Ruby Rose shares her go-to makeup products

Plus, her sneaky beauty travel trick

Beauty Crew Contributor / October 05 2017

Ruby Rose loves to push beauty boundaries. From her ever-changing hair colour and cuts, to her love of bold makeup on the red carpet and off-duty makeup-free looks, she never fails to provide inspiration. As the global face of cult brand Urban Decay, we sat down with Ruby to chat about her favourite products and the sneaky tips and tricks she swears by.

On her favourite Urban Decay product…
“When I started, my first campaign was for like one hundred lipsticks, so imagine trying to find out your favourite colour when you have to wear one everyday for almost a third of a year, just to get through them. I think the thing that I go to, or gravitate towards the most, would be [the Original] Naked Palette, because that’s the most bronzy gold.”

Why she loves it…
“I feel like it goes with everything, so when I’m travelling and I want to take the smallest amount of stuff possible that’s what I’ll take with me. But I actually love all the palettes, and the rose gold kind of vibe. That’s number three isn’t it?”

On the Urban Decay products she actually buys…
“It was funny cause I was at Mecca in Brisbane buying the [Perversion] mascara and they were looking at me and didnt want to say anything. She was just looking at me like you dont…’ and I was like pardon and she was like never mind. She didnt want to acknowledge that she knew it was me. She was kind like anyway great mascara and I was like it’s great isnt it.”

On her sneaky travel trick…
B6 [Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray], I’m obsessed with that. I also always ask Wende [Zomnir - Urban Decay’s founding partner] because I travel a lot on planes, so I’ll get everything in travel size, so I have the collection in minis. And the Brow Box, the Brow Box is everything! I’m a little bit obsessed with miniature land.”

On her makeup mantra…
“I kind of realised that for me, if I feel good when I do it, then I do it. There are certain rules, I know makeup artist will say one thing but at the end of the day, if you’ve put lipstick as a blush and you’ve put blush as an eyeshadow…it’s really about what makes you feel sexy and cool.”

On the best beauty tips she ever learnt…
“Always just drink as much water as you can. And I learnt one where you put blush a little bit higher up on your face when you’re tired. If it was me, it would be up on my forehead! No, it’s just a tiny bit…so that it will just kind of make you look healthier and more awake. But as far as I’m concerned: drink water, eat well, sleep. The hardest things to do, right?”

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray

Urban Decay Brow Box

Now we’ve got Ruby’s top makeup tips covered, here is her secret to maintaining her glowing complexion.

What is your favourite Urban Decay product of all time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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