Rihanna’s only Super Bowl halftime show guest was her Fenty Beauty blotting powder

A mid-show makeup touch-up for the ages

Editor / February 13 2023

Crushing a Super Bowl halftime performance (like Rihanna just did) has to be a sweaty task. Especially in so many fabulous cherry red layers. And yet not everyone would have thought to bring (well, have a backup dancer bring) a sweaty skin solution onstage with them. But um, not everyone is Rihanna. And not everyone has founded a globally-dominating, industry-changing beauty brand.

And so what did she do? Took a moment to touch-up her face between songs to remind everyone of just that. Because of course she did! There’s a difference between shining bright like a diamond and just shining, you know? Rihanna would never allow the latter.

Twitter was eating up the product placement, too – again, only Rihanna could make a move like that not only not cringey, but actually completely iconic. “Plugging the fenty blotting paper. Get that bag sis. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾,” one user wrote, with another agreeing “Rihanna pulling out the FENTY blotting paper mid show is top tier marketing wow.”

One Tweet even confirmed what we were all thinking – that even with a performance like that under her belt, the Fenty founder’s heart seems to lie more with makeup than with music nowadays. “Rih said her special guest is Fenty blotting powder! She had to remind us that music is just her passion project but her one and true occupation is Avon lady!”

Now, did Fenty need the plug? Not exactly – everyone knows it’s in a league of its own. But hey, an entrepreneur never misses an opportunity!

We’ll bet no other Super Bowl ad will skyrocket sales quite like this (non-ad) one will. And we won’t lie, we’ll be among them! The Fenty Beauty Invismatte Instant Setting & Blotting Powder ($49 at Sephora) is rudely out of stock at Sephora right now, but if you’re desperate (and we are), you can grab one for $49 directly at Fenty Beauty.

Fenty Beauty Invismatte Instant Setting & Blotting Powder

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