Quick tricks to unplug from technology

4 ways to kick back and unwind

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

Glued to your mobile, laptop, or TV? Us too. While it’s a great way to take a break from mundane tasks throughout the day or do something mindless after a big day at work, sometimes it’s just as important to give your eyes (and brain) a rest from scrolling through your newsfeed. Treat it as a mini tech-free holiday, if you will.

Here are four easy ways to unplug from your gadgets and recharge your mind.

Try Pomodoro

We’ve recently discovered the Pomodoro Technique, and we’re pretty much hooked. It focuses on working towards a strict schedule that allows for designated times for work and break (such as getting up to speed with social updates) - the most popular being 25 minutes of working time, followed by 5 minutes of break time. This way, you’re basically being told when to take a break.

To do so, simply set a kitchen timer, or download the app on your mobile. We know, it sounds counterintuitive to use your mobile while you’re trying to get away from all the action of your gadgets, but it’s a great method to try when you’re just getting started.

Get the news the old fashioned way

If you love scrolling through Facebook first thing in the morning for the latest news updates, it may be a good idea to change how you’re finding out what’s happening in the world. For at least a week, sign up to have the newspaper delivered daily, and take the time to read it before work. It’s also a great excuse to make a yummy breakfast to go with it.

Go for a walk

Instead of staying back late at the office to clear your inbox or taking your work home with you, schedule an exercise class or at least a long walk straight after work to get out the door and moving. Your body and mind will seriously thank you for it.

Read a book

When you finally do get home after a long day, try reading a book to unwind instead of catching up on your Instagram feed or binge-watching missed episodes of your favourite TV show. And just in case you’ve ditched your paperbacks for a Kindle, don’t worry about the device interfering with your technology ban. Because there is no backlight, the screen won’t disrupt melatonin levels, which can impact your sleep. The case is a little different if you use the Kindle app on your phone or tablet, so if you’re reading before bed, we suggest picking a paperback book instead.

Digital technology engages the mind and impacts sleep, so ensure that you get into bed early, a few nights of the week
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