6 reasons why cleansing is a non-negotiable

6 reasons why cleansing is a non-negotiable - Sienna Miller

It’s one of the best things you can do for your skin

Better Homes and Gardens Better Homes and Gardens Beauty and Lifestyle Editor / August 09 2017

The end of a busy day; you’re tired and just about to hit the pillow when you remember you haven’t washed your face. Yes, it’s oh-so-tempting to not bother, but just consider – cleansing takes as little as two minutes and it’s the key to keeping healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Why cleansing is so important

Reason #1 / Even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s essential to wash your face with a cleanser. Why? Cleansers also remove pollutants, bacteria and debris, which are all detrimental to the skin’s health and wellbeing.

Reason #2 / Cleansing enables your skin to maximise the benefits of skin care products. If your skin isn’t clean, then there’s little point in applying a moisturiser or serum – they won’t penetrate or be fully absorbed.

Reason #3 / Using a cleansing device with a cleansing product has added benefits for the skin, such as providing a gentle facial massage, boosting circulation and exfoliating, all of which will improve your skin tone and texture. So easy and so worth it!

Why nighttime is the right time to cleanse

Reason #1 / By the end of the day, your skin has accumulated all sorts of debris. If left on the skin, this can accelerate the ageing process and contribute to making skin look dull. Morning is less essential, unless you’re prone to breakouts or have oily skin.  

Reason #2 / Research indicates skin goes into recovery mode at night, so don’t miss the opportunity to help it out by cleansing then followingup with good skin care products.

Reason #3 / Skin temperatures rise overnight, which leads to trans-epidermal water loss. To help prevent dehydration, cleanse then apply a moisturising cream, lotion or oil.

Cool cleansing tools

Want to supercharge your cleansing ritual? Here are three new cleansing accessories you’ll love.

Santé By ENJO – This skin-cleansing range uses microfibre technology, which needs only water to work.

Purasonic PuraSonic ViVA – In just one minute, your skin will be cleansed, refined and looking brighter with this little powerhouse.

Skin Physics Dermasonic+ – This double-duty device is both a cleanser and anti-ageing tool. Use one side to exfoliate and the other to help skin absorb serums and lotions.

Santé By ENJO


Skin Physics Dermasonic+

Now that you know the importance of washing your face, here's six ways to improve your cleansing routine

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