We can *finally* get our hands on Hollywood’s fave highlighter

And it’s literally at Chemist Warehouse

Content Producer / May 23 2024

TikTok has the power to send any product (or trend) to cult-status superstardom. Honestly, probably more so than seeing any celeb walking the red carpet wearing it. But what if we combined the TikTok street cred with the celeb (and makeup artist)-loved backing to create the most viral product known to man? 

Yep, it’s here. And you can literally get it on sale at Chemist Warehouse right now. Yes indeed, none other than L'Oréal’s very own Lumi Glotion has hit Australian shores and IYKYK what a big deal this is. Once only available on Amazon Australia (and imported from the States) this gorgeous glossy glowing lotion is now easily accessible for us Aussies. 

We might’ve been desperate to get our hands on this lotion quite some time. But why exactly is that? 

Well, TikToker Alix Earle dubbed it as a fantastic alternative to the very exxy Drunk Elephant bronzing drops. And that in itself is a great reason to check out what all the fuss is about. But we here at BEAUTYcrew have long since been obsessed with the gorgeous glow it gives celebs as they head down the red carpet. In fact, if you caught Elle Fanning, Camilla Cabello or Kendall Jenner’s luminous skin at the Met Gala, then you’ve got the L'Oréal Lumi Glotion to thank for that. 

What makes the L'Oréal Lumi Glotion so special?

Well putting all the love for this product aside for a second, the lightweight lotion has been formulated for a seriously glowy finish. With four luminous shades to choose from, your complexion will be brightened and looking beyond radiant. But that’s not all. Because we simply cannot get enough of skin care-makeup hybrids, L'Oréal has enriched the formula with nourishing glycerin and shea butter for long-lasting hydration. And if you didn’t think it could get any better, it can. The luminous lotion can be blended in any way you want. We’ll personally be dousing ourselves with the stuff head to toe. And recreating that Twilight scene…

We told you it was a massive launch! Now head over online and order it before it sells out, because we’re certain it’s going to go QUICK. 

Main Image Credit: @erinayanianmonroe

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