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Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Cushion Foundation

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Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Cushion Foundation is a cushion compact foundation with a buildable coverage. The formula contains golden pigments, antioxidants and an anti-fatigue complex to hydrate skin and give it a radiant glow. The bi-material sponge has two sides for a customised finish: swipe the smooth side for a barely-there natural finish or tap the flocked side for a high coverage look.

Available in eight shades.


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Cushion Foundation


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I bought this just to touch up my touché Eclat foundation when I'm on the go! I love that I don't have to bring a whole bottle & a brush out with me, and still get a perfect match! This has such pretty & practical packaging! I love the fact it comes with an applicator & refillable pan. I also love the fact the applicator fits into the compact but is stored separately from the main cushion so it doesn't get dirty. To use it I tap the smooth side of the sponge for a natural, higher-coverage look then swipe with the flocked side of the sponge for targeted highlighting. So you basically tap to hide and swipe to highlight. I don’t like using a lot of makeup in general and I found liquid foundations are too thick for me so I started looking into compact foundations and usually the compact foundations don’t have a good conceal coverage, but this one does. I like how it is not too thick and cover your face like a geisha, you still have a natural no makeup look but all the little imperfections are less obvious. I would totally recommend to my friends if anyone is looking for something similar!  I have used sulwhasoo's both brightening cushion and perfecting cushion and the amore pacific cushion but this one wins the game. Its very light on skin and has very healthy and natural glow. The coverage is light to normal just like other cushion foundations. I am let down that this one doesnt have any spf maybe that's why its not as sticky as other cushion foundations. Other than that i love this foundation sooo much. I bought almond shade which is B30 and is a perfect match. I wear BR 30 in chanel.
This is a really luxe high quality foundation that I know everyone who tries it will love. For a start the gorgeous gold compact it comes in is so beautiful, such a treat to own and stash in my makeup bag for touchups throughout the day. The genius of this product is the double sided sponge for easy application. Simply use the smooth side for a nice light natural, barely there finish and for a stronger coverage tap the flocked side(which looks like it’s covered in delicate lace) in the product and apply for a thicker coat. Infused with foundation the sponge is quick and easy to use and I love that the product is buildable, so I always get just the right finish. I love trying new foundations and even though this compact is expensive I would outlay the money again simply for the professional finish it delivers. I recommend using a good primer and moisturiser beforehand to give skin a great canvas to work with for a flawless look. The foundation feels nice and light to wear, not heavy and cakey and it’s super easy to remove st the end of the day. I love that it doesn’t go oily so great for those with an oily tzone and it gives skin a gorgeous, Dewey radiant healthy glow. With a hint of shimmer gold there is no need for me to use a bronzer, just a little blush and go. This is a lovely high quality foundation with the quality I expect from yves Saint Laurent, I love the addition of antioxidants for skin protection and anti ageing, all the goodies are in this. I can’t speak highly enough of it and absolutely recommend it.
t's no secret...i am no huge fan of anything applied to my entire face / neck / dec in order to cover uneven skintone,blemishes or even just to create a perfect base on which to lay down some facial artwork....even applying a sunscreen is a bit "i wished i didn't have to",but the fact is,that i must. Thankfully,the Korean girls (who knew about these things for generations) have let us into their flawless skin,and "light touch" makeup secrets,allowing the "Korean beauty" influence to filter into almost any beauty product you can name..from ingredients in the products we use (gingko ? before Korea mesmerised us with it's skincare,who even knew this existed,let alone needed it) ,to the products themselves (BB cream...it was a Korean "must have" waaay before any mainstream brand came to the party),to the way we apply our products (case in point:"cushion" anything).But WHY has this phenomenon taken place ? Simple...because it works,it's simple and it is a tiny bit genius. As you may have guessed by my previous reviews,France runs deep in my soul...i am a sucker for French anything,so when my beloved France does a spin on my new found love for Korean skincare and makeup,i knew this was a match made in Yves Saint Laurent (and the iconic Touche Éclat line). So why would you want to lay down a fairly hefty $90 on a (albeit gorgeous) compact of,what is essentially,a liquid foundation filled sponge ? I hear you ask...simply put,because it will change your skin,your time management AND the way you use (and see) your base makeup. This beyond beautiful compact (gold casing,with black YSL logo on top and classic gloss black interior,with a further inner lid to prevent product drying out..and spillage,plus a delicate flocked puff applicator.And,if all THAT isn't beautiful enough,the