Rihanna's in-flight beauty routine will get you to your destination looking dewy

"It’s really the only way to save your skin"

Editor / February 17 2023

She may not have toured her music in a minute, but Rihanna is obviously no stranger to travel. Not only does she make it a point to visit her home country of Barbados at least once a year, but she's constantly jet-setting around the world for everything from global Fenty launches to Super Bowl performances.

So how does she manage to always arrive at her destination looking so damn refreshed?! By curating and committing to a quality collection of in-flight beauty essentials, of course.

Here are all of Rihanna's favourite travel beauty products...

Rihanna's travel beauty essentials

“I do everything I can to stay hydrated, from applying moisturisers to drinking coconut water; it’s really the only way to save your skin, especially on those long flights to different time zones and climates," Rihanna told ELLE re: her travel beauty routine.

"I bring Fenty Skin Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Glycerin Hand Mask ($34 at Fenty Beauty) with me on overnight flights, and Fenty Skin Plush Puddin’ Intensive Recovery Lip Mask ($28 at Fenty Beauty) because it coats my lips and keeps them full-looking. Hydration from head to toe is key!”

FENTY SKIN Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Glycerin Hand Mask


She doesn’t solely rely on Fenty during flights, though – her third essential is simple (and affordable) but genius. “I keep a travel spray bottle with me so I can spritz on the go. I’ll put water or rose water in it to elevate the experience,” Rihanna also revealed.

To follow suit, try filling the Sephora Collection Recycled Empty Spray Bottle ($5 at Sephora) with some of the Al Wadi Rose Water ($3 at Woolworths). The spray bottle holds 30ml, an amount that'll breeze through the liquids section of security, but will provide more than enough top-ups for your time in the sky.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Recycled Empty Spray Bottle

Al Wadi Rose Water

Rihanna's makeup artist's travel beauty tips

Rihanna's long-time makeup artist Priscilla Ono also has some travel tips (that we have no doubt she's passed onto Rihanna).

And based on her advice, we've all been doing one major thing wrong: prepping our skin with too much moisturiser too soon. “I don't go full-on with my moisturiser until I'm up in the air," Ono shared with Condé Nast Traveller"If there's too much moisture on your face that can cause you to break out, too. Everyone normally thinks, ‘Oh, I’m going to be on a plane, so I need to moisturise,’ and then they usually overdo it, which leads to clogged skin.”

In a nutshell, your face won't be dealing with the dryness-inducing airplane air until the flight actually takes off, so you want to wait until your face needs (and can easily drink up) that amount of moisture to avoid causing congestion. That way, your moisturiser will be able to replenish what your face has just lost, rather than overwhelming it initially. 

Ono has another crafty hack for keeping your face free of breakouts when flying, and it all comes down to a bottle of water.  “I only use bottled water on the plane because [the tap water on a flight] is not always as clean as you think it," she noted. "If it's not great to drink, then I shouldn't splash it on my face, either."

So what does she do instead? "I'll put a little face wash from one of my lip gloss tubes on my face and then just do a quick rinse with some bottled water," Ono confirmed. Clear skin upon landing and a new lease on life for our lip gloss tubes? It's a winner all around.

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