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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Volupte Shine

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Volupte Shine is a moisture rich lipstick with a luminous shine finish. The formula contains hyaluronic acid microspheres to seal in moisture for eight hours of hydration, and antioxidants and emollients to condition and soften lips.

Available in 24 shades.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Volupte Shine


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I could not walk past the gorgeous packaging this lipstick is presented in - its enchanting it cries out old world elegance its sexy and a true must have. The actual product just confirms what you're paying for, the lipstick is soft, moisturizing and perfect. There are no problems with sickly scent or any aggravation of my sensitive skin. You need to reapply regularly but I am happy to pull out this gorgeous treat throughout the day to touch-up and admire my lovely purchase.
This is the first luxury lipstick that I've been wanting since I first started watching YouTube and YouTubers were raving about it. The packaging is gorgeous and classy with gold tube body and silver YSL logo in the center. I got the bright warm red and it glides on the lips so smoothly! I love the formula that feels like a gel. It gives the lips a lovely wash of colour without being too overwhelming. The shine finish leaves my lips looking plump and juicy and feels moisturising on my dry lips. Do keep in mind that these Volupte Shine lipsticks are rather sheer so if you are not a fan of sheer, high shine finish lipsticks then you won't like it. If you are a fan, then I personally think these are gorgeous, comfortable to wear, lovely to carry around for touch ups. I really wish that the price is more affordable so that I can get all the products in the range but I'd say the product is worth the price you are paying for. I'm definitely eyeing other colours and I'd want more of them in the future when I can afford more of them.
This lipstick is made with an incredible formula - ultra creamy and hydrating. It doesn't dry my lips out at all, and is highly pigmented so I will usually only wear one layer. If I use a liner underneath it, then the lipstick will last me all day despite eating and drinking, although it does start to fade a little and look a little more sheer. It has a shiny finish and feels soft and smooth on my lips. I'm a huge fan of the reds in this line, they're very bright and pretty but not too intense so I still feel okay wearing them during the day. Plus, the packaging makes this product feel even more luxurious!
Super soft and buttery formula that packs a punch in pigment! It's like a super moisturising lip balm with the true pigment of a lipstick. Leaves a beautiful, long-lasting stain behind when worn off which I was surprised with. Initially applied, it provides a lot of shine and slip. You can blot your lips with a tissue if you want to remove some of the shine. They have a nice, inoffensive sweet/fruity scent and taste. Packaging has a weight to it and definitely feels expensive. Doesn't sink into or empasise lip lines. Really even coverage and makes lips appear plumper.
YSL has created the most amazing lipstick in Rouge Volupte Shine. On first impressions, the packaging is beautiful. It's covered in YSL's logo and is gold all around. It's perhaps one of the most stunning packaging for a lipstick I've ever seen. It screams timeless elegance to me. The lipstick glides on my lips so easily and effortlessly. The colour looks amazing and it instantly glams up my face. The formulae also feels really moisturising which is great because one of the negatives of lipsticks is that they can be very drying and that never looks good. The colour stays on my lips from 7am in the morning until 7pm when I finish my day so it's safe to conclude that Rouge Volupte Shine is long lasting. This definitely is one of the lipsticks that will stand the times and will be used by our future generations because it's that wonderful.
Rouge Volupte Shine is an extraordinarily beautiful lipstick that doubles as both rouge for lips and a pretty lip gloss. This long lasting lipstick feels soft and smooth upon application, and the best bit is that eight hours later your lips still feel soft and smooth ... except the glossy sheen has worn off by then! Available in 9 gorgeous hues in Australia, you can choose from pink, coral and brown shades to compliment every look. While I do not generally encourage people to eat their lipstick, I must admit that Rouge Volupt Shine tastes sooooo delicious! The mango taste and tropical scent takes me to a sunny place of paradise. This lovely lipstick glides over the lips and lasts for hours before a touch-up is required and even as the colour does fade, the hydration lasts. Rouge Volupte Shine is enriched with microspheres of hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extracts, emollients and anti-oxidants to hydrate lips and protect the skin from damage. Candelila resin gives the lipstick shine and a hint of glimmer. Packaged in a beautiful metallic gold lipstick godet which has the signature YSL logo embossed, this lipstick not only looks luxurious from first sight, it is luxury! With the flick of a wrist, the clasp clicks open and shut.
