Robyn Lawley reveals how she looks *that* good

The Australian model spills her favourite workouts and beauty products

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

Robyn Lawley is not only one of Australia’s greatest exports (she currently lives in Los Angeles), but she’s also one of the most inspiring and empowering role models. A huge advocate for accepting your body and embracing your size, she’s had an incredibly successful career, and she believes it’s been due to the fact that she hasn’t tried to stick to the skinny model mould. 

As part of her role as the ambassador for the Westfield Beauty and Wellness weekend, Beauty Crew sat down with Robyn to discover her fitness secrets, how she came to love her body, and, of course, her beauty favourites. 

On her favourite ways to work out
“I love spin – they call it SoulCycle in America. SoulCycle is a lot of fun because it’s in the dark, just powering out with no one looking at you. I think I like things where people aren’t watching you, or criticising you. 

I love yoga, too. I’ve been getting more and more into it because I like the meditation aspect of yoga. [The Savasana] is the one I wait for, because I feel like you spend the whole class trying to get all the poses correct and right at the end I literally just live for that moment of just relaxing. 

I love kickboxing. When I’m with my trainer after an hour I feel like I’m so strong and cool and amazing and I’ll do yoga and I’m like, wait, I kind of feel even more badass after doing that. Yoga’s hard. It’s definitely strong and hard. 

I’m not a runner. I used to be a runner. I can’t stand running. The first day I started running I was like ‘oh god, I hate running.’ You just have to find what works and do that. That’s all you have to do.” 

On missing a workout
You just have to roll with the punches. I just try to do it when I can but I don’t hold myself too accountable if I don’t, because I feel like I incidentally work out pretty much most days so that’s fine. It’s also a bad thing if you’re not working out and you’re like, ‘I’m the worst person in the world!’ You should be working out to make yourself feel good, but don’t hold yourself accountable if you don’t get there, because you’ll ruin your life. Do it to make yourself feel good and if you can’t make the time for it, try, and if that doesn’t work, don’t feel guilty because I think that just ruins it.”

"You should be working out to make yourself feel good, but don’t hold yourself accountable if you don’t get there because you’ll ruin your life."

On learning to love her body
“I’m super tall and my best friends were all tiny when I was growing up. I remember looking at my auntie. She was 6’2, beautiful, and she used to model when she was a kid. I remember asking her ‘Do you ever sink on your hip to make yourself look shorter?’ and she just looked at me and said ‘No, why would I do that?’ and she just held her head higher. I looked up to her so much and after I heard that, I was like, ‘I’m not doing that ever again.’ And I never did it again. It takes those kinds of women to make a change and to make a difference. Now I love my height. I can totally see why my auntie loved it and I rock it and embrace it and I use it to my advantage now. I just needed that little bit of advice and little bit of love and a little bit of showing that it didn’t affect her.” 

On life lessons she wants to pass on to her daughter
I feel like taking care of one’s health is really important. Being a part of it with Westfield is really empowering and being able to tell women to be accepting of their body shape and their body size. That’s been my career for the last seven or eight years and I have been more successful at this size. It’s going to be awesome to tell my daughter —because she is, I guarantee it, going to be about my size and my height if not taller — ‘You’re going to do better if you just keep to your natural frame and your natural size because you’re going to rock it more.’ Don’t try to starve yourself. Don’t try to manipulate your body because it’s an uphill battle. There’s just no point to it."

"Don’t try to starve yourself. Don’t try to manipulate your body because it’s an uphill battle. There’s just no point to it."

On her low-key hair routine
I don’t dye it. This is my natural colour. I stopped dyeing my hair for a client years ago, right at the beginning of my career. That helps immensely, keeping it healthy. When I’m not working, I don’t touch it. I just let it be. I think that’s really important because otherwise I would have no hair on my head because they put it through the worst. It’s already been tonged three times today. When I’m not working, I wash it, I condition it, air-dry it, and that’s it.” 

On her favourite beauty buys
“I think my one favourite beauty product is Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream. I’d be pretty sad if they stopped that, because it’s my go-to for the plane. It’s really thick and hydrating and I like to layer it on my face. That would be my be all and end all. I do love MAC Lip Pencil ‘Spice’, this is the best thing ever. Lips are really important for me. As long as it’s done I feel like I’m done. And Benefit Ka-Brow! What I learned with brows is you have to go lighter [with your shade]. You can’t go darker. I learned the hard way.”

Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream

MAC Lip Pencil ‘Spice’

Benefit Ka-Brow!

Robyn Lawley is the ambassador for the Westfield Beauty and Wellness Weekend, taking place at 19 Westfield stores between 15-16 October 2016. To find out what’s happening at your local Westfield, and the beauty and wellness events and pop-ups that are on, click here.

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