sheer,gauzy, "lace" style netting over the foundation filled sponge within...YES,with YSL logo woven into it,certainly adds to that luxe factor ) houses the sheerest,most buildable (my favourite aspect of the entire cushion premise),skin loving (antioxidant rich and " anti-fatigue complex" infused),light reflecting (the Touche Éclat effect) foundation,that feels feather light,but steps up to the challenge of covering that which you may not want to share with the world (pesky dark circles OR little eruptions). But how does it feel ? It is so light and airy,cooling and breathable,that i don't feel the need to triple cleanse at the end of the day (yes,i DO do that when i wear anything such as foundation on my skin),and it is extremely hydrating / dewy to touch (so maybe not great if a more matte feel is what you are after or you have a less "sebum challenged" visage).My face was more radiant, glowing, and I seemed to have this gorgeous natural highlight just from the foundation...so no highlighter needed (BONUS for me.No additional products on my skin,and proof again,of the Touche Éclat,"lit from within" glow effect at work.It really does translate into the entire line). If a little more coverage is needed,you simply tap the sponge applicator into the cushion again (that comes with the foundation.Ithas two sides.Sweep the smooth side over the skin for a more natural finish, and tap the flocked side for a more seamless, full coverage finish),and build it up for the finish you desire. And how does it hold up over the day ? Well,it came out pretty OK,at a respectable 6hrs before it started to look a little "tired",and even then,that glow was still holding on.It certainly doesn't do well in extreme weather (so expect it streaming down your face in 35 degree,Sydney humidity.But then,show me anything that DOES withstand that type of punishment),but if you are inside,it will remain pretty darn flawless. The eight shades (from B10...mine,the more porcelain hue,to B60...a richer hue for you cocoa toned girls) mean that you are sure to find a hue that is truly YOU....only better and "glowier".A must try if you adore the original Touche Éclat pen. TIP: Apply this with a beautyblender or a brush to get a more precise application,and better blendability.Keep the supplied puff for "on the go" touchups.Ask Santa for it (if you've been nice.HAHA)
Beauty is all part of what makes up my identity as a beauty and makeup loving female. It is fun, experimental, stylish, powerful and completely personal depending on who you are. Makeup is a lovely example of this philosophy, and my favourite way to change up my look, after my hair. With one swish, swipe, buff, or swirl of your brush, sponge or fingers, you can change up your entire look in just minutes, depending on your mood, emotion or style. A good makeup look starts with a good base, and a good foundation. Your skin can be smooth, soft, hydrated, even and radiantly glowing in minutes with the right foundation from the right brand, no matter your style, budget or finish that you are after. I have what I like to call a foundation wardrobe, with lots of different foundation soldiers. I have every finish and style you can imagine, from matte, shimmer, luminous, and full coverage, from brands such as Loreal Paris, Maybelline NY, Laura Mercier, and one of my favourites, YSL, easily the best foundation I've ever used and owned. Their ink fusion liquid and cushion compact give the most even, blurred finish I've seen, and coverage is easy to build up or down, with no creasing or caking, and their all hours foundation really does last all hours, day and night, with a lovely matte yet radiant finish. I have also used their touche éclat highlighting pen and foundation, which is like liquid golden sleep in a tube. So when I saw this new cushion compact version recently, there was no way I was not going to buy and try it. After my usual morning routine of double cleansing, serum, moisturiser and primer, I now had the perfect blank canvas to begin applying my new foundation. I dabbed a small amount on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and tapped and pressed and buffed it in with the provided sponge, then went over any areas of blemishes or redness with a little more product. That was it, I had a full face of foundation in under ten minutes, and I was as usual, so impressed with the finished product. I had soft, even, radiant, and absolutely glowing skin that was buffed and blurred to perfection. I only added a light layer that day, but on other days, I've built up the coverage more and it never cakes or creases, or looks like an ugly, obvious mask. The double sided sponge is an ingenious touch from YSL, the smooth side for natural coverage, and the ridged side for a heavier application, both being so soft and gentle on even the most sensitive of skin, like mine. I certainly don't mind paying $89 for this product, and I guarantee you won't mind either, as it's very much worth the money. You only need a tiny bit each time so it goes a long way, it's effective from the first use, easy to use, gives instant and long lasting results, my skin gets smoother, more even and more radiant each time I use this product, and the little compact is so sleek and pretty in my makeup bag or on my bathroom vanity. A good foundation is essential for a flawless makeup look every day, no matter if you go for a natural or more defined style. Building up a good little foundation wardrobe, with different brands, finishes and versions, will ensure you achieve a sleek, buffed and flawless base look every single day, and that is the power, confidence, and pure joy that beauty gives me, and will give you too.