Wow is all I can say!!  What an amazing explosion of colour for your lips.  The case is also sublime and you will be forever getting it out of your bag to show your friends.  The colours are just gorgeous, so shiny and rich in colour, your lips will look gorgeous for hours!!
I've been eyeing the YSL lipsticks for as long as I can remember - must've been all those Youtube video's I've been watching and not to mention the beautiful packaging!! I finally took the plunge a couple of months ago and I must say, I was a little disappointed with the product! The packaging sure does makes up for the lack of formula for the product! The lipstick had a fruity scent to it which, after a while, became very annoying! It glides on nicely and smoothly onto the lips but that's where it stops! The formula itself was not very moisturising unlike other products I've tried and the product itself did not last very long on the lips. I would have to apply the lipsticks multiple times, which got a little annoying! Overall, for $57, I would invest on another product (say Dior Lip Glow - which isn't a lipstick but does a much better job than this for less than the price).
I was given a gift card and wanted to splurge on a new product. As soon as I saw this lipstick, I was sold on it.  The packaging is so classy and beautiful, it's almost royal. I love how it's lightweight but looks heavy. The gold gives it a beautiful touch.  There are quite a few shades, so it was hard to choose one. I went for a pink nude shade as I felt that's what I'd wear the most.  Since the purchase, I've worn this almost every day! It's so creamy on the lips, and is highly pigmented. I have quite dry lips, and due to this alot of lipsticks develop into a cracked finish throughout the day. This stays smooth and moisturising all day long!  There is no need for me to reapply this during the day, as it's staying power is amazing. The only downside is the price, but its expected for such a high quality product! I'd definitely repurchase this.
ese ysl lipsticks are a splurge well worth the price tag! The formula is like no other lipstick I have ever tried . It is so pigmented and smooth. It just gloss on your lips with amazing colour payoff with only one swipe . It also lasts a good number of hours before touch ups . Love them
This is the first luxury lipstick I ever bought. I was so nervous at the counter buying it, wondering if I was wasting all my hard earned money and now I can honestly say this isn’t the case and it remains to this day my favourite lipstick.   Let me say this is a very safe purchase; it’s almost glosslike quality helps add a soft touch to any look and I find it my go to when I’mnot sure what lippie to wear or for when I’m not feeling the bold matte look. Itspro’s include and incredible formula, beautiful packaging and it’s versatilityin shades; whether you want a subtle look or a bold statement shiny lip youWILL be complimented; believe me.   I can’t find many cons for this product. Though I do findthe sheerness of this particular lipstick a bit trying at times, especially whenyou don’t have the time to build up the colour and the intensely moisturisingeffect means that if you haven’t put on some balm, beware everyone will seeevery crack and line in your lips.   Overall if you want a beautiful gloss/lipstick hybrid with an incredible formula and range of colours this product’s for you.              
I was at a YSL counter the other day and I wanted to try out this lip balm/stick/gloss hybrid as it was recommended by a favourite beauty Youtuber; and I must say I'm a little on the fence about this one, I think it depends on what you are looking for...let me explain. Initially, I really liked the formula of this lipstick but let me warn you it is VERY sheer. But, it is beautiful nonetheless, it's a good everyday kind of lipstick for those of us who aren't all that keen on wearing a matte bold lip on a everyday basis. I also found the formula extremely comfortable on the lips, it also wears off very nicely leaving a slight stain behind (but you don't have to worry about getting that annoying dark lipstick line around the perimeter of the lips that some lipsticks leave). I also liked how moisturing it was on the lips, it left them feeling soft and supple. On the downside, as it is so sheer that it wears off after less than an hour (but fortunately it's very easy to apply on the go without a mirror). Also when swatching in the store I also found that the 21 shades in the range all swatch similarly- even the bright red colours still turn pinky on the lips. Overall, apart from the price which some may see as a negative it is a lovely product if your searching for a sheer balm with a hint of colour with the added bonus of beautiful packaging. However if you are looking for a higher coverage lipstick that packs a bit more punch I would check out the the original YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks (they have the same gorgeous packaging).
YSL does some of the best lipsticks that I have tried and this is one of my favourites. Besides the ultra lux packaging the product itself really delivers. In one swipe it delivers rich luminous colour which wears beautifully throughout the day. I love how moisturising and comfortable the formula is on the lips and find that it has a slight plumping effect. Perfection!