This exxy lip balm is a fave of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

“The Rolls Royce of lip balms”

BeautyCrew Beauty Editor / May 28 2019

Sometimes the best part of your beauty routine is the moment when you can luxuriate in using a product that simply makes you feel good. Everyone has that one beauty product that they love dearly but is outrageously expensive; you can’t realistically constitute buying it regularly but when you can afford to make the splurge, it’s always a treat.

For model and entrepreneur Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, that product is none other than By Terry’s exxy lip balm offering: Baume de Rose. Rosie took to Instagram to share the products she always keeps on her bathroom vanity, which included the luxurious lip balm (as well as Byredo’s Gypsy Water and Rose Rinse Free Hand Wash), and can we just say, we are not at all surprised that this little guy has made it on Rosie’s must-have beauty list.

This lip balm is a truly decadent experience – boasting a protective formula that helps to smooth and regenerate lips, and a divine delicate rose scent, lips are left plumped, soft and with a subtle shine.

Interestingly, By Terry’s founder Terry de Gunzburg revealed in an exclusive interview with our editor Carli Alman that the rich balm was created completely by accident. She had asked one of her interns to create a rose-based formulation that wasn’t lipstick, “she did something but [it was] very very heavy and very very rich and the head of the lab said ‘oh no, we can’t show that to Terry because it’s the wrong formula’”.

“She doubled all of the ingredients. Instead of putting 10mg she put 20mg, and it was just a mistake.” But de Gunzburg loved the result, even though the rest of her team weren’t fully on board, telling her, “we can’t put 48 ingredients! The cost will be crazy”.

Terry wasn’t fazed however, stating, “you know what? There is always a Rolls Royce somewhere. It will be the Rolls Royce of lip balms and that’s it. It’s not for everyone.”

To quell the misgivings of her team who said it was too expensive and nobody would buy it, de Gunzburg promised to only manufacture 500 jars for their flagship store. “I said, you know what? Let’s do 500 jars just for the store, and they did, and in exactly three hours [they were] all sold out.” Ha.

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