How to wear highlighter without looking oily

The dos and don'ts of application

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 06 2023

Highlighter has become a necessity for creating the perfect summer makeup look, enriching our dull complexions with a radiant, healthy glow that glistens in the sun. 

But when applied with a heavy hand, highlighter can quite quickly become our worst enemy, casting an unflattering spotlight on oily skin and texture. 

Thankfully, TikTok’s vanguard of all things beauty Steph Hui, recently shared her tips for applying highlighter to maximise on glow without accentuating shine. 

“We wanna look glowy not oily and highlight placement is so important” — she’s not wrong.

This is where you should and shouldn’t be applying highlighter.


Cheekbones > Centre of the cheeks

“I like putting it right on top of the cheekbones to lift the face,” said Hui. 

But she stops right before she hits the centre of her cheeks “because that’s where I get sweaty and we do not want to mimic that,” she warned.


Jawline > Chin

“Right above the jawline here is oddly a wonderful place to put it,” she continued. “I just think it makes the side profile look so dewy and glowy.” 

“But stop before you go too far because highlight on the chin looks oily,” she advised.


Peak of the forehead > Centre of the forehead

Fan of a slicked back hairstyle? “A pop of highlight right on the peak of the forehead is so cute and fresh,” she mused. 

As for the centre of the forehead? “That’s a different story,” she said. Avoid it altogether.


Natural nose highlight > Highlighting the entire nose

Hui stopped wearing highlighter on her nose because it made her look too oily, until she realised it was because she was “doing too much”.  

“Now I look at where the light hits my nose naturally,” she explained. 

According to Hui, a “tiny little exclamation mark” is the perfect way to create a strobing contour without accentuating oil on the centre of your face.


Get playful with placement

While Hui wants us to look glowy rather than sweaty, she thinks the best way to figure out where to place your highlighter is to play around with it. 

“Makeup is makeup, so who am I to tell you where to put your glow,” she said. “I like to do it on my eyes, my lips, my collarbones and even my ears — just look at me glow!”

@stxph.h Highlight placement is KEY to looking glowy, NOT oily. Using @Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter ✨🫶🏼 #ctilburypartner #HollywoodHighlighter #GlowGlide ♬ original sound - stephhui

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Main image credit: @stxph.h

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