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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Volupté Tint in Balm

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Volupté Tint in Balm is a nourishing lip tint that works to condition and hydrate the lips, while leaving them lightly tinted with colour.

Available in three shades.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Volupté Tint in Balm


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Bling Balm!

Love the packaging of this lippy so luxe. It's a really natural looking lip balm with a slight tint. I like the texture of the balm. It makes my lips feel so smooth and shiny. The tint tends to last even after the shine has worn off. Very essential handbag balm for winter approaching.
To say that I wasn't drawn to this product just because of its cute girly design and packaging, would be a lie, but after trying the product I would happily be surprised by the results. I am always on the lookout for a new product that keeps my lips moisturized throughout the day whilst also having a hint of color and I am happy to announce that this ticks all the boxes. I can wear this to parties and people comment on the gorgeous color of my lips, or I can just wear it every day and my lips feel nice and moisturized, that's what I love about this product! Go buy it!
Absolutely love this product! I love tinted lip balms - especially when are packaged so beautifully as this one from YSL! The formula is so wonderfully creamy and smooth and imparts a lovely sheen with a pinkish tint that lasts even after the balm itself has worn off. It's definitely a luxe product but gosh it feels so nice wearing and carrying around this beautiful product. Highly recommended!
Beautiful product for those no makeup days where you just want a little something to brighten up your face. The sheer wash of colour paired with its silky smooth application leaves the lips feeling hydrated all day. And of course, the packaging is nothing short of elegant and makes you feel like a million dollars when you apply it, i have already got my daughter and co worker hooked and would recommend this to anyone who loves the slightly more natural look.
Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Volupté Tint in Balm is the perfect name for this fresh balmy tinted lipstick. It is a combination of creamy balm, lip oil and a sheer high gloss lipstick all enclosed in a very luxurious silver case. A coloured cuff indicates the inside shade selection and it is decorated with a delicate gold YSL logo.   Choosing one favourite out of out 12 stunningly beautiful, shiny colours was almost impossible but I ending up selecting colour no: 7 FLIRT ME CORAL (peachy coral). The apricot/passion fruit scent is nothing short of delicious but add jojoba oil and macadamia butter and you have a whole heap of lip TLC going on.   The lipstick design is nothing short of brilliant, talk about stunningly sweet! I felt like a kid in a rock candy store, the cute little lips inside the lippy were almost too much to handle (#rock candy eye candy). The lip shaped middle runs from top to bottom and provides a pop of colour to this luxurious sheer lipstick. The outer layer contains the chosen pigment colour.   YSL Beauté Volupté Tint in Balm is my favourite daytime go to. It is easy to apply, good staying power and gives me beautiful hydrated lips with a hint of colour. The colour may be sheer but can be built up if you want a bit more colour. Pros: Brilliantly creamy providing lip care and colour Sheer but buildable Amazingly hydrating Luxurious   Cons: No cons    Recommend: I sure do! Run out and get one now they are gorgeous!!!      
I was so excited when I first saw this product on Instagram. I mean...Just look at the packaging, it's just so cute and girly. I was like ' Here, take all my money'. So of course I tried it out as soon I saw them in store. The first feeling I got when I swatched it on my hands was... a little bit disappointing. The special thing about this lipstick is that the outside clear part will be moisturising like a lip balm and the inner part (lip shape) will be more pigmented like a lipstick. But I didn't see any colour pay off to be honest. I thought 'hmm maybe I should try a darker colour them the colour will show up a little better' but no, they are all applies the same, very sheer, much more like slightly tinted lip balm and the difference between the colours are very small. Pros: - Cute & luxurious packaging  - cute design & idea - easy to apply - very nourishing on the lips Cons: - expensive (for what it does) - low colour pay off - tiny differences between the colours. - because of the formula the lipstick will melt very easily (especially in the summer or if you leave it in your car) Overall, as much as I love YSL, I just think it's an expensive lip balm in a cute packaging, nothing innovative or special about this product. It would be nice as a gift for your friends or love ones or just simply if you want to treat yourself, other than that I wouldn't buy it myself :)
This is a stunning product that I absolutely loved. A huge lipstick junkie who does love a natural look this balm was super creamy silky and hydrating and delivered the most flattering subtle tint of colour. The packaging is divine, so luxe, such a treat, it feels gorgeous every time you use it. The consistency is super smooth and lips feel so hydrated, conditioned and moisturised after use. I loved the pretty girlie tube and ease of application.  A truly luxe buy for gorgeous lips that turn heads, I highly recommend it