a creamy, shine finish. The color that I had stained my lips immediately when applied and it leaves a bright pink stain even when the gloss has faded. I love the staining effect because my lips still look pretty and naturally pink even after the product has worn off. It also does not wear off patchy. I love using it to create a natural gradient lips, it is so pigmented so just a dot in the center of the lips smooth out allows me to create a gradient lip look easily. It sticks to the skin rather well and does not slip or slide off. It does not dry off my dry lips or accentuate dry patches so I am really grateful for that! YSL have really great quality lip products and their packaging! They just make me feel like a princess with such classy and gorgeous packaging.
These lip products are the most amazing lip products i have come across ! One of my favourite brands when it comes to lippies. They come in all sorts of colours which i like. The texture of the product is very smooth and the applicator is soft so it helps to apply product onto lips perfectly. It doesn't really have a scent so i can't say much there. After using this products many times I was in love with it, just the colours and quality wise was what i was looking for in a product. AAnd it does help tie my makeup looks together as well as nourish my lips ! The pros is that it does not dry out my lips !
I as a Makeup Artist have been a HUGE fan of YSL for many years. Their product lines have always been so advanced and unique. The Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain is a stunning option for your lips. The packaging alone will make you want to apply this in public.  The stain is really a stain the bas colour will stay on you lips for many hours so no need to constantly re apply. It also applies beautifully, it has a silky feel to it, then dries to a matte type stain.  These stains use well applied over a lipstick also. I have even used one as a light tint on the cheek.  YSL continues to inspire with this product. A great range of colours available and a tint for all skin tones. This would be a great product for anyone who like a long stay lipstick colour.  I have used the ones I had e selected for several months now and they are still working as well as the first day.  They are also the perfect gift. 
What a gorgeous lip product from an iconic french brand. I won this in a competition, yay lucky me, and it was just perfect timing as I needed to look really good for a job interview I had that same week. I got a beautiful peach colour, really good for the professional yet casual stylish look I was aiming for. I applied my ysl foundation, that new ink fusion one, a touch of eye liner and mascara and some paw paw on my lips, letting it soak in for 5 minutes before wiping off the excess and swiping on two coats of this gloss, blotting in between each coat. It felt lovely on my lips, very glossy and thick yet not sticky or runny. The peach colour just made me glow, it brightened up my whole face and the tube itself is pretty and practical. I only needed one touch up the entire day and my lips stayed soft and smooth the entire time, no hint of flakiness or dryness. My one tiny fault is the price, but since I won it, it's a very minor fault and I would consider buying it again in a different colour when I finish this one. All in all, a beautiful lip product that lights up your whole face and finishes your entire look flawlessly.
Summary: High quality lip gloss and stain with superb formula, packaging, and shade range. I own the shade peche cerra cola. It's a gorgeous light peachy colour with a milky quality to it. When I apply it, it goes on opaque in one pass, which speaks of it's quality. The formula itself is a thick, yet lightweight, gloss. It is sticky, but not so much that your lips stick together or your hair gets stuck in it. I think the stickiness lends to it being so long-wearing. For me, the gloss lasts 3 to 4 hours, which is incredible, and is far longer than any other gloss I've tried. The gloss is really comfortable to wear - it hydrates my lips and I don't even feel that it is there. After the gloss wears off, I'm left with a pretty coral stain on my lips. The stain is even, and lasts the rest of the day, even through eating and drinking until I take my makeup off at 6pm. That is really impressive because I am constantly drinking water all day - so the fact that it doesn't budge through that gets an A+ from me. The stain also doesn't transfer like lipstick does - which means that I can safely drink from my water bottle without getting lipstick smudged all it and all over my teeth! The stain doesn't dry out my lips, which is a huge problem for me with traditional lip stains, so I really like that I can get the look of a stain without having  gross, wrinkly, dried-up lips.  I also really love the packaging - the gold cap is luxurious, and the casing is light weight. The casing is light weight because it's made out of plastic, which I know a few bloggers didn't like, but personally I really like it because it doesn't add any weight to my handbag. There's nothing worse than getting shoulder pains from carrying too much weight in your handbag (which I have definitely experienced before!). I haven't had any issues with the gold on the cap or the text on the packaging rubbing off, which has happened to me before with other makeup items. I also really like the clear window in the casing - for one it enables me to see what colour it is without having to flip it over and read the shade number, and two, it allows me to see how much gloss is left in the casing.  The applicator wand itself is a tear-drop shape, which means that you can quickly cover a large amount of lip with the round part, and also get concise lines with the pointed end. The texture of it is almost fuzzy, which enables it to pick up and deposit the right amount of product. Because the texture is fuzzy, it's also soft on the lips - which is an unexpected bonus! All in all, this is very much worth the price. Even single aspect of it - from the formula, to the packaging, to the applicator, has been extremely well thought out and developed. This is a very high quality gloss and I will repurchase it when I run out.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this product! Not only is the colour and feel something to lust over but the combination of the gloss and stains gives you a perfect long lasting finish!  Also, it looks super cute in your make-up bag :)
My favourite lip gloss! It's so light on my lips and makes me feel like a million dollars
One of my favourites in the glossy stain hybrid category this product combines the best of both worlds. I love the lightweight non-drying texture of this product which wears comfortably throughout the day. The specially shaped applicator delivers rich glossy colour with precise application on the lips. The product is long wearing and leaves behind a beautiful stain on the lips which has the "my lips but better" effect.