Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has a VERY strict routine to get that glowy skin

Rosie Huntington Whiteley skin secrets

“It takes a lot of work!”

Beauty Crew Editor / June 07 2019

There’s no getting around the fact that former Victoria’s Secret Angel and founder of Rose Inc. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is incredibly genetically blessed. From her pillow lips to her general perfect bone structure and that amazing hair, the British model is stunning.

But if there’s one thing that doesn’t come as a result of having the right DNA, it’s the smooth, glowing, and seemingly flawless and lineless skin that she’s known for. Yep, just like you and I, Rosie is super-committed to ensuring her skin is in impeccable shape. 

“It takes a lot of work!” the 32-year-old model revealed when we sat down with her for an exclusive chat while she was in Sydney for the Australian beauty festival Meccaland with bareMinerals. And lest you think her glow is courtesy of filters and photo editing or a REALLY good makeup artist, let me tell you – as someone who sat within 10 centimetres of her – it is the real deal. There wasn’t a pore in sight. 

So what skin care rules does Rosie Huntington-Whiteley follow to ensure her skin is always in its best shape? 

#1 / Double cleanse – always

When it comes to washing her face, she’s all about the double cleanse. “I double cleanse my face every morning and night – with something gentle, of course.” Why the fuss? She explains, “It really is incredible after washing my face [just] once [how] you still see makeup residue.”

#2 / Using the right formulations

“For me, I really stick to non-comedogenic [makeup] products and skin care products. That’s something I’ve really started to apply recently, and I’ve had really, really impressive results with that. And of course, clean skin care products. bareMinerals have some really beautiful skin care; their SKINLONGEVITY range is absolutely gorgeous,” she told us.

#3 / Letting the pros do the hard work

Rosie is a huge advocate for regular facials. “It’s just part of it. I have pounds of makeup put on my face on a daily basis, so extractions and regular facials. I bounce around a lot because I’m a facial junkie but recently I’ve been seeing a woman called Biba in Los Angeles.” 

#4/ Going makeup-free when she can

While her go-to foundation (she uses bareMinerals Original SPF Foundation and told us, “It’s been in my makeup bag for absolutely years, since I was a teenager”) gives her an effortless skin-like finish, she’s a huge fan of ditching the makeup when she can (understandable given all of her red carpet appearances and photoshoots!). “On my off days, just really letting my skin ‘be’. Honestly, nothing goes on, I just let it ‘be’ for a minute.”

And her diligence doesn’t always come easy, given she’s a mum to a young toddler (she has a son, Jack, with her partner Jason Statham), telling us how she does it all: “You just have less time as a mum. You just have less time to yourself and so for me, my skin care routine, I’m always diligent with it and I always take the time. You have less time than you usually have, and you have a little visitor in your bathroom who comes and pulls products all out over [your] bathroom floor. I think you make do with the time that you have.” 

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Do you have any skin care rules you swear by? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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