5 tricks to fake looking awake

Advertorial: Say goodbye to a tired face

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / August 26 2016

Whether Game Of Thrones is your calling or catching up on the Real Housewives is your vice, chances are, you’ve had one of those nights where you go to bed way too late, and that can take a toll on what you look like the morning after. So here’s how to combat a tired-looking complexion, quick smart.


Clear red eyes

Lack of sleep can lead to excessive dryness, and a side effect of this is bloodshot eyes. The quick fix? Eye drops that can nix redness and hydrate the area - just tilt your head back, and pop one to two drops into your eyes before applying your makeup. 


Define your peepers

After allowing your eye drops to settle, it’s time to enhance the area. The easiest solution is with a black mascara to lengthen lashes, which can visually make your eyes look bigger and also more awake. Rimmel London’s Wonder’full Wake Me Up Mascara provides volume and lift to lashes, as well as length, for a wide-awake look. Plus, the vitamin and invigorating cucumber-infused formula works to condition lashes through the day as you wear it and the delicious scent revitalises your senses!

TOP TIP: Wiggle the wand from the root of your lashes right through to the tip a few times to coat them in colour. Then, use the end of the wand to touch-up smaller lashes at the inner corners of your eyes.


Wake up your base

When you’re lacking sleep, your complexion can tend to look more sallow and lifeless. Combat these two tell-tale signs of fatigue by applying Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation over your primer to instantly help make your skin look more radiant, healthy, and naturally glowing. The vitamin C in the formula brighten skin to help you glow, making you look like you’ve had your full eight hours.

Added bonus: This foundation also contains SPF15 for extra sun protection


Hide dark circles

Dark circles under your eyes can be a big giveaway that you haven’t had much sleep, but a colour-corrector can quickly fix this. After applying moisturiser and before foundation, layer an orange-based primer to neutralise any dark tones, or pat on some illuminating concealer, like Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Concealer, over areas that need more work and to camouflage darkness under your eyes. For a natural look, extend down to a triangle towards your cheek to create a radiant look.


Restore radiance

Once you’ve applied your foundation, dab some Rimmel London Good To Glow Highlighter on your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and just on top of your cupid’s bow to mimic brighter skin and a healthy-looking glow. If you’re fair with pink undertones, try the shade Notting Hill Glow, or if you’ve got an medium to olive complexion, go for the shade Soho Glow.

TOP TIP: For extra luminosity, use a highlighter brow pencil, like Rimmel London Brow This Way Highlighter Pencil, under the arches of your brows and on the inner corners of your eyes to bring them to life.

Iantha is BEAUTYcrew's Beauty Editor, and has been part of the team since the site launched in 2016. Besides pinky-nude nail polish and wispy false lashes, she has a healthy obsession with face masks and skin care ingredients. Her previous work can be found in Virgin Australia Voyeur, Women's Health, and SHOP Til You Drop.