Jodi Anasta has an unusual trick for getting those always-perfect brows

Jodi Anasta Unusual Brow Trick

Plus, she reveals the products she can’t live without

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 06 2019

From her impressive modelling career to her long-standing gig in Neighbours and her recent appointment as ambassador for beauty brand Runway Room, Aussie star Jodi Anasta is one busy girl – and she’s absolutely killing it.

We recently caught up with the brunette beauty when she stopped by Sydney, and you’re going to bet we walked away with some new exciting new beauty tips! 

On how she’d rate her obsession with beauty…

“A 10 out of 10 – I’m obsessed! I went to Woolworths the other day and I bought a bar of soap and cut it up because of the whole new ‘shaping the brows thing’. I use the brow brush from Runway Room, and I chop up my soap and I put it in a container and apply it over my brows. I love trying new things and seeing where it takes you and what you can do. You can really change different elements of your face with the products you use.”

On what she loves about Runway Room…

“I love that they’re accessible, they’re affordable, they’re ethical, they’re mineral, they’re not tested on animals, and they’re beautiful, easy to use products. I think that in this day and age, we’re after products that are easy to apply and ways we can achieve different looks without having to buy a million different products. With the Runway Room Glow Palette there are so many different looks you can do with three shades, and it’s perfect for travel! It won’t take up that much room in your bag, and I love that.”

On her signature makeup look…

“Brows, lashes and stunning cheeks.”

On her best time-saving beauty tips... 

“I like using a lot of facial oils to prep my skin. I think if you have beautiful skin it makes the process of applying makeup look effortless. It’s about skin prep, a light foundation and a brow – that’s my everyday look.”

On three beauty products she’s loving at the moment…

“I love the Runway Room Glow Palette! I think it’s amazing because you can luminise, bronze, and then you can also do a pink cheek – so it’s kind of three-in-one. I also love the Runway Room Eye Dust in Peanut Butter, which I’ve used on my lids [today] - it’s a really nice deep, mushroom colour. I love the Runway Room lip glosses as well! Skin care is also a really big thing for me. I use Esmi Skin Minerals skin care products [Jodi is also a beauty ambassador for them] - I love their cleanser, and they have a gold leaf oil [Esmi Skin Minerals 24k Gold Nourishing Oil] that I use every night. Whenever I take my makeup off, I just redo my whole skin care routine. I find that doing this helps my skin a lot. And masks – I LOVE masks. I get Aleeia [her daughter] into it as well, she loves it. I use Esmi Skin Minerals Hyaluronic Hydrating Booster Mask or Esmi Skin Minerals Charcoal Clay Booster Mask.”

On her greatest ever beauty discovery... 

“It’s not ground-breaking at all, but heating up your eyelash curler. I just think that it gives you instant false lashes. And waterproof mascara – I use normal mascara on the bottom and waterproof mascara on the top. I love the Dior Waterproof Mascara. I think if you use different brands and different wands for the top and bottom, it gives you the BEST lashes.”

Runway Room Glow Palette

Esmi Skin Minerals 24k Gold Nourishing Oil

Dior Waterproof Mascara

On her unconventional beauty trick…

“Probably the soap brow trick. I just use a spoolie and comb it through. I just push them up and flat. It’s way better than brow gel and way cheaper. It’s great. I love learning new tips and tricks! This morning we were playing around with the difference between having fluffy, bushy brows, and flat, wet, almost stuck-to-your-face brows. It’s so cool how playing with your brows can give you such different looks!”

On her biggest beauty regret…

“I think it was in Year 6 when I used to wear blue eyeshadow to school. And putting it on when I was on the bus, or once I got to school so my mum wouldn’t see! It’s interesting because now Aleeia and I have a lot of fun with makeup, and she loves doing a blue eye! So, I’m like, it’s a thing! She sometimes does a little bit of bronze and a lip, too – it’s really funny. She always says, “Mum can I put on a lip before we go to the park?” And I’m like, ‘Wow Aleeia, you’re five years old! But yeah, you got this from me’. I’ve only got myself to blame!” 

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