The new beauty hack for brighter eyes

It will seriously make your eyes twinkle

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / May 25 2017

Looking bright-eyed every single day can be a constant battle. Some nights, getting eight hours of beauty sleep is just not possible, while other days it doesn't matter if you sleep until midday, your eyes just don't want to pop. 

Luckily there are plenty of beauty hacks to help make your eyes look brighter and whiter. Nude eyeliner along your waterline to open up your eyes, using concealer both under your eye and over your eyelid to hide discolouration, and using a blue-black mascara to bring out the whites in your eyes by counteracting redness are just a few of the best tricks you can use.

And while all of these are winners, there’s a new hack in town that is guaranteed to add a twinkle to your eye. The new eye brightening hack was revealed by makeup artist Wendy Rowe backstage at Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2017 show and it’s so simple to recreate. It also only requires one product that is already a staple in your makeup kit: a highlighter.

After drawing a shimmery antique rose eyeliner along the waterline (she used Burberry Eye Colour Contour Pen in Rosewood), Rowe dotted a highlighting pen in the centre of the lower lash line and blended it in with her fingertip. "If you look at someone who has really bright eyes, it's the centre of the eyes that are brighter than other people's," she said in a backstage interview with Allure. She also noted that while it has a similar brightening effect to using highlighter on the inner corners of the eye, this trick delivers a more natural-looking finish. 

To get the look Rowe used Burberry Fresh Highlighting Luminous Pen in Nude Radiance (it has a pearlescent champagne colour), but we also love Benefit Watt’s Up and Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener.

Burberry Fresh Highlighting Luminous Pen in Nude Radiance

Benefit Watt’s Up

Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener

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