The beauty editor hack for removing foundation from clothing

The beauty editor hack for removing foundation from clothing

All you need is a product you definitely have in your kitchen

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / October 14 2019

If you’ve ever spilt makeup on your clothes, you’ll appreciate what a pain it is to remove.

Perhaps the worst offender of all is foundation. Thanks to its runny (and highly pigmented!) consistency, foundation is incredibly easy to accidentally get on your clothes and very tricky to remove.

Well, have we got a hack for you! While recording the latest episode of our Get Lippy podcast, Beauty Crew’s editor Carli Alman shared her simple trick for getting foundation out of clothes.

The best news? All you need is a cloth, some water and a product you undoubtedly already own: dishwashing liquid.

According to Carli, the reason this hack works is because "the dishwashing detergent has the right ingredients in it to lift stains." Clever!

Here’s how to do it: 

#1 / Wet the stained area using cold water

#2 / Apply a drop or two of the dish washing liquid to the stain

#3 / Gently massage the dishwashing liquid into the stain

#4 / Take a damp cloth and repeatedly dab the stain until it lifts

And, voila! Your clothes are now foundation-free. You can thank us later.

To hear more about Carli’s experience removing foundation from a white linen shirt plus how to make your brows look better and how to take proper care of your feet, tune into the latest episode of Get Lippy below.

What do you think of this hack for removing foundation from clothes? Have you tried it yